Toby Becomes a New Yorker.

We were taking a cab across the Brooklyn Bridge the other night, and Alex and I were feeling winter blues-y. We looked at the Manhattan skyline, which usually inspires us, but instead we just jokingly sighed a Debbie-Downer-ish “Wah waah.” One minute later…that’s all Toby would say. Babies don’t miss a thing.

Here, Toby reenacts his skills the following evening:

  1. How did I miss this?! lOVE it! I should teach my 18 month this, Zayn would love it. xx

  2. ahhh, he has the sweetest, tiniest, feathery-est voice. :)

  3. That is so adorable! He’s such a precious baby!!!

  4. Your baby is the cutest! ♥

  5. cute! i’m learning the american accent for acting class and i totally want your voice jo!

  6. Anonymous says...

    Aww, he seems so shy! What a cutie.

  7. It is really a new experience I am seeing here. His cheeks are red as Rose really very cute baby.

  8. Anonymous says...

    Adorable! And you have a beautiful voice Joanna!

  9. omg. this is too cute. Lucia likes to say “oh oh” for pretty much everything.
    Does Toby like cabs? Lucia LOVES them. Mostly bc she’s not chained into her car seat and I hold her tight while she stares at the window calling out all the random things she sees:)

  10. You have a beautiful voice! Haha. That sounds kind of weird but it is just interesting to have a voice to put to your writing (if that even makes sense).
    Char xo

  11. I feel like a member of the family. Thank you for sharing that sweet moment with us. He’s a pretty cute little Official New Yorker.

  12. clari says...

    So so cute!! I love his little tiny voice!

  13. So sweet!

  14. Love a bit of Debbie Downer … too cute, Toby!

  15. oh he is just precious!!!

  16. i totally needed this little ray of sunshine tonight. :) so adorable!

  17. joanna,
    i stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and i enjoy reading the story of your life! thank you for sharing it with the blogosphere! :)

    orlando, FL

  18. SOOO cute.
    Love, Leigh

  19. Toby’s eyelashes and rosy cheeks – so cute! And Joanna, I love your voice!

  20. Adorable — my son copied his older sister today by saying, “oh wow” while we were shopping together.
    5 year old, ‘oh wow..this is so cute.’
    1 year old, ‘oooo…woooow.’

  21. so cute!!! and the cab story is funny. sometimes you have to be clever. :)

  22. This is too cute. What an adorable family you have!

  23. He is so cute!!! Wah Wahhh hahahaha


  24. So stinking cute. I just posted a video of mine taking his first steps this week (at 15 months!) I watched the Toby video in front of him and he pointed at Toby and tried to mimic him. :)

  25. How Cute! I love how quickly they catch on!

  26. SO cute!

  27. Jennifer_NJ says...

    Too cute – Toby and the whole family!

    And he’s losing the “baby baby look” if you know what I mean. Looks like a little boy now! Goes by fast!

  28. Anonymous says...

    Toby is such a gem. Your voice is gorgeous. i am going to be thinking wah wah and smiling all night.

  29. Good lord, thats the cutest thing! He obviously hasn’t picked up the new york grouch face.

  30. Mo says...

    Adorable! And I love that his wah-wah comes with a smile. Love his rosy cheeks btw.

  31. aw, these comments made my day! thank you!!

  32. Lisa, that is hilarious!! thanks for all these really sweet comments:):)

  33. funny thing i just realized, after following your blog for 2+ years, if I’ve never heard your voice. but as i read your posts, there is definitely a sound in my head? kinda silly. but i feel like a voice is such a strong trait in someone. with everything online now, I’ve started to think about other people’s voices (like i imagine joy from ohjoy! to have a higher pitch, ha). anyway a funny thing to think about. like do people’s voices go with their perceived persona?

    loved the video! proud parents, I’m sure! =)

  34. paige, yes! i get the WORST winter blues and we have thought about moving to california. it would all come down to alex’s job. since he works for the nytimes, he would have to leave his position and find another job. kind of scary! but it’s definitely a daydream we have…

  35. Christian, yeah, the cabs have to wait for you to install the seat (which takes about a minute). sometimes you can tell that cabs aren’t stopping for you because they see your baby and the car seat! once toby and i hid behind a light post and alex flagged the cab…then we popped out and were like, Here we are with a baby and all our gear!! :)

  36. this is too cute.. it made me smile (:

  37. Carly, we just lug around our car seat! :) kind of a drag, but obviously worth it.

  38. Gentiana says...

    Toby has the voice of an angel Joanna. He’s such a love!!!! Thank you for sharing :-)

  39. It’s pretty awesome to read your blog, then actually hear your voice/accent :-) and oh my goodness, Toby is so cute!!!!

  40. H says...

    This is too cute Joanna! And I always wondered what your voice sounded like! Haha

  41. He’s such a cutie!

  42. GOSH he is so cute :)
    Your are such a sweet little family :)

  43. Ok, that was adorable! :)

  44. tooo stinking cute! I say this “wha wha” all the time, especially after a corny joke or tweet I write.

    I love how they are like little parrots and repeat these things back to us. the other day the husband and I were eating lunch with our 16 month old and one of us said “buuuutt” to which she laughed a bashful little giggle and said her version of butt. then we kept repeating it to make her laugh, to make all of us laugh, and then we realized that maybe this isn’t the best thing to encourage her to say!

    I’m sure I’ll be the cause of phone calls coming home from school! (say it with me!- Wha, whaaaa! ) ; )


    aka @GrayDayShop and tiptoethrough.blogspot

  45. so very cute!!!

  46. He is a cutie pie!!

  47. Super cute!

  48. he is soo cute!!

    but that could be my baby fever talking…?

  49. your voice! I love you!

  50. Hilarious! My toddler picked that up too- it’s in one of his french Petit Ours Brun videos!! Last time we pointed to the skyline when we were driving back into the city, Roman said ” I love NY” (and we’ve only been here 6 months!!) So I guess he’s a true New Yorker now too!

  51. Is it weird that I imagined your voice to be just like that? Not that I have secret conversations with you or anything… Still weird, I know.

  52. Awww, Toby! He is truly the cutest! And you guys are such great parents! Adorable!

  53. he is so adorable!! with his little red cheeks

  54. Before you know it, he’ll be hailing the cab!

  55. aww his rosy little cheeks are adorable!

  56. He is the sweetest little thing ever! Such a cutie!

  57. You speak to him like hes a grown up, its too cute !

  58. That is awesome. he is so cute. Honestly, one of the best parts of parenting is when your kids start using your slang/phrases, like when my 4 year old says ‘Bring it’ or my 7 year old ‘Fo Shizzle!’ HA!

  59. this is such a sweet family moment! our baby girl is five months old now, and I can’t wait for her to start picking up words… toby’s tender little voice! I love it…

  60. So cute! I loved hearing your voices, too. It made me feel like I know you, Alex, and Toby a lot better!

  61. oh goodness, he’s such a little grown-up! an adorable, rosy cheeked grown up :) you and alex are very lucky :)

  62. Haha! Now he can watch Archer and cue the Wamp-wamp!

  63. The thing that struck me the most about this was hearing your voice! Charming and adorable!

  64. How cute!! Thanks for sharing =)

  65. this is the best thing i have ever seen. what a little new yorker :) babies truly don’t miss a beat, thank goodness he’s so adorable!!

  66. that’s awesome! 2 Christmases ago I did a (very very quiet) “waah waaaah” in church when the pastor made a really bad joke, and my then 3-year-old niece repeated it *really loud*! All the old people around us snickered.

  67. H* says...

    he’s so cute!

  68. So cute – and love those rosy cheeks!!

    I can’t ever imagine feeling blue about that beautiful skyline tho ;)
    Hopefully sunny days are coming soon :)

  69. so cute! Toby’s such a smarty pants :)

  70. So sweet.

  71. he has such beautifull long eyelashes! How cute

  72. you have such a beautiful voice! you could have a radio show :)

  73. joanna!! (: i featured you on my blog yesterdaay!!

  74. Morgan says...

    Too cute! He really is adorable.

  75. Joanna! I loved hearing your voice! Now I feel even more connected to your blog :). And I can totally relate to your winter blues. These constant grey skies in the city are getting me down!

  76. That is so cute!! I love your laugh. And his proud little grin. x

  77. rosy cheeks:) what a sweetie!

  78. Anonymous says...

    your laugh is ADORABLE and I absolutly love your voice!!! and tobys little whisper to too cute!

  79. I bunch of teachers at my school are heading to NYC today…I am jealous…Waahh Waa…

  80. So cute, but I’m sure it won’t be so cute if he catches on to something rude!


  81. That’s adorable!!


  82. Toby is the cutest!
    His little wah-wah is adorable : )

    & the sun will be out soon ~ I promise.

  83. Love those sweet rosey cheeks and little voice! You two are the ultimate cool parents, Toby is one lucky fella!

  84. adorable!

    my 2 year old is a seasoned new yorker as well, as the moment we step out of our building he stretches out his little hand and screams TAZZIIII!! LOL

    xoxo, Paula

  85. oh my gosh! make my heart melt a little bit more why don’t ya!? what a cutie!!

  86. Jo, you have mentioned the “winter blues” several times on your blog…do you ever dream of moving to sunny California? Have you and Alex ever seriously thought about it?

  87. So cute!

  88. So precious! Being from Texas and having only been in NYC pre-kids, I’m curious how you take a cab with your baby? Do you schlep to car seat down and wait for some kind cabbie to let you install & uninstall it? Are there cabs with car seats already in them you can call ahead for? I can’t imagine how it works?

  89. Glenda says...

    His squeaky voice…his rosey cheeks! <3

  90. Aww lol :) Nothing like the City’s skyline. I’v lived here all my life and still love it.

  91. that is so cute! i am currently nannying three kids, and one is a little over one year old and on the verge of walking and talking. i will have to be *especially* careful of the things i say – especially since the older kids already remember my words like little elephants. nothing gets past them!

  92. I’ve never thought about babies in a cab before! How does that work exactly?