First steps

So….guess who walks??? Yesterday afternoon, Toby finally put it all together and took his first steps! (Since he’s almost 18 months old, we’ve secretly been on the edge of our seats and are now breathing a sigh of relief.) Now he is a walking machine and cannot be stopped.

(Thanks to our babysitter Ashley for helping film this morning:) Also, I realized that our hallway looks straight out of The Shining.)

  1. Congratulations Toby!!! I´m stressed out ´cause my son is almost 15 months and spend the day on the floor… We have the same fear TheBeautyFile but Toby is a nice example of how much time we still have to wait.. ******

  2. So cute! Congrats! XD

  3. Also, I was just reading the comments to see if there were any kindred souls and wow, Abigail, really hit it on the head. Patience is key. And essential.

  4. Love it!!! Congrats! My son is almost 15 months and I’m panic stricken because he shows no interest, but will wait it out!! He is such a little man, my goodness, he got so big so quick!!!

  5. Yay Toby! He looks awesome! William and I are excited to see him walking tomorrow!

    (williams nanny)

  6. It’s amazing how we can share these awesome first moments through the internet!! Love it <3

  7. Поздравляююююююююююю!

  8. Lucy says...

    Congrats Toby! My brother and I walked at eighteen and seventeen months respectively…late bloomer walkers are the best :)

  9. Congrats to Toby…and is it bad that I automatically associate VitaCoco with hangovers??

  10. Congratulations to the parents, very beautiful photos, fantastic work.

  11. Congrats :) always so adorable

  12. Yayy! Congrats Toby & congrats mom and dad! How exciting :)

  13. Congrats! He just gets cuter and cuter!

  14. Congratulations! He looks so proud! The early months of walking are SUCH fun. I keep a video similar to these of my daughter the week she started walking on my Flip, so that even a year later, I can quickly relive those days.

  15. I have a little girl about 1 week younger than Toby and she just started walking about two weeks ago. Even though she is my 2nd, I too was waiting with baited breath. Hooray for walking toddlers!!!

  16. Mazel! Same for us; our 18 mo. old daughter just took her first steps this weekend. It’s hard not to worry (I’ve held it in but my nails are bitten to the bone) but all kids are different. Like our pediatrician said, “Don’t worry, it isn’t like she’s going to crawl into preschool.” Enjoy!

  17. Tracy Bray says...

    YAAAAAYYYY! Way to go Toby….. Tilly and Willa can’t wait to chase after you at the park x

  18. erika, i’ll be rooting for him! :) and Virginia, haha, nope, full on american accent, with a midwestern twang when i’ve had a glass of wine :)

  19. Bravo p’tit mec! A whole new world of mischievousness begins :)

  20. Yea, Toby!

  21. Exciting!!! and good to hear also, my son is 14 months and still nothing, so Toby gives us hope!! Have fun chasing him around!

  22. Wow – This is so exciting! Congratulations to this gorgeous little man on his first steps! xx

  23. Hehe, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks this far ahead when thinking about/having kids.

    I love the little family rivalry, so cute :) Personally I would root for Alex’s school (even though I’m Canadian and go to University of Toronto), because I have always had such a romanticized notion of ivy league schools and would love for my kids to go to Harvard or Oxford someday :)

    – Marita

  24. I’m so happy for you all!!! Congratulations Toby!!! He really does just keep getting cuter!

  25. cool! :) and yes, this reminds me of the shining too. you’re an inspiration, joanna.thanks for your blog! :)

  26. Yay Toby!

    My little boy Che didn’t walk till 19months but when he did take those first few steps he never fell – not once. It was like he was practicing when we weren’t looking ;)

  27. I think that it’s hilarious that your husband posted on Twitter that his first time seeing Toby walk was on your BLOG!!! Congrats mama :)

  28. Anonymous says...

    Congratulations Toby!

  29. Way way way too cute!

    Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  30. Haha! Sooo cute and yes, I have to agree, straight out of The Shinning!!!

  31. Virginia says...

    Yay Toby!!!! It’s funny to see a video of you guys because the other day I suddenly had a burning curiosity to know if you had a British accent! It randomly hit me that you might, and I thought that I could have been reading your blog wrong all along! Haha!

  32. CONGRATS! That is so cute, and a remarkable moment! He looks a little wobbly, but all in all a good walker!

  33. So very sweet! What an adorable little man you have!

  34. Congrats Toby!

  35. Oh congrats to Toby! My little boy walked a mere 4 months ago (at 15 months) and now I can barely remember BEFORE he walked. Wait till you see what he’ll do next!

  36. Marie-Eve, congratulations to your son! i know what you mean about it being weird–i keep thinking my eyes are playing tricks on me :)

  37. Just put a cape on his back and call him “Ambulatory Man”!! LOL YAY!!!

  38. OMG – How exciting! Congrats to Toby [and Mom!]. He really is the cutest thing!!

  39. melissab says...

    super cute!
    next comes running ;)
    i, too, appreciate your patience. i had a friend with a child that didn’t walk until she was 2! the friend was also patient. there were no problems with the child; child just walked on her own schedule.

  40. now you have to keep up! trouble haha. SOOO cute and exciting!!

  41. Congrats! He is super cute!

  42. Congrats Toby !!!! He’s adorable !
    My son started walking about a week ago, and I’m so happy and amazed but it’s so weird seeing him walk around the house all the time ! I can’t get over how big he is now !

  43. Wow, he is walking so well! I bet he was working it all out in his head and didn’t want to show you until he was really good at it. My son took his first steps the day before he turned 10 months old. That was two weeks ago and he is walking a lot now, but still looks like a drunken zombie. Toby has perfect form. :)

  44. I remember him attempting to take a few steps a couple of weeks ago—before trying to shut the door on me! -RS

  45. I’m so happy to have come across this post today. I have a 14 month old, with little-to-no interest in walking, and have been having a hard time with everyone asking “when is she going to walk already?!”.

    A fantastic video & some fabulous, inspiring comments.

    I love your blog :-

  46. oh, bravo toby!~
    my daughter is 13 months and is now walking on her knees and showing no intention to start walking any time soon! I have strated to worry, good to see the time will (probably) come

  47. congrats! it´s a great time for the child and the mother! :D

  48. Yay! My daughter walked at 17 months. Later walkers rule :)

  49. Aw geez SO cute. YAY! What a fun Thanksgiving you guys are gonna have:)

  50. Good boy! And such sweet videos. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for your blog.

  51. You seem so so happy!:>And Toby as well!

  52. well done toby!!! congrats for the parents!

  53. yay! such a big day and a fun memory that will always be associated with thanksgiving. my first son was a late walker too but extremely verbal. they say they can only work on one developmental milestone at a time so nothing to worry about. now that toby is going to be toddling all around the house you and alex have a new game on your hands ;) fun times!!! happy thanksgiving joanna, i’m thankful for your honesty and sharing. your blog is one of my faves and has led me to some great sites on the web. xo, m

  54. My baby walked at 19 months and it was so exciting. Especially after all that waiting!

  55. Anonymous says...

    Toby such a big boy! I cant belive he is so grown up now! So gald for you !
    Big hug from Romania!

  56. go Toby go!

  57. I’m mostly commenting because I think it’s so cute that you are going to read the comments to Toby (great idea!) So, here’s my comment to Toby:

    Hi Toby! I saw the video of you taking some of your first steps, good job mister! My baby Casey is 11 months old and he has some catching up to do. :)

  58. High fives to Toby! What a heartwarming little video…

  59. hooray for Toby!! our oldest (now 6) didn’t walk til 18 months either and at 12 mos. the doctors made us get x-rays on her hips and do more tests. oh it was AWFUL holding her down, screaming and naked on a table for the x-rays, poor girl. very traumatic. AND her hips were/are FINE (stupid x-rays). every kid is so different!

  60. Awwww yay Toby!!! That’s so exciting!

  61. Oooh, all children/people are so so different, I started to walk when I was 8 months old! Hope Toby is having fun, and you too!

  62. ohmygoshh, he is ADORABLE!! and i started walking at around 18 months too! :-)

  63. These videos are so precious!! Toby, you’re a star! And while you took your time to start walking, you now look like you’ve been doing it for a long time! So confident! Yay!

  64. Anonymous says...

    soo cute! revived the sweet memories, way to go big boy!

  65. Oh, doesn’t it warm the heart! Nothing beats seeing your child achieve such a big milestone xxx

  66. HIP HIP HOORAY for Toby!!!

    what a happy post! just darling. thanks for sharing!

  67. SO cute! Go Toby! I remember those times with my two girls, such a progression. You sound like a such an adoring mum too.

  68. That’s adorable. My son is almost 13 months and no where near starting to walk. He’s our third so we’re pretty laid back about it. We joke that he’s our laziest kid. He doesn’t even crawl very much, just loves being held and cuddled. It’s fine by me, since he’ll be my last little baby, he can grow up as slowly as he wants.

  69. awesome!!! yay little guy!

  70. Oh boy, he’s more mobile than ever!

    Way to go, Toby!

  71. so exciting! now the real fun of baby proofing begins!


  72. Good job, Toby! He is such a cutie, and you know he was just biding his time. I love that little ones are on their own schedule, not influenced by the tick-tock of the world yet. (Ok, and yes, being on their own sweet schedules can also drive a mama crazy :) Glad that you can breathe a little easier now! :)

  73. wise words, abigail, that’s so lovely. and Teresa, how HILARIOUS!!!

  74. immaculate, i went to university of michigan, and alex went to berkeley, so we’re each rooting for toby to go to our school! haha, we will have to wait a while to see what happens… :)

  75. Bethezda, yes! as yet, we remain undefeated in our quest to go out everyday. :) yesterday afternoon, in the pouring rain, we went to the bookstore and the grocery store (that counts as an outing, haha) and today, the library. good luck!!!

  76. Bethezda says...

    Yay TOBY! My guy took his first steps this week too, I nearly fainted!!
    Congratulations. Little guys are the best, aren’t they?!

    p.s. On every bad weather NYC day, I think about the post about taking the little ones out. “No Bad Weather, only Bad CLothing….”. Have you and Toby made it out today?

    Warm Regards,

  77. congratulations to TOBY! (and to you guys!) You two are cute in those videos!

    Our 13 month old is still working on walking too. every once in a while she’ll surprise us with a set of 5 steps on her own- right when we aren’t watching her like a hawk. I tell my husband it’s like seeing big foot, you don’t want to say anything in fear of having it vanish right in front of you. So you are left speechless and trying to use morse code to notify the other parent who is not paying attention, and then poof it’s gone. lol

    waiting for this milestone is an interesting lesson in parenthood I think, just being patient and trusting them to do it when they are ready… and to not let the impatience of others (i.e. grandfathers and cousins) to deter your own patience…as I’m sure you have learned first hand!

    anyway congrats! now I’m sure we will hear tales of navigating the busy sidewalks of NYC! ; )


    aka: tiptoethrough.blogspot

  78. So precious, Joanna!
    Something tells me that this little darling has been walking behind his parent back! He is really god at it.
    One of my children was walking at the nanny’s house but would sit down when I walked in. Smart, huh?
    I have heard this story many times.
    They are just little adults waiting to mature.
    SO adorabel.

  79. Jennifer_NJ says...

    it begins……congrats Toby on such a milestone.

    Lots to be thankful for!

    Blessings to you and yours.

  80. Hooray Toby!! He looks so proud!

  81. aww yey Toby! SUCH a cutie!


    Watch out now though he’ll be EVERYWHERE!


  83. DeeDee says...

    Super cute! Get ready for a big ‘ol change in the pace of life, sister!

  84. cute! and so proud of himself.

  85. Yay Toby!!! Way to go little man! You rock! He’s moving on up in the world, Joanna. Next stop, college :P

    I wonder though, do you and Alex think about what he’ll be like when he’s college-aged, or is that just too far into the future? I know that when I think of having babies I can’t help but wonder about their entire future potential lives. Does your family or Alex’s family have a traditional college that people in your family go to? Ok, maybe this leap between first steps and college just shows how much of a school-geek I really am, haha.

  86. Hip, hip, hooray! Way to go, Toby!

  87. Congratulations to Toby! It might have taken him a little longer, but now he can do it, he can do it, and that’s all that matters!

  88. Way to go, little buddy! Thank-you for the video, Joanna! i was dying to see him walk. Fantastic!

  89. Aw, yay, congratulations!!! xxx

  90. Can I just say, I love that you weren’t a stage mom about him walking, if you know what I mean. Our pediatrician says children walk, eat, talk, etc? on their own time, when they are ready, and there’s no need to push it along. Just encourage them and enjoy the whole process. The sweet look on his little face just says it all!

  91. Adorable! It’s funny how some kids walk early, but need a lot of practice to get it right, while others wait, but just get right into it (like Toby seems to have done!).

  92. Carla says...

    yay Toby !! good job!

  93. world is open for Toby :)
    And now you have to have eyes around the head :D

    good luck!

  94. Yay, Toby! He looks so grown up. Love his cozy legwarmers.

  95. Get down with your bad self Toby!

  96. ace! happy feet!!x

  97. i am dying with giggles over your tots outfit! lol sooo cute!

  98. hooray for toby! just in time to sneak things off the Thanksgiving dinner table. the first few months will require a lot of vigilance, and then they become more more independent. the best is when they can do the stairs by themselves! it makes carrying groceries so much easier.

  99. haha, totally, sarah! :) we’re all excited, but i think the person who might be proudest of toby is…toby! :)

  100. Aw, awesome! Yay Toby!

  101. so exciting!!

  102. thanks for these awesome comments!! i will read them to toby this afternoon :)

  103. Oh my gosh! I am so happy for Toby! I can’t imagine how excited you are. I love that he just goes in for a hug at the end. Like “I’m awesome! Gimme hugs!”

    Happy Thanksgiving to you guys! So much to be thankful for! :)

  104. Kelly R says...

    EEEEEEEEEPPPPPP!!!! He’s so awesome! Too cute for words!!!!!

  105. Huzzah Toby!!! And you know what they say, “A body in motion will remain in motion!”

  106. YAY! And boy, will that make your lives easier (in public…not crawling) and harder (because MOBILITY!).

  107. Way to go Toby!

  108. Seeing you with Toby in that video is so sweet.

  109. he’s so stinkin’ cute! way to go toby man!!!! you can tell he knows he’s doing something amazing :)

    xoxo the egg out west.

  110. What a guy! He is such a cutie – a superb walker! Thanks for sharing.

  111. What a sweetie! Way to go!

  112. Yay Toby! Go get em tiger.

  113. Awww, how awesome you were able to record this!

  114. Yay Toby! Hahaha…
    That makes me fell so emotional..I remember when my daughter Julia (she´s 3 now) started to walk. It was New Year´s eve and the she just got up and walked trying to chase the dog..hahaha…
    Children are the best gift ever!!!


  115. Ack! So exciting! he looks very pleased with himself :)

  116. awesomely sweet!

  117. Anonymous says...

    love his sock! where did you get them??

  118. Ah so exciting. you are so cute. He will be into everything now!

  119. Anonymous says...

    Go Toby!

  120. Good job, Toby! Both of those videos are totally adorable:) Aww..Happy Wednesday! xo

  121. yay! congratulations to the little guy! now the real fun begins :)

  122. oh my gosh — that’s so wonderful! congrats to Toby!

  123. What a darling! Thank you for sharing these memories with me, it brightened my day :)

  124. Oh I’m soo happy for you and your little one!! He was ready when he was ready :)
    Fun times ahead!!

  125. Hooray!!! I know some people complain, but I love chasing around a toddler :)

  126. Anonymous says...

    Aww go Toby! What a great day!!!!

  127. Sooooooooooooo exciting!!! Congratulations to Toby!! And what a stinkin’ cutie – those videos are adorable!