A Cup of Jo reader named Lee has a question for the group…

“Long time reader here, and I’m getting a divorce after 10 years of marriage,” she wrote. “I’d like to buy myself a ring to replace my wedding ring. Here are my two requirements: 1) I don’t want someone to mistake it for a wedding ring, since I secretly dream of being picked up by a handsome stranger at my local coffee shop, and 2) I’d like it to cost less than $500.”

First off, I love this question, Lee! I’m excited for you and your future. I know many women who bought themselves “self-love rings” as they started new chapters of their lives — after breakups or losses or graduations or job changes or big moves. Says a CoJ reader named Beth: “I hated seeing my naked left ring finger during my separation, so I got myself a Gorjana Elea ring. It wraps around my finger like a warm hug.”

“Years ago, I fell in love with a Bario Neal ring, but didn’t buy it,” adds a reader named AMB. “Then, in the middle of my divorce, I remembered that ring and the way it made me feel, so I ordered it. Now, every time I look down at my hand or nervously reach over to spin my missing wedding band, I touch this beautiful reminder of who I was before and how I’m going to grow into more of who I want to be.”

Plus, Lee, here are a few I really love, in case any speak to you…

catbird pearl ring

Catbird is one of my favorite stores, and this soap bubble ring (with a pearl flanked by diamonds) is sooooo lovely. (Here’s a $60 version, too.)

Satomi Kawakita tiniest ring

If you like delicate pieces, Satomi Kawakita makes beautifully tiny rings in sapphire, ruby, black diamond, and emerald.

Monica vinader rings

Monica Vinader has gemstone rings in colors like green and black.

odette rings

Odette NY makes a lovely heart ring and kisses ring.

Ariel Gordon signet rings self love rings

And, finally, how cool would a signet ring be? My grandfather wore one his whole life, and I’d love to wear one, too. Ariel Gordon has such pretty ones: petite, slim, classic and statement.

Thoughts? What other rings do you love?

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(Top photo by Ariel Gordon.)