reading book on beach

reading book on beach

Would you go to a reading party? “On Sunday afternoons, my friend and I would bring snacks, climb onto big couches, and read for three hours,” commented a reader named Lauren. “We’d take a few gab breaks, but mostly we’d enjoy each other’s company while reading. Now, a few years out and currently mothering a toddler, I cannot believe the luxury we didn’t know we had!” Another fun idea? Says Kirsten: “I once started a bookclub called ‘Don’t Tell me what the F to read.’ We all met up and talked about what we were reading, and people could ask questions. It was terrific.” Thoughts? Any other reading pro tips?

vacation sunscreen whipped

Last summer, I fell in love with Vacation sunscreen — the coconut-y scent is famously good — and this summer I’ve been into their whip mousse. It goes on like whipped cream, so even my kids want to apply it (!!!!!!).

custom photo baseball cap truckers cap mom kid

Another day, I stopped by my friend Izzy’s house and spotted a rad trucker’s cap with a photo of her and her son. “We got it at the Kenosha County Fair in Wisconsin,” she told me. “It brings us joy every time we remember it exists.” You can order a similar one here, if you’re so moved — would make a funny gift.

tuna melt S&P diner

For quick dinners these days, I recently remembered the tuna melt. Couldn’t be easier, and my two hungry boys wolf them. What other easy meals do you swear by? (This corn recipe is also on our rotation.)

P.S. More fun things, including my favorite movie so far this year.

(Book photo by Jamie Grill Atlas/Stocksy. Tuna melt photo by Anna Polonsky at S&P.)