Amanda Hesser's plane picnic

Amanda Hesser's plane picnic

Food52’s Amanda Hesser brought these snacks on a flight. Now I’m inspired to bring much better plane picnics.

Function of Beauty shampoo

Function of Beauty lets you take a quiz to figure out the best shampoo for your hair (whether you need volume, strength or deep conditioning; whether you’d prefer the scent of cucumber mint, grapefruit hibiscus or sandalwood violet; and even which color you want). Plus, the bottles look so pretty in the shower.

Aidy Bryant on Girls

Did you see Girls this week? Aidy Bryant’s scenes were beautiful and hilarious and like a cherry on top of a great season. Love-love-loved her expressions at the very end. (No spoilers!)

Mara Hoffman swimsuits 2017

Mara Hoffman’s new collection of swimsuits feels fresher than ever. (This might be my favorite.)

Dog in a bike basket

Intuition is more powerful than intellect. (“Have you ever made a decision and immediately started to feel sick, maybe even kind of clammy? Well, that affective experience is the body’s way of informing you that the decision your analytic mind came to is at odds with your instinct.”) Trust your gut!

P.S. More fun things, including awesome podcasts and a Q&A with the costume designer of Girls.

(Dog photo by Marnie Hawson.)