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What are you up to this week? We are visiting family, so we are taking the next week and a half off Cup of Jo. But we’re excited to come back with a bunch of new stories on August 14th.

We want to thank you, as always, for being here. This community of smart, funny, thoughtful people is the great joy of my life, and I feel grateful to have daily conversations about all things big and small. If you’re in a blog-reading mood, here are some past posts you may enjoy…

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How to dress for a date.
How to wear prints at work.
How to find a pretty ring.
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How to get glowy skin.
How to know you’re beautiful.
How to master a five-second blush trick.
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How to smell like childhood.

How to create a welcoming home.
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How to bake the perfect cookie.
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How to travel with kids.
How to survive a long flight.
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How to embrace a chillllll summer.

How to feel confident on a date.
How to know if your partner is the one.
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How NOT to act when bumping into an ex.
How to heal from a breakup.

How to decide if you’re ready to have a baby.
How to raise teenage boys and teenage girls.
How to make a child feel seen.
How to play when you’re really, really tired.
How to have a baby on your own.

Life overall:
How to switch careers midlife.
How to start funny conversations.
How to make your home a haven.
How to plan a fun wedding.
How to find wholeness.

Thank you so much for reading. Here are genius reader comments and photos, too, if you’d like to see. Have a wonderful week! xoxo

(Photo layout by Jannelle Sanchez. Grid from top to bottom, left to right: low-key summer photo by Jenny Rosenstrach, New York City Hall wedding photo by Sylvie Rosokoff, Liz Libré house tour photo by Alpha Smoot, first date ritual photo by Tony Frank, summer salads photo by Matt Russell, best party snack photo by David Williams, Paris trip recap photo by Joanna, wise words illustration by Roxanne Daner, studio apartment living photo by Julia Robbs.)