2016 holiday gift guide

Gift Guide for Co-Workers, Teachers and In-Laws

28 gifts for everyone — like an initial necklace and old-fashioned cash money.

Gift Guide for Dads

13 gifts for men, including a thrilling new book and the coziest tweed socks.

2016 Gift Guide for Sisters

12 gifts for sisters, including a bubbling face mask and a smiling mug.

Gift Guide for Men

11 gifts for men, like the world’s comfiest sneaker and a crazy block of maple syrup.

2016 Gift Guide for Moms

11 gifts for moms, such as chocolate penguins and foot duvets.

2016 Gift Guide for Brothers

12 great gifts for brothers, including a cool sweatshirt and the funniest board game.

Gift Guide for Best Friends

12 gifts for best friends and wives — like a funny book and the greatest hair product.

Gift Guide for Kids

12 awesome gifts for kids, including Norwegian leggings and secret agent gear.

The Cup of Jo 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

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