Botany Bay

What are you up to this weekend? Thank you so much for your kind words on our marriage news. I can’t tell you how much your notes and pep talks meant. There is good in this world. Hope you have a relaxing weekend — take gentle care of yourselves, as my mom says — and here are a few links from around the web…

Is this the perfect breakfast sandwich?

This hilarious novel reminded me of Fleabag; needless to say, I adored it.

Every dad’s guide to turning on the thermostat.

Why I choose to travel with my parents over taking solo trips. “Traveling with your parents may not seem as cool to some… For me, it has strengthened my relationship with them and I’ve begun seeing them beyond the parental figures they’ve always represented. No more sermons and chit-chat over chores… We’ve relived memories while also creating new ones. I’ve taken them out of their comfort zones — and their daily work routine — to actually pause to enjoy life, even if only for a week.”

Oooh, pretty earrings.

Would you jump off this high dive? (NYTimes gift link)

Becky Malinsky’s newsletter is very fun. Her recommendations are often $$$$ but her styling advice feels smart and doable. Strong recommend.

Bookmarking this recipe for bread and onion soup.

How lovely is wallpaper in bedrooms?

Digging this nail polish trend.

A book about love.

Please consider joining us to help those affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria by donating to relief efforts, including Oxfam, the global organization that is working with local partners in Turkey and Syria; the Syrian American Medical Society; Center for Disaster Philanthropy; and Doctors Without Borders, which sent teams of health workers to Turkey and Syria immediately after the earthquake. Please share more ideas below, as well, if you have them.

Plus four reader comments:

Says MB on what would be the title of your memoir: “‘Thanks, I’m Really Excited to Be Here,’ which is something I once said as a high-school freshman at a party when a senior told me they were glad I’d come. My friend immediately burst out laughing, and we still use it all the time! But it sums me up pretty well. I’m a over-thinking perfectionist, which can be exhausting, yet I still find so much to be excited about in life.”

Says Savala on some personal news: “I’m also divorced, and what I wish someone had told me is this: If you can do this mindfully and with love, your kiddo/s will be JUST FINE! They will continue to be exactly who they are, their spirits intact; and you’ll walk them through any hard parts. Also: you can know your former husband was absolutely meant to be the father of your kids, and also know he’s absolutely not meant to be with you forever. Sending you love and courage and fellowship for the ups and downs and transitions. Here’s at least one mama out there who’s been through it and knows you’ll be better on the other side.”

Says Kat on some personal news: “Someone may have already said this (there are A LOT of lovely comments!), but I’ll say it again anyway: permanency is not the metric of success. Everything has a life cycle, and even great, successful things can and often should come to an end (Fleabag, anyone?). Best wishes for your whole family in this next chapter.”

Says Lauren on some personal news: “You have so much more flying to do. I hope you can feel us all, in a vast circle, holding a silk parachute’s hem.”

SOB. Thank you again. xoxoxo

(Photo by Kirstin Mckee/Stocksy.)