Have a Great Weekend

This weekend, we have unusually exciting plans! Alex and I are heading to the WHITE HOUSE for a holiday party!!! (!!!!!!!!) I’m sure we’ll see the Obamas for 2.5 seconds, but we’re going out of our minds with excitement and constantly pinching ourselves. Obviously, I will report back on anything/everything. My friend Linsey says I should wear this and give the other half to Michelle:) Have you ever been inside the White House? We never have. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Self control is just empathy with your future self.

My friend Erin just took the coolest family trip to Budapest.

Digging Miss Moss’s gift guides.

How to vacation proof your relationship.

One man’s beautiful letter to his late wife. (“Little projects”… oh, my heart.)

These socks, haha.

Lola, the natural tampon brand, just launched pads. Yes!

What a pretty quilt.

Michelle Obama tells kid interviewers she will not run for president: “We’re out.”

Who’s up for this Christmas drinking game?

Amazon Go is freaking me out a little.

Absolutely beautiful.

La La Land comes out this weekend.

Here’s the Cup of Jo holiday gift guide so far. (I got this for my mom, and I’m excited.) Next week, we’ll be sharing gift ideas for dads and people who are impossible to shop for — like co-workers and in-laws.

Plus, three great comments from readers…

Says Chris on female friendships: “My friends and I have a thing called ‘affirming dinners.’ It started when one of our friends had a horrible breakup; because she was so sad, we all went out and spent all evening telling each other the things we liked about each other and how awesome we were. Now we say to each other when we are feeling sad, ‘Let’s catch up for an affirming dinner!’ Only girls, and we go to a nice restaurant where we have the banquet option and lots of wine!”

Says Emma on work twins: “My boss and I find ourselves twinning way too often. He’s a man in his early 40s, and I’m a woman in my early 20s. I don’t know who this is less flattering for. Essentially we both dress like Justin Long in the old Mac commercials.”

Says Shan on Baby It’s Cold Outside‘s lyrics: “This is a really great article that puts the song in its historical context. I DO love that we are using this song to talk about consent… As feminists, it’s important to question the messages we receive from pop culture. I think it’s also worth noting that ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ in its historical context is about a young woman pursuing her own sexual desires in a conservative culture where spending the night with her boyfriend would have caused quite a stir. She’s liberated from society’s expectations of her as a woman in this context, not oppressed or coerced. Thanks for the discussion!”