Banana Cake

What are you up to this weekend? I’m pinching myself because we’re going to the Fleabag play. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is such a genius, ahhhhh. (Also, here’s the new trailer for the second season.) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

PSA: Today’s the last day of Shopbop’s huge sale. (I got this cutie.)

Touristy things I still do after five years of living in NYC, haha.

Is this the most beautiful cake?

How to tip at restaurants.

The new Dr. Ruth documentary looks fascinating.

A gorgeous house in Provence. (Remember her?)

SNL’s photos of celebrities.

My mom and I have decided to memorize some poems! We’re starting with this one.

Wouldn’t you love to try these Japanese toasts?

Frequently asked questions about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal baby. (NYT)

True. :)

Plus, a reader comment:

Says Lindsey on kissing children: “A month ago, my eight-year-old daughter had a total meltdown. She was exhausted and emotional and all she wanted to was to take a bath with me. (I take one every night). I thought she was too old, but she was so fragile that I let her climb in and she rested on my chest, and I poured palmfuls of water on her back and she almost fell asleep. I’m so glad I didn’t say no in fear of her being too old — it was precious and it may never happen again.”

(Photo by Call Me Cupcake.)