best drugstore lipsticks

Nothing compares to the giddiness I feel after discovering a drugstore beauty hero. A $7 concealer that covers dark circles? Add to cart. An eyebrow pencil that defines arches and costs less than a latte? Sold.

So, when I started seeing the beauty girlies on TikTok rave about Revlon’s Super Lustrous Glass Shine, my heart pitter-pattered. A viral lipstick that checks out at $8 felt like a gift from the beauty gods. Naturally, an investigation was in order. Here’s my review of the product that feels like “lipgloss and lipstick had a baby,” plus three other beloved drugstore finds…

Best drugstore lipstick

The Lipstick: Revlon Super Lustrous Glass Shine, $7.50

The Verdict: When shopping online, I chose the shade Shine Stealer, since it looked red with a hint of pink. In person, though, it was more of a neon, which initially turned me off. But after a couple of hours, the brightness grew on me. How fun would this lip look with a white button-up and dark jeans? The silky-not-sticky texture felt like it was melting into my lips, and the sheen was super glossy. Another pro? The pigment stayed on for hours, making my lips look juicy all afternoon.

best drugstore lipsticks

The Lipstick: Maybelline Ultimatte Slim Lipstick, $7.50

The Verdict: Last year, an Allure editor called this “the most comfortable matte lipstick.” Turns out, I agree. While applying this baby, I expected to feel the dry, chalky sensation you get with most matte formulas. Instead, I was shocked to discover a chapstick-like balm. Even more surprising was how long the color lasted. Two hours later, my lips still looked soft and peachy, versus faded and crusty. I liked the shade More Caramel, which felt like a playful take on the ’90s brown lip trend.

best drugstore lipsticks

The Lipstick: CoverGirl Simply Ageless Moisture Renew Lipstick, $7

The Verdict: Of the four lipsticks I tried, this was my favorite. First, the hydrating formula absorbed into my lips, instead of just sitting on top. Second, the color — Special Espresso, a rosy mauve — was really pretty. Looking in the mirror, I actually smiled when I saw the enhanced version of myself. This lipstick has all the qualities that I love in more expensive versions: long-lasting, creamy, buildable. It’s now part of my weekly lip rotation, and I’ll be giving one to my best friend for her birthday.

best drugstore lipsticks

The Lipstick: Maybelline Superstay Vinyl Ink, $9.99

The Verdict: After I saw this matte lipstick on Gigi Hadid, I dashed to Target and bought a tube of Lippy, a deep cranberry shade. I was excited for a punchy, dramatic lip. Instead, I got a sticky, peel-y hot mess. Although the color was gorgeous, every time I talked or rubbed my lips together, the gloss smeared. It also left a thick layer of gloop on my glass when I took a sip of water — even after doing this lipstick trick! I wiped it off after 20 minutes.

What are your favorite drugstore lipsticks? Or other drugstore beauty finds? Let’s discuss…

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