My view at 6:30am

Early morning is one of my favorite times with Toby. He’s super mellow and talk-y, and we “chitchat” while he plays in his crib. When Toby was first born, I was so anxious that I was doing everything right (he was teeny), but these days I’m thankfully settling in, feeling a bit more confident and just enjoying his sweet company. Oh, Toby, I adore you and your Jack Nicholson eyebrows!

  1. He’s so cute!!! Thanks for sharing your thought on the anxiety you felt the first months, that is what I’m experiencing right now… Can’t wait for my baby to be a little bit bigger so I can enjoy every second!

  2. sweet! my little guy just turned 4 months too and he is super talky in the mornings too :) Makes that early wake up a bit easier!

  3. haha, david, pretty much! i read him articles from Elle. :)

  4. Mo says...

    Do you think he knows that he’s such a little heartbreaker?

    Too adorable.

  5. This is just incredibly adorable :)

  6. What do you two “chitchat” about? What you read in the NYT?

  7. They are so nice when they wake up, well rested and feeling like chatting and smiling…

  8. such a sweet picture of such a sweet little boy! delightful little lad… enjoy him! I know you do :)

  9. My god, you just keep posting cuter and cuter photos of your little niblet. Crib chats; what a wonderful way to spend time catching up with Toby!

  10. He is the CUTEST! That face is so sweet! I bet you are doing a fantastic job as a new mommy!

  11. oh dearie. it’s a good thing I’m in my 8th month pregnant with Ever, or i’d be getting pregnant after looking at his little face!!!

  12. oh my goodness! look at him! i just want to eat him up with a spoon!

  13. cutie pieness! and i love his baby gap whale onesie! peter has the same one! :)

  14. He’s so adorable! I LOVE his eyebrows and sweet eyes. Glad to hear you are enjoying him. I’ve got a teeny 2 week old boy right now and can barely relax. Glad to know it’ll all fall into place eventually.

  15. The first thing I thought when I saw this adorable photo… what amazing eyebrows! A heartbreaker for certain!

  16. Toby is the cutest ever, oh I melt!! xo

  17. Looks like Toby has a critical case of the cutes . . .

  18. What a fabulous picture – he is so adorable!! xxoo :)

  19. Love this photo. Toby is adorable, he looks so engaged in your morning chitchat. Super cute!

  20. you’re a lucky girl! Toby is sooo cute!

  21. I remember those days of wonder and the fun baby chat. We have been celebrated our oldest turning 12 this week – and my youngest just turned 6 – I know you probably hear over and over -but keep cherishing those baby chats because they go before you know it and your talking piano lessons, spelling words and fairy princesses. :)

  22. hehehe. His eyebrows kill me! They are totally making up for his lack of hair :)
    SO sweet.

  23. haha, laura, that is so funny — a one-eyebrowed baby is one of the cutest thing i can imagine :) xoxo thanks for all these sweet sweet comments!

  24. Kallynn says...

    Toby is the cutest! Those little arms!

  25. so much cuteness in one morning!
    Love his eyebrows. so adorable!

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  26. ♥♥♥ what a beautiful baby! ♥♥♥
    Il dévore le monde avec ses grands yeux!!!

  27. C. says...

    Aww- so sweet. I adore those eyebrows!

  28. Jill says...

    you really do have the cutest baby in the world. wow.

  29. great pic! i’m up early with my 4 month old too. I used to sleep in every day… it’s a hard adjustment! he’s holding his head up so well! such expressive little eyes! i know you are in love! and yes, they talk so much in the mornings right?!

  30. Marthine says...

    Thank you for this amazing blog! It makes my everyday-life just a bit more magical! Love all the way from Norway.

    Ps !
    Toby is awesome.

  31. Toby is sooooooo cute! And he will grow up very handsome with those great eyebrows!

  32. I love when you post pics of little Toby. We were pregnant at the same time, and due at the same time, but my little guy came 10 days past his due date! Anyway, it’s fun reading your posts because I can relate to so much of what you say about motherhood.

    He is a cutie pie for sure. Those eyebrows kill!

  33. you are seriously killing me with these photos! i am sure you just stare at him all the time… and watch him learn and grow… if i feel he is growing… i cannot imagine how you are feeling… xxxx

  34. he’s sooo cute! love the eyebrows ;)

  35. im hoping that i got the same view every morning soon… :D


  36. What a doll! That picture is precious.

  37. oh he is too cute! love the eyebrows… first thing you see coming! at least he has two… my son only has one… ;)

  38. his”jack” eyebrows are his cutest feature! A-dorable

  39. I was hoping you’d say something about the eyebrows! They are great!

  40. my son has become a big fan of “tobaby”. he’s hoping there will be a feature film coming soon.

  41. definitely the best view! he is just absolutely adore.


  42. He is absolutely adorable! When he’s older he’ll laugh at how many strangers gushed over him daily :)

  43. Adorable! My son is around the same age as Noah and super mellow in the mornings. He wakes himself up babbling and we solve a lot of problems together! I pretend that he likes to comment on the stories on Morning Edition. Don’t you love how much more confident you feel these days?

  44. so precious :)


  45. Honestly I would always be looking forward to mornings all the time if this sweet face appeared every time! So sweet!

  46. Joanna, this is incredibly cute – so much going on behind those little eyes! Kathy

  47. What a little Stud Muffin!


  48. Ohhhh love that picture!

  49. What a beauty! The most important little man in the whole wide world ; )

  50. Oh goodness–he melts my heart. You are oh so blessed! What a sweet time you can spend together.


  51. He is such a handsome little man. I think I just lost my heart to him.

  52. Awww he is SO precious!! :)

  53. he DOES have Jack Nich. eybes! sooo cute!

  54. i might even SMILE if that was the first thing I saw every morning.

  55. Cuteness!! He reminds me a lot of my baby brother, who is now a grown man, but whose name, incidentally, is Toby.

  56. That’s really quite possibly the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen ; )

  57. You cannot buy that view my friend. Enjoy it as every season changes.

  58. what a great picture! he looks like such a joy.

  59. Haha I just wanna kiss that cute little face of his! :D

  60. too precious!!!

  61. It just keeps getting funner and funner!

  62. I closed my window and then had to open it for a second look–he’s so cute!!!

  63. He has got the most amazing eye brows for a baby! He’s adorable, your little bambino. xx

  64. Aw, I’m pretty sure this post is the definition of heartwarming, in every way possible.

  65. Toby can come live with me any day. That’s just to much cute on such a little boy. Gimme.

  66. Can he be any cuter?

  67. Oh I love him Jo!! You know you’re a mum when 6.30am becomes an acceptable time to whip out the camera and capture the exceptional cuteness of your bubs.

  68. Ha! Ha! He DOES have Jack Nicholson eyebrows!!! ^_^ He looks a lot more chatty than Jack though! Oooooo! To be a fly on the wall for one of you and Toby’s chats!!

  69. those eyebrows are just killing me! what an adorable little man.

  70. adorableness!! what a wonderful face to wake up to :) and those eyebrows! man oh man. for a little dude with not much hair, he’s got some killer eyebrows!

  71. Ok, you’re gonna have to hear it one more time…


  72. This is one of the cutest photos yet, joanna! :)

  73. Toby is adorable!

  74. oh, he is perfect! love his jammies and those big eyes.

  75. That’t the best face. So adorable!

  76. his eyebrows! I love them.

  77. he is so stinkin adorable! love his big eyes!

  78. I love posts of you and toby!
    He is such a cutie pie which amazingly magical big eyes:)

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

  79. that is such a fantastic picture joanna. i love the morning chattiness. although not at 5am.

  80. I just want to reach through the screen and pinch his cheeks!

  81. Oh, his eyebrows just made me melt!

  82. he is adorable!

  83. Those eyebrows! I would love to wake up to this face everyday.

  84. This photo just made my day! It’s so adorable! (:

  85. what a peach. he’s adorable.

  86. Isn’t he a lucky guy! smiles….

  87. He sure does have some eyebrows! So precious! Are you sure you didn’t pencil them in, Joanna?! ; D

    When I watch my 13 month old niece, I love listening to her “talking” on the baby monitor when she is supposedly napping! That sound is just priceless.

  88. Sweet toby! what a darling little boy you are.

  89. Toby is awesome. I am not a mother, but when I am I really hope that I, too, can say my baby is mellow. Very cool.

  90. those eyebrows are pretty fantastic, adorable!

  91. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, that is one cute baby boy!!! With his big eyes and fuzzy little noggin! You must have so much fun hanging out with him all day!

  92. Oh my goodness…that face!! You are one lucky mama:)

  93. I love that you poke “fun” at your baby! So cute!

  94. He is so precious! I just found a lot of video of my daughter when she was this age and all the memories of her baby hood came rushing. I remember the first week I was a nervous wreak i was always checking if she was breathing. The videos are priceless i almost forgot how her baby voice was like.

  95. so adorable! LOVE his Jack Nicholson eyebrows! :)

  96. He’s so cute and I love his eyebrows!

  97. Fabulously adorable view!!!

    So glad you’ve settled into your confidence & the pleasures of mothering precious Toby.

  98. I’m the same way with my puppy – and boy do we talk! Congrats to you on feeling more comfortable in your new role :) Toby looks more and more like you and Alex each day!


  99. Toby is truly a cute baby!

  100. haha, vinyasa, don’t you really think you’re talking to them sometimes? :)

  101. I just love this! I have a 6 month old and mornings are my absolute favorite time too! I love it when he chit-chats with me – I think we have a real understanding about life :)

  102. Awh, great picture!

  103. I wouldn’t mind waking up to this view every day!

    He is so cute Joanna! Makes me think when my daughter was that age…

  104. Toby’s gonna be a badass toddler that’s for sure. esp with those eyebrows!

  105. Ohhh that is the cutest little face ever!!!!
    Joanna, you are giving me such a baby fever right now…hahaha…:)

  106. He is so cute!! You really need a big audio comment because Toby needs a huge “AWWWW”!

  107. awww this is the cutest thing ive seen all day. my goodness.