What are you up to this weekend? My sister and I are taking a little road trip, and I’m excited for time with just her. We haven’t had real one-on-one time (no kids, no parents, no cousins) in years! Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Packing the best everyday underwear for our trip. (Plus, they’re on sale.)

“Never a reason to take off your socks”: a flight attendant’s 12 etiquette rules. (NYTimes gift link)

Bright red strawberry lemonade for summer? Yes, please.

“I don’t think you’re a big bad master spy, I think you just messed up.” In the new HBO docudrama Reality, Sydney Sweeney plays a 25-year-old woman who leaked a classified government document in 2016.

Plus, 25 movies you need to see this summer. Can’t wait for #4.

This travel bag folds into a tiny rectangle.

What happens after you get sober? “During a tearful conversation with my wife on our couch in 2015, I quit drinking — and in that instant split into two warring factions of myself. There was the sober me who chose to seek help, and the drunken me who had clanged around in my life months, weeks, hours before.” (Harper’s Bazaar)

Molly Baz made a cool collection of serving accessories.

Hot and Single is an entertaining Instagram series where New Yorkers share what’s happening in their romantic lives, what their red flags are, and why you should date them.

I’m your mom playing a video game and I will turn this avatar right around if you don’t watch your tone of voice. Hahaha.

Let the door swing.

Also, five great sales this weekend:
* Get 40% off with code WEEKEND at J.Crew, like the best shorts.
* Get 30% off with code WARMUP at Madewell. (I love these!)
* Get 25% off with code HAPPY7 at kids’ store Lewis.
* Get 20% off, no code needed, at Lulu and Georgia.
* Nordstrom is having an epic sale.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Erin Mary on where do you live: “I live in a tiny one-bedroom in Washington, D.C. It has huge windows that I like to sit by while I drink my coffee and my dog stares out onto the street. I also frequently forget that I have huge windows and walk into my living room in my underwear. I adore living as the only human, since I get drained having to be ‘on’ around people. I have a stutter, and the work of speaking is exhausting. At home, I can finally relax. Having another heartbeat in the apartment is important to me, but I’m glad it’s a dog’s.”

Says Kaff on a very low-key summer checklist: “I’ve worn glasses since I was 12; I’m never without them. But recently I started taking walks and leaving them at home. It has been a magical antidote to my type-A tendencies. It feels like I’m inside an impressionist painting. I’m calling it ‘Blurry Girl Summer.'”

Says Holly on the #1 thing to pack for a trip: “I’ve spent most of my life trying to blend in, but now in my forties, I’m done with that crap. After years of wanting my septum pierced, I finally did it, and now I’m heading to the thrift shop for something pink and fabulous. I have a six-year-old daughter, and I’ve been aware of modeling for her (and teaching myself) how to love yourself. This has been such a healing season of life, and no joke, CoJ has been instrumental (it all started with winning a Dame giveaway). Thank you all so much.”

(Photo by Little Flower Blooms.)

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