Joanna Goddard bedroom

Joanna Goddard bedroom

Where do you live, and who do you live with? This made me laugh…

Comedian Matt Buechele — aka the Internet’s crush, who one CoJ reader described as “a perfect Sleepy Boy” — describes three types of living arrangements and how they’re all different.

With roommates, you watch way more TV than planned, he says: “You’ll come home from work and there will be like two cowboys on the television and you’re like, ‘Oh, what are you watching?’ and they’re like ‘Oh, it’s a show called Outlaws’ and you’re like, ‘What the hell is Outlaws’… you end up watching seven seasons in 24 hours and writing fan fic.”

What about living with a partner? “You can ask very romantic questions like, ‘I’m going to go get paper towels, do we need anything else from Rite Aid?’ and they’re like, ‘I’m on a Zoom,” and you’re like ‘OK cool.’

The third arrangement is living alone, where you find yourself talking out loud. “People are like, ‘Living alone must be so scary. If you hear a noise, do you ever get spooked?'” says Matt. “It’s like, ‘No, I don’t get spooked. I’m too busy hosting and guesting on a podcast that doesn’t exist, airing out all my grievances against anyone who’s ever wronged me.”

So! Three questions for you:
* Where do you live?
* Who do you live with?
* What are the funny little things about your household?

For me, I live in Brooklyn with my two kids, who discard more socks on the floor than I ever thought possible. We have two gallons of whole milk in the fridge at all times because preteens EAT SO MUCH, and we like reading together, each with our own books, on my bed with the fan on. On the nights I’m flying solo, I revel in doing whatever I want, which sometimes means meeting friends for dinner and sometimes means stretching out on the sofa, eating cheese and crackers, and watching a brilliant TV comedy. I was worried I might feel lonely as the only adult in the house, but I don’t; although I reeeeeaaallllyy miss the boys when they’re gone longer than a night.

What about you? Update: These are so much fun to read!!! Thank you for sharing. xoxoxo

P.S. An ode to alone time, and where would you like to raise kids?

(Photo of my bedroom by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo.)