Who’s Your Celebrity Crush?

I’m probably too old to write about celebrity crushes, but I’m going for it anyway! My new crush is…

Nick Miller from The New Girl.Who's Your Celebrity Crush?

If you haven’t seen the show, Jess and Nick are roommates who drive each other crazy but clearly secretly have feelings for each other. He’s cute, grumpy and hilarious. His scratchy voice kills me. And he’s really good at doing the smoldering eye thing when he gazes at Jess adoringly. But Jess and Nick’s kiss scenes have taken the show to a new level; you can cut their sexual tension with a knife. Honestly, they might have the best on-screen chemistry of any sitcom couple I’ve ever seen—do you agree?

A funny Q&A moment from Salon:
Q: [Nick] is the one who is closest friends with everybody in the house.
A: I think he and Jess are obviously very close and they have that weird thing. I think he and Winston have a very close thing because of their childhood. And him and Schmidt, deep down, have their own little weird will-they-won’t-they. I did an interview the other day for the Advocate, and the guy who was interviewing me goes, “So I have to ask about the will-they-won’t-they.” And I said, “Yeah, I think they did a great job with Nick and Jess.” And he goes, “No, I’m talking about Nick and Schmidt.” [Laughing.] I thought it was so funny. I hate the term, but I think it’s a pretty funny bromance.

Who’s your celebrity crush? Admit it, everyone has one!

P.S. My past celebrity crush (hint: he was a doctor)…

(Photos from Salon and The New Girl)

  1. Lily White says...

    I have had a thing for alternative singer Mark Lanegan for over 25 years. I usually don’t have crushes on the musicians I listen to. Obviously if someone is attractive I notice but it’s not the reason I listen to a band. The first time I heard his voice I nearly melted. Literally sent shivers down my spine. …And good god the older he gets the more delicious he looks to me. One of those musicians I d never really want to meet because I ‘ d light up like Rudolph’s nose on Christmas eve if he even looked in my direction.

  2. Simon Baker. I’ve been madly in love with him since I was like… 12? I’m 22 now. My longest crush ever.

    I’ve just applied the trick in your “would you date and older?” post to know if I can date a guy I like a lot and the result was not. If I divide his age (36) into two (18) and add seven the maximum is 25!

  3. Currently crushing on chris messina, don cheadle, and benedict cumberbatch.

  4. That scene of their first kiss took my breath away.

  5. YES!!! I agree 100%! Their kiss is so hot. And you’re right: his voice is….mmm.

  6. I love Nick! He’s seriously my favorite and you described him to the T. Love his scratchy voice and the way he says, “Jess.”

  7. OMG MINE TOO!!!! Which works out great, because my husband is SO Nick Miller. He’s a 28 year old 80 year old man who’s grumpy, hilarious, and does totally weird things that make me laugh all the time. But he dresses better, has his stuff together, and is super buff. Also, I’m super lucky lol!

  8. I’ve never admitted this to anyone but my celebrity crush is MN Vikings QB Christian Ponder. When he’s out on the field in those tight pants throwing around a football, I just melt. He’s got the most gorgeous smile and beautiful brown eyes. He loves to go fishing and has been a guest host on a local TV fishing show and he seems like he would be a fun person to hang out with. Did I mention that he’s hot?! Watch the Vikings game this Thursday night and you’ll see what I mean. I love it when the Vikings score a touchdown and Ponder is running around on the field jumping up and down and he has the biggest smile on his face. OMG! He’s just so yummy!! Sucks that he’s married though.

  9. I completely agree with you!

  10. You are NEVER too old for harmless celeb crushes!! I have 2 – Adam Levine and David Beckham. It’s totally the tattoos:)

  11. I agree, loove him! And Danny from Mindy. Adam from Parenthood gets me too

  12. Oh, thank God you too have a crush on him, I thought I was alone! I SOMETIMES fantasize about meeting him and asking him to yell at me! PLEASE, YELL AT ME, NICK!!

  13. I hadn’t watched this show before and am now addicted plus I have a crush on Nick

  14. Aden Young from the new show Rectify on Sundance….OH MY GOD!!!

  15. Sebastian Valmont (Ryan Philippe) in Cruel Intentions and Sebastian Kydd in The Carrie Diaries!!! I’m such a cradle snatcher with the latter one. LOL. But technically, the series was shot in the 1984 and he was already in his senior year in high school which makes him older than me because I was only 3 years old in 1984.

  16. Yes Joanna! I love Jake Johnson as Nick! I was hoping and hoping he and Jess would get together!
    Also, a somewhat cliche answer, I still do love Ryan Gosling.
    And Kit Harrington – Jon Snow in Game of Thrones.


  17. I LOVE SCHMITT! hahaha! hes adorable.
    and his cockiness is so hilarious!

  18. Kinda likes him… but yes the Grey’s men, Derek, Owen, Jackson… I’m not fussy… and Michaell Fassbender… and the all time classic Hugh Grant obviously

  19. HOLY SH*T DID YOU SEE LAST WEEK’S EPISODE Nick Miller is killing me…

  20. Okay, totally going to age myself here but I have had a longtime crush on John Cusack…Say Anything? And many others. I wish he’d do a decent movie.

    Also, nobody mentioning Ryan Reynolds surprises me! So hot.

    I also love Nick and LOVED the kiss and this week’s episode. Also love Danny Castellano, he’s been in a lot of stuff lately and always does an awesome job.

    I also love Romany Malco…hot hot hot.

    As far as onscreen tension, New Girl is doing an awesome job. Ones I remember most from my youth…Moonlighting anyone??? David and Maddie?? Also Who’s the Boss. Such a bad show but I loved it :)

    Great post, this was hilarious to read and to go look up everyone’s crushes! I am sure I have more both those are top of mind.

  21. I used to swoon over Ryan Gosling, but my new celeb crush is Joesph Gordon-Levitt. Did you see him on SNL? He’s packing a hot bod under his shirt!

  22. My crush . . . is Jay Ryan from CW’s Beauty & the Beast lol!!

  23. Tom Hardy from the movie Lawless. Wow. And I totally agree, Nick is great!

  24. Oh I have new ones everyday hahaha! My most recent being Callan Mcauliffe after Flipped! I loved that movie and he was so cute in it haha (sounding pathetic but that’s what celebrity crushes are about right?) can’t wait for his appearance in The Great Gatsby now! x

  25. L. says...

    nick miller for the win. it’s the perfect combination of the love-to-hate temper flares, needs-his-buds-help carelessness (Nick, we all take turn sneaking $5 bills in your pockets when we do the laundry), and the way he looks at her is…ahem…toasty to say the least. pure magnetism. mama like.

  26. Totally Agree!! I think Nick is so sexy!

  27. YES – the on-screen romance between Nick and Jess is AMAZING!

    Celeb crush – Castle! Oh my gosh, I don’t even know his name and that kind of doesn’t matter. He’s so funny and sexy!

  28. Gael Garcia Bernal is yummy and I’m also lovin’ Ben Afflek’s Argo look. My celebrity crushes don’t really go away they accumulate :) Fun post with great comments!

  29. Nick Miller = absolute #1 crush. Actually I crush on Nick & Jess together.

  30. Without a doubt, my celebrity crush is Jon Hamm/Don Draper… what a man, what a style…

  31. I’m going with Channing Tatum! So romantic in the Vow. Why did they have to kill him off so early in GI Joe?

  32. Mine are seasonal…but, most recently Deacon from Nashville and always, Dr. Karev on Grey’s. Swoon :)

  33. Totally with you on Nick.

  34. Lately it’s been Adam from Girls……..Wow! When he takes his shirt off…..Kinda wierd, BUT when I was talking to my best friend she admitted the same thing to me! LOL!

  35. N says...

    Another celeb crush: Michael Fassbender. Super hot.

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  37. Always and forever, Pacey Witter.

  38. I love Nick too! XD But I’m kind of sad their kiss/romance came so soon… :(

  39. N says...

    YES! Both Danny Castellano and Nick Miller are celebrity crushes. We have the same taste. (I do like George Clooney though…in an older way. He’s kind of like Sean Connery BUT I don’t get what the fuss is about Brad Pitt). I still cannot get over that kiss with Jess. Love Love Love. Thank you for making my Friday! Natalie

  40. totally agree about their chemistry – like you said, you could cut the tension with a knife :) I’m really curious where this will take the storyline.

  41. New Girl is my absolute favorite show, and this week’s episode took it to a whole new level! The Nick-Jess Kiss was probably the most genuine, toe tingly, TV kiss I’ve ever seen.

  42. This is really funny… I was laughing when you revealed Chris Messina as your first celebrity crush because I am totally on the same page. And now Nick? Exactly! My two favourites. I think we have the same taste in television men.


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  44. Gingers with beards-
    Michael Fassbender,
    Josh Dallas
    and Drew Barrymores absloutely gorgeous husband
    Will Kopelman – swoon……….

  45. Probably going to sound like a total teen girl on this one. I’ve got a good number for them! Currently, Austin Butler from The Carrie Diaries. It changes a lot!

  46. I’ve never seen The New Girl! (Gasp!)

    I’ve always had, and always will, a thing for Patrick Swayze. Not just in Dirty Dancing, either.

  47. Alcide from True Blood. Oi vey!

  48. John Krasinski! that smirk.