1. Obviously I’m way late here, but I had to comment! My husband and I have always thought that our babies (a girl first, and now a boy) both looked like Wallace Shawn too!!! (But they look like him at other times, too, not just when they’re being burped.) And I am relieved (no offense to Wallace) that my sweet daughter looks nothing like him now (at 2 1/2). =)

  2. I really love your article. I am a freelancer landscape designer. I stay with my 4 months old baby during the week and work in the weekends and drawing during the week. I breastfeed my baby, and yes, while breastfeeding her I try to do things at the computer…Would be really nice if you would open a discussion about ” sex after a vaginal delivery”. I am very curious how women, men handle this problem.

  3. Imagining him as Vizzini made me laugh so hard!

  4. Your baby definitely has sense of humor, he put smiles on my face. I wonder what will be Toby’s expression seeing my travelling trilogy blog. Hopefully he won’t throw up LOL.

  5. oh! beautiful!

    Joanna, I remember that you asked for children books, I recommend you SABUDA books, he’s an illustrator especially known for his pop-up books, hope you’ll like it!

    A frenchie (sorry for my grammar mistakes…;)

    I’m an illustrator too, if you got some time to come and visit my blog, I would be very happy!

  6. JP says...

    I know I’m supposed to notice your beautiful baby first, but my eyes darted straight to you. Wow–you are gorgeous!

  7. he is simply adorable, the two of you look so at peace

  8. haha! i totally see the wallace shawn. what a perfect little guy he is! :)

  9. Oh.my.goooooooooodness.

    I can’t take it! adorable!

  10. Congratulations, Joanna!
    I’m a big fan of yours from Brazil.

  11. hah!! he does look like wallace shawn!! cutie!

  12. ha! the wallace shawn comparison is hilarious.

    but toby is much more handsome!

  13. Joanna,
    As much as I loove all your posts, the ones like this just melt my heart. SO precious. Maybe since I have a baby boy…I totally relate to the moment. Enjoy these precious day!

  14. Anonymous says...

    Aw, so so cute!

    Makes me terribly broody, even though I’ve decided to stick to only one!

  15. Oh my heavens. Look at your sweet, sweet baby : ) AdOrAbLe!

  16. This picture is precious! And he does look like Wallace Shawn – how funny! (Every time I think of that actor, his Princess Bride exclamation of “inconceivable” pops into my head).

  17. Now we know who Toby’s celeb look-a-like will be during next year’s Facebook celebrity prof. pic week.

  18. Gina says...

    Oh Joanna, that picture is just so sweet that it brought tears to my eyes! I love the expression on both of your faces. Sweetness.

  19. What a sweet little guy. I have a newborn boy too and am just smitten with ALL babies now:) Congratulations!

  20. Look at this little guy. Toby is just peect. Much love to you and Alex! xo

  21. Oh your bundle of joy is just precious! I love your blog :)

  22. Hahaha, love that face!

  23. Awww, he is just too cute! ♥

  24. Glenda says...

    Adorable! Toby you’re a handsome lil one! XX