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What are you up to this weekend? My cousin Jeremy (aka “Squirmy,” the childhood nickname our whole family still uses) is visiting with his wife and two little kids, so we’ll be touring the playgrounds of Carroll Gardens. I’m also taking them to Café Spaghetti once all our children are in bed! Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

How cool is this mortadella tart?

I’m excited to wear “the unicorn of swimsuits” on spring break.

A super fun article on people letting loose: “It was nearly impossible to imagine the nuns of my youth enjoying themselves. Even the cigarettes they sucked down outside the rectory looked more like chores than vices. But for me, the unifying subtext of ‘Sister Act’ — nuns singing Motown and jumping double dutch — was that even the most seemingly unremarkable person had a mysterious interior life and untold capacity for pleasure.”

The trailer for Rye Lane looks great. We need a good new rom-com!

Dating app filters I’d actually use, hahaha. (New Yorker)

Want to take a walk in this garden?

The origin story of Ted Lasso, whose character was developed 20 years ago in a comedy club in Amsterdam. (Via Kottke)

LOVE the colors of this sweater.

The ultimate tuna melt. (Bon Appetit)

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Julie on the best party snack of all time: “I adore this space where I’ll happily read through 200+ comments about nostalgia snacks. People defending the honor of Bugles, sharing memories, problem-solving dietary restrictions – I mean COME ON. It’s so beautiful.” Adds S.D.: “Yes, this! Nowhere else would I even care if there were comments on an article about French onion dip, but here? Here, I am so excited to see hundreds of comments and can’t wait to peruse the discussion!”

Says Liz on what was your first date like?: “Mine didn’t happen until the ripe old age of 32! I’ve always been on the asexual spectrum, but didn’t have language for that until my thirties. I met my girlfriend online, playing Animal Crossing and simultaneously sharing our fears and jokes, our daily struggles and victories. A and I were quick friends — the same sense of humor and gentle nature, both never really dated. She felt safe and gave me butterflies in a way I’d never experienced before (ah, the universal lightbulb moment of the queer experience). Our first date was six months later over FaceTime (she was on the West Coast, I was in the deep South). We nervously sipped wine and watched Inside Out. I didn’t get to meet her in person until 2021. Two years and one 2,000+ mile move later, I get to come home to her every night. You are never too old or too weird to find your person.”

(Photo by Solabee Flowers and Botanicals.)

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