fire island

This Saturday, we visited some friends on Fire Island

fire island

How pretty is their garden?

fire island

The lovely guest bedroom.

Who wants to jump in?

fire island

The boys tossing a tennis ball, utterly uninterested in the sunset.

Never not watching Dirty Dancing at this point lol.

When we returned home on Sunday, I asked the boys to write thank you notes to our friends who hosted us. Writing notes used to take major pushing and pulling, but now that the boys are in the habit, it takes…slightly less pushing and pulling?

The formula we’ve developed is: Dear [friends’ names], Thank you so much for [gift, trip, or kindness]. I loved [fun thing about the gift, trip or kindness]. Love, [your name]

I keep a bunch of cards in a desk drawer, but of course any old piece of paper works well. Some of the most treasured thank-you notes I’ve received have been drawings from children, and I remember my sister loving condolence cards with kids’ artwork, too.

Here are a few sweet cards, if you’re looking:

What about you? Any stationery you love? These painted cards are so, so pretty and every single one is different.

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