Who’s Your Celebrity Crush?

Who's Your Celebrity Crush?

So, I’m curious: Who is your celebrity crush these days? Mine is a little bats (I think)…

Saul Berenson

Mr. Saul Berenson, the CIA Director on Homeland.

Saul Berenson from Homeland

Is anyone with me here? He’s in his sixties, but there’s something about that deep-voiced, tweed-cap-wearing, status-quo-challenging, straight-talking, get-shit-done mentor that makes me crazy. Alex always teases me about having a crush on Quinn, but it’s secretly Saul that sends my heart a-flutter. (Plus, I already like older guys.)

Saul Berenson from Homeland

Interestingly, Mandy Patinkin, the actor who plays Saul, says he’s very different from the character: “Mandy is not calm. So that’s acting. I’m acting. And, I love playing someone calm.”

Saul Berenson from Homeland

Here’s some wallpaper (or saulpaper???) for computers and phones that we made for those who also have a Saul crush.

Or maybe just for me.

Have you ever had a surprising celebrity crush? Spill the beans below…

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(Top photo by William Lovelace, with the button photoshopped by Miss Moss:)

  1. irene says...

    i can so relate. i’ve been crushing on james woods since forever.

  2. Mary M. Valentine says...

    Crush, smush!

    “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

  3. Mariana Zucheli says...

    Domhnall Gleeson ;)

  4. diane says...

    Ha! I’m 62, widowed for 11 years, and have been dating all these past 11 years. My problem, if you will, is that I’m simply not attracted to men my age. 40 year old guys have my undivided attention! That’s great for casual stuff, but I do wish that I could go crazy over an “age appropriate” man for a long lasting relationship like I had with my adorable husband!