Motherhood Mondays: What Are Your Favorite Baby Names?

Want to hear the top 100 baby names of 2011?


The list includes some of my favorites (Miles, Oliver, Paige, Lucy). I was also amazed by how unusual some of the names are: Brooklyn and Summer, for example. What are your favorite baby names?

Also, do you think Aiden is at the top because of this handsome fellow?

P.S. The Blind Date test for baby names, and more Motherhood Mondays posts.

(Top photo of Toby; list from BabyCenter)

  1. I love the names Harper, Arabella, Milaniyah, and Ava for girls. For boys I like Eli, Grayson, Asher, and Bentley.

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    My top favourite boy name: Jackson,Silas

    My top favourite girl name: Sophia, Lily
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  6. My Fiance and I have been talking about baby names lately. It might be a while before we actually have to make a decision, but it’s just so much we can’t seem to resist. He’s Chinese, and I’m American, so we have a lot more naming to do. But our top English names at the moment are Keegan and Gwenivere (we can call her Gwen or Gweny), we also like Finnigan (call him fin) and Jemimah (we can call her Jem) as a Side note Chinese names we like, 广[guang] for a boy and 梅[mei} for a girl。

  7. I think, Unusual baby names are becoming the choice of parents now a day. Parents wants that everyone attention to the Unusual names their babies.

  8. Thanks to Sharing top names for boy and girl.
    I like Emma baby girl names. Emma is short name and very much sounding name.

  9. Lila and layla and lily for girl and Noah, Adam are best names for boy.
    A name which have powerful meaning in it is the best option.


  10. Cute little baby. I like the name “Sean” for a baby boy and “Kate” for a baby girl this name is so lovely and wonderful.

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  11. Anonymous says...

    My favourite names aren’t on the list. For a girl I like Bay, and for a boy Silas.

  12. Although my husband and I wanted to choose unique names, we didn’t want to make up words. I’m actually glad to see our daughter’s first and middle names already mentioned. Bc we received a lot of flack from family. Our son’s name still hasn’t been mentioned. Unless I missed it!

    daughter:: Zola Imogen (meaning peaceful, innocent girl)

    son:: Jens Christian (meaning God is gracious- it’s a Scandinavian form of John) and (Follower of Christ)

    Future baby names may include:
    girl:: Vera Ingrid, or Fern, or Gemma
    boy:: Knol or Soren

  13. I love him. And that picture of Toby is so cute, what a little peanut!

  14. I was really surprised to see the name Hadley on there – I’ve fallen more in love with it after reading about Hadley Richardson, the love of Ernest Hemingway’s life. Such a romantic name, and apparently very popular in the early 20th century.

  15. our daughter (due in 2 mos) will be called Harlow Paige. we just thought it was a beautiful name : )

    if she were a boy it would have been easton bradley

  16. Kylie says...

    Wow how cool seeing my name (Kylie) on the list. I’m a New Zealander and it’s long been a popular name here and in Australia but very unknown in the States. I remember visiting as a kid and no-one understanding my name. Of course that was probably also due to the fact our accent was a little unusual.

  17. clarity says...

    I’m obsessed with names, so naming my children was really difficult…My son is Caspian Purcell and my daughter is Lucinda Galilee. My children have friends with great names, too- there’s a Poppy, a Mirabel, a Cosmo and an Ofelia.

  18. Rebecca, my name is Eleanore Elisabeth (I have always been called Nora, though). I quite like my name— the “olde english” spelling has been a logistical headache, though.

    i have scarcely met any Eleanores, and only a few Noras.

    i like the names Nan, Anton (Tosca for short), Cyril, Flynn, and Mu– all have very specific meaning and qualities to me. //<>~^

  19. I’ve got a Samuel (46) and an Evelyn (50). If we have a third I think my top picks would be Ruby for a girl and Nolan for a boy.

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  21. Anonymous says...

    I really love Athrun for a boy and Adeline or Keltie for a girl.

  22. My sister named her oldest girl Esther Lillian (after her great-grandmothers) and her little boy Ezra Meriwether (after Meriwether Lewis… it’s a long story!) and I love their names. They are like little sunbeams and have the cutest laughs, and I love that they have such old sounding names.

    I really like Prudence Elizabeth and Thomas Ebenezer. I know how heavy the connotation is for Ebenezer, but it means something really beautiful and I think it’s time to take it back from Dickens! You could call him Eben! Isn’t that cute!?

  23. We just named our baby boy Edwin! He is 4 days old!!!

  24. Hudson, and Cyrl for boys
    Harvard and Eija for girls

  25. We are expecting a boy in March so we have been discussing names a lot lately. The name we keep going back to is Finley (nickname Finn). Other front runners include Jude, August, and Elijah, and Daniel. I also love Miles and Oliver. For a girl I love Olivia, Stella, Ella – mostly names that end in “a.”

  26. Anonymous says...

    We just named our little girl Winnie. It suites her so well.

  27. I’m portuguese and in my country we have a strict list to choose baby names from… it’s a way to preserve history, i guess. And to limit the strange names that appear (not everyone has good judgement…). The positive aspect of this restriction is that you can give your child names with a lot of history, with thousands of years… But if I was american, I would choose Amelie or Olivia or Lily for a girl and Ethan or Jude for a boy…. I have two boys – Francisco and Xavier…. two very ancient names…. :) Kisses

  28. Anonymous says...

    anything mia mya maya azmaya aya is huge in australia. same with the lily, leila, lyla, laylas. and lots of ruby, zoe and mila. and so many zacs and jacks. i like thea and gil.

  29. I like Aiden name so much. it sounds a loyal, humble, determine, beautiful, loveable, wise person. The meaning of Aiden is “fire”.

  30. kt says...

    I have always loved unusual names, and I keep a list of names that I like for when the time comes! One of my favorites has been Wilhelmina, Willa for short. And for a boy, I like Wyatt and Warren. And about a million other names that I think are elegant and uncommon, but not shockingly different.

    Great post, I have just discovered this blog and will continue to come back for more!

  31. Being a Katherine, I have turned my back on the top 50! I want my future-kids to feel special. I love French names, but due to myself still attending school, most of my names have cut off because I continue to meet people (Claudia, Oliver, etc.)

    I love your blog, it has become a daily read. :)

  32. i’ve had a few friends who had babies this year, or in the last 2 years, and i see all of their names on this list lol! Luke, Chloe, Sydney, Landon, but my one friend named her son Natale (Nuh-tah-lay), which is Italian, after her husband’s grandfather. They call him Nate :) He was just born last week.

    I have always LOVED the name Sophie and am interested to see that Sophia is #1, but Sophie is #30. Alas, it does not go with our last name, which also starts with an S. I think alliterative names sound a little silly, like a cartoon. Especially one with such a cutsie first name like Sophie, just doesn’t work :( Stella is another fave on mine that also doesn’t work. I LOVE Olivia, but am totally not surprised to see it at the top, EVERYONE is choosing that name these days. Emma was an old favorite of mine when I was young until Rachel named her baby that on Friends – then there were Emma’s all over the place!

  33. Great timing on this! My husband and I are currently struggling with a boy’s name right now. I’m due in 3 weeks and we still have absolutely no idea what to choose. We have a girl’s name ready (Ilsa May). Our 2 year old boy is named Gio. It’s an anglicized Chinese name taken from Jee-hoe.

    Reading through everyone’s suggestions is helping immensely! Thank you!

    P.S My husband’s name is Ming which I think is the BEST Chinese name as anyone on the planet can pronounce it.

  34. I loved this post so much I checked back in today to read more comments! :) Names are so fascinating.

  35. I’m sad there are so many little Ava’s running around, so it’s been cut from my list. Same with Olive. For girls: Hazel, Violet. For boys: Henry (even though there are starting to be too many of them) and Charles (so I can call him Charlie!)

  36. Steph says...

    I have a Toby, too! So that is my favourite boy’s name. (He’s not Tobias, though, just straight up Toby). Lola is our daughter, inspired by the Kinks song and silently decided upon years before I got pregnant. I love old names like Harriet and Henry and Olivia and Isobel… But we also wanted to steer away from the most popular names so our kids weren’t one of 6 Isobels or Henrys in the class. (As a kindergarten teacher, I know that happens!). And I totally agree that Aiden is a popular name because John Corbet is so hot!

  37. Ed says...

    We thought long and hard over our son’s names, nearly 3 weeks old now: Alexander Milling James. Alexander was a favourite name for both of us. It also honors the A name’s both our own father’s carry. Milling is the surname of my wife’s maternal grandparents, who died within a year of each other (2010 and 2011) before they could meet our son. James is the middle name of my maternal grandfather.

    In addition, we are a mixed culture marriage – my wife is Jewish while I am Catholic. To honor tradition on her side our son was also given two Hebrew names. You can read about how we chose those here:

  38. OOhhhh names…what a good topic!

    For girls I like the names: Olive, Ottile, Ellis and Athene … middle name ‘May’ as its a family name.

    and for boys: Sebastian, Charles, Clark, Seth, Stanley and Teddy.

  39. Anonymous says...

    Vivian and Sullivan are my current favorites.

  40. Tiffany says...

    My fav is Sophie

  41. I’m a sucker for older names. Our 1 yr old is named after his great grandpa, Mack. His whole name is Mckinley, but I doubt he’ll ever go by that.

  42. I love talking baby names. I have a girl Elliot, which I am hearing more and more (there is another in her class at church). Also love simple and fem girl names like Caroline, Meredith, and Jane. For boy we considered Lucas and Ward – short for Edward, a family name.

  43. From the list I love the girls names Aubrey (this is my best friends name), Evelyn, Jocelyn, and Nora (which I would call Nory). Liam and Caleb are two of my favorite boy names so I was glad to see them high up on the list, I also like Landon and Triston.

    Some names not on the list I like (for girls) Crimson, Myrna, Winifred, and Erin, (for boys) Craig, Jedediah (my brothers name) and Greggory.

  44. Anonymous says...

    My daughter’s name is Arabella Grace, it is one of the few names my husband and I agreed upon. My mom’s name is Penelope- I am surprised it made the list as she is the onyl Penelope I know!

  45. I love the name Ruby. Oh and also Sibbie, which was my grandmother’s name and I always thought it was adorable. It’s not even short for anything. Just Sibbie. =]

  46. I love ‘Emma’ and ‘Aaliyah’ it would actually fit in an Indian household. I do love Bella too. It may have something to do with my liking (read love) for the Twilight Series.

  47. Rose, Isabella, and Jade. For the while no idea for a baby boy :)

  48. Aria says...

    I can’t believe Aria is on there! And at 65! That’s my name and I always thought I was pretty much the only one in the world, except in recent years as I’ve met a surprising amount of little girls with it. How surreal to see it catching on after years and years of weird looks, mispronunciations and people calling me “Ariel”…

  49. My baby girl is called Meadow! We have only once met another, in Starbucks! And she was 10!
    I love having a name NOT in the top 100……:)

  50. Suzanne says...

    Yes, my favorite boysname is not on the list. It’s Boaz. So not many boys will get this name!

  51. we named our son frederick. we love it because it is unique enough…not on the list and I only know of one other…but not crazy made up…if you know what I mean.

  52. I like the names Jackson, Aidan, Nicholas, and Brendan for boys (in fact I have made sure my sisters know not to steal the name Jackson Schuyler, because it’s mine). And Olivia, Autumn, and Ludivine for girls (I don’t really have many girls names lined up).

  53. Anonymous says...

    I have a little one named Isabella Ida, but we call her Ella. We are expecting another little girl, and I am really fighting for the name “Millie”. Had this baby been a boy, the name would have been “Winston”.

  54. We have a 5-week old Ronan Mannix. If he’d been a girl, we were waffling between Bryn (safe and beautiful) and Hero (strange and enchanting… at least to us!)

  55. Deborah says...

    My mom once told me she considered giving me my paternal grandfather’s name–Loring–for my middle name, but chickened out. Now I love the thought of Loring as a girl’s name! Plus, he was the BEST grandpa ever. Of course, I wasn’t brave enough to use it for either of my girls. I ended up with Tara Christine and Kelsey Rose (now in their 20s). Our last name is an Ellis Island-shortened variation of MacGregor, which I think would make an awesome boy’s first name for one of my girl’s to use to pay homage to their heritage and because there are no boys to carry on the family name(and how cool is Mac for short!). Not that I will likely get a vote when the time comes!

  56. i fully plan on naming my future girl Michael Charlotte, Charlotte because i adore that name, and Michael after my amazing best friend (yes, she’s a girl!). michael’s unorthodox for a girl, or even a unisex name, but i know a few people who miraculously inherited some traits of the people they were named for, and i so hope it happens for this future baby!

  57. I love the name Lux for a girl… I would name a boy Johnny if I had another.

  58. if i have a girl we’re going with svea (sounds like svayya) and if it’s a boy we’re going with gunnar.

  59. We’re having a girl in the next month and we’re naming her Savannah Elilzabeth. :-)

  60. BH says...

    We gave our daughter a traditional first name (with a cute nickname!) and then a fun, interesting, whimsical middle name. The middle name is a traditional Cornish name (my husband’s family is from there).

    Charlotte Loveday
    nickname: Charlie

    I couldn’t be happier with our choice! It is just the mix of traditional and interesting that I was hoping to find.

  61. larissa says...

    We named our daughter Liv, but it’s not short for Olivia- ‘just Liv’ as she says to people. She has her dad’s middle name- James.

    another girl’s name we loved was Ever.
    for a boy, the name Beck was the frontrunner.

  62. What a fun post! So fun to read the comments too… Boys’ names are so impossible but for girls, I love Josephine and Paloma… not sure I’ll end up using them though – I’d love for something a bit more ethnic.

  63. BR says...

    I think it’s strange that so many of the boys names end in ‘n’ or ‘m’ – 7 out of the top 10!

    what’s with that?

  64. I really love the name Oliver for a boy, always have. I’m not sure I could use it now because I chose such an unusual name for my daughter….Eulalie Iris (pronounced “yoo-LAY-lee”). We call her Lalie for short.

    It’s very rare but it has a familiar sound and a cute nickname so it’s usually met with positive reactions. It suits my baby girl perfectly.

  65. My son’s name is Conrad franklin. Love both of those names.

    My daughter is Elliotte Rosalie

    if she were a boy, her name would have been Marsdon Hartley (no one likes it, but i do. so did hugh heffner. his oldest son is Marsdon.)


  66. Jodi – Oh my goodness, Poet Winter, I think that is so beautiful!

    I’m named after my great grandmother so it was funny that someone mentioned the names from 2 generations back being popular. I’m named after Kelsey Mae but only the Kelsey part, I always wished I was also Kelsey Mae, I think it’s really pretty. So I love the name Mae for a girl to also honor my great grandmother. I also love the names Wren, Winter, and Tabitha (Tabby) for a girl.