What funny things have the kids in your life recently said? Nine-year-old Anton and 12-year-old Toby make us laugh every day, and their humor has become a mix of cute-kid wackiness and grown-up jokes. Here are a few…


Me, while walking to a restaurant after work: “Sorry, I’m just in a bad mood today.”
Toby: “But, Mommy, you’re going out to dinner with your beautiful son!”

Toby at the grocery store: “Whoever invented raspberries is a god.”

Anton: “What if there was an anti-helium that instead of making your voice really high it made your voice really deep?”
Toby: “It’s called puberty.”

texting with kids

Toby is the funniest texter. Sometimes it’s short and sweet, like above, but other times my phone will buzz and I’ll see: “Hey man what’s up?” or “U free for a call?” Hahaha.


The other day, Anton impersonated me working from home (above): “You always have a pillow on your lap and are talking on the phone, like, ‘Maureen, we need that fashion post,’ or ‘Jannelle, one second, one second, my kid just came in.’”

Anton: “Mommy, maybe you can try to be like me and say ‘I love you’ every few days. Instead of like Iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou.”

Anton: “I can’t speak any other languages but I can say ‘tasty’ in an Australian accent.”

Anton: “I want to get a Christmas countdown calendar. They’re just, like, jolly.”


toby anton

What about your little dudes? Please share below… xoxo

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