liz libre's home

A few years ago, my friend Liz invited a few ladies over to her apartment, and I’ll never forget what happened next…

After we hung out in her living room eating gooey cheese and a crusty baguette, she ushered us over to the dining table. On each person’s plate was a small piece of paper. As we looked more closely, we realized she had written acrostic poems for each of us. If that sounds potentially cheesy or babyish, let me tell you: it was SO lovely.

Here’s what mine said:
Join her
Open book
All are welcome
No pretense, a
Natural in
All she is + cares for

How beautiful is that?! I was really touched. After I got home, I taped it up in our kitchen, where it has stayed for the past two years. Every time I see it, I feel a wave of love for her and so grateful to be seen in this way.

Aren’t acrostic poems a wonderful — and easy — idea? Would you do this for your guests? I loved it so much.

P.S. A dinner party conversation starter, and why am I just discovering potlucks?