Joanna Goddard Gemma Burgess

Hi!!!!! How was your week last week? We closed the site for a week because I went to visit friends and family. Here are a few photos, if you’d like to see…

Gemma Burgess

First, I went to see my best friend Gemma, who is breaking my heart and moving to London.

Gemma Burgess

Her reason for doing so, however, is wonderful: you guys, she has WRITTEN AND CREATED AND SHOW-RUN AND EXECUTIVE PRODUCED a sexy funny thrilling new TV series for Amazon, based on a bestselling book, called My Lady Jane. I’m bursting with pride. Mark your calendars for June 27th!!!!!!

My Lady Jane tv show photos

I saw a sneak peek and wept. The show is astonishing, and I’m truly not just saying that because Gemma feels like home to me.

My Lady Jane tv show photos

So, My Lady Jane follows Lady Jane Grey, the shortest ruling queen in British history. She was beheaded nine days after becoming queen, but the show asks: What if history turned out differently? What if she saved herself? It’s an epic journey of love and adventure.

My Lady Jane tv show photos

And Jane’s love interest? Daaaaaaaang. Lord Guildford is “a tortured, brooding character but also incredibly sharp and calls her on her balderdash,” Gemma told Cosmo. “They had such incredible chemistry.” And her co-showrunner Meredith Glynn adds: “From minute one, it was wild and wonderful.”

My Lady Jane tv show photos

I’m so happy for her and VERY excited for all of us to get to watch the series and talk about it!!! :) Again, mark your cals for June 27th on Amazon Prime, eeeeeks. xoxo

London notting hill

Overall, even though my family is English, I haven’t spent much time in London because we usually shoot right down to Cornwall. It’s such a gorgeous city, especially in the spring when all the flowers are blooming and it has its makeup on.

liberty department store London

How great is this British phrasing? I also saw signs outside pubs inviting you in for “a cheeky pint.”


We also hung out with relatives, including my 92-year-old great uncle (Milly’s little brother!) who was so warm and gracious. He ran into friends at the pub and don’t you love how their arms are all connected? It made me think of a moment in Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s podcast episode with Jane Fonda, where they talked about how as you get older, life keeps expanding. “People are thinking and saying you’re over the hill,” said Jane. “But then you realize, oh my god, but there’s whole new vistas over the hill, other hills, other views, that you just keep going and growing.” I loved that analogy and, as someone who is happier at 45 than I’ve been at any age, I really believe it.

airplane bathroom

I’d also like to take a moment to brag that I used the airplane bathroom even though I’m the most claustrophobic person on the planet. Are you proud of me lol??


Now we’re all back in Brooklyn — and the boys are back home, too — and I’d love to ask you: How is your week going? What are you up to? Rose, bud, thorn? I’m excited to hear and catch up. Lots of love. xoxo

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(My Lady Jane photos by Jonathan Prime/Amazon Prime Video.)