Have a Wonderful Holiday!


The holidays are here! I hope you have a great, relaxing time. We’ll be back on January 4th with one of our favorite house tours of all time, a mask round-up and a post about how to ask for a raise. Hope to see you then! (And in the meantime, we’ll be posting photos on Instagram, if you’d like to stay in touch.) Here’s a quick look back over the past year…

Joanna Goddard and Anton

Fashion posts, such as tiny gold earrings, a secret trick, thoughts on aging and the pieces I’ve worn 8 million times.


Beauty posts, including a beautiful braid tutorial, the best face mists and our beauty uniform series (including the hilarious Gemma Burgess and the lovely Re Jin Lee).

Chicken Parm Meatballs

Food posts, like a genius way to cook dinner, how to throw a good (easy) party and the 12 most popular recipes in Cup of Jo history. Plus, a trick for choosing wine and an ode to drinking alone.


Relationship posts, including 15 wedding dos and don’ts, a casual NYC wedding, on living alone and my sister’s touching advice on how to write a condolence note.

Jordan Ferney's bedroom with black paint

Home decor posts, including 10 house tours (including a colorful home in Utah and our Brooklyn place), 8 tips for hanging art and jollifiers to cheer up your space. (Plus, the loveliest affordable art.)

Zadie Smith

Culture posts, such as seven podcasts to try, the best documentary we’ve seen in years, the big books of fall and 20 career tips from female entrepreneurs.

Trying Out Slow Parenting

Motherhood posts, including trying out slow parenting, my motherhood mantra, how to figure out when you’re ready to have a baby (and deciding how many kids to try for), Toby going on a date, what they don’t tell you about miscarriage, a genius way to teach your child not to interrupt and talking to kids about sex and death. Plus, we did our third round of Motherhood Around the World, including Sweden and South Korea.

8 Funny Instagram Accounts

And as always, some random posts, like the hardest tongue twister, how to stop yourself from crying and a hilarious guy’s Instagram.

Thank you again for reading this year. We are so, so happy you’re here. Have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year! xoxoxo

  1. thanks for providing such amazing, inspirational and fun content, your site has become a quick favorite of mine!

  2. Happy New year! Love your post very inspiring. I like the way you cover every details. So wonderful!!! Best wishes for 2016!

  3. you have such an amazing blog.. so inspiring. I love how you manage to fit into it a bit of everything..

  4. Thank you for sharing such fun & eclectic posts! Wishing you a wonderful end to 2015 and a Happy New Year!

  5. Thank you for all the wonderful content you share. Have a wonderful holiday and new year! Looking forward to what’s in store for 2016.

  6. well, among other things (many) – i found Tig and Levenbutt through you. pretty good year indeed, yes?!
    catch you on the flipside, 2016! :)

  7. Diana says...

    I see that you’re in my neighborhood! I’d love to meet you! You should try Cassia or Rustic Canyon while you’re in town. Or even Ingo’s Tasty Diner!

  8. Have a happy new year!! An excellent round up of posts and I look forward to more great reading in 2016!

  9. Have a great new year everyone.

  10. Happy holidays Joanna and Caroline! :) Thanks for all inspiring and funny posts during the year! I like the variety of the articles and all discussions that arise with readers’ memories, thoughts, experience and tips. :)

    I have a blog challenge for you on my blog, a subjective summary of the year regarding a few categories. :) Hope you (or anyone) would like to
    pick it up and do a similar one! I would love to read your version! :)


  11. Happy Holidays! Thank you for you beautiful blog.

  12. Lea says...

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope that it’ll be a wonderful and healthy year filled with laughter, sweet bedtime rituals and long walks around the block.

  13. Merry Christmas ladies of Cup of Jo!!!

  14. Wonderful Holidays to you guys at COJ! I look forward to your posts every day:)

  15. Tiffany cain says...

    The woman in green is the amazing author, Zadie Smith.

  16. Does anyone know who the woman is in the green dress in the culture post? She is so beautiful!

    • it’s writer Zadie Smith:)

  17. tanja says...

    thank you for being the best pit stop ever !

  18. Hilary says...

    Jo, thanks so much for enriching my year! I can’t tell you how much happiness your blog brings me. Some days, when I’m reading all of my blogs and can’t think of anything else to read, I’ll suddenly remember that I haven’t visited your site yet for the day. Then, I get SO excited. Thanks for your intelligence, kindness, and vulnerability – you’ve probably got thousands of people wanting to be your friend because of this blog, and I’m definitely one of them!

  19. yael steren says...

    Lol on the last photo!!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday. I just got a new puppy (my 14 year old dog passed away recently) and so I will be spending the holidays with her!! xx yael

  20. Have a great holiday!
    And lovely links! :)

  21. Lucy says...

    Excited for ‘how to ask for a raise’ post… I need that one badly! Your year sounds great. Have an amazing Christmas.
    Lucy xoxo

  22. Eliza says...

    Happy Holidays, Jo!

  23. EG says...

    Happy Holidays! Speaking of Gemma Burgess, I just started her third Brooklyn Girls book last night and…yadda yadda yadda…I’m really tired today.

  24. Great Links :)
    Merry Christmas!

  25. have a magical holiday with your family! i love your site and look forward to more inspiring posts in the new year. xo

  26. Such a great year! I’ve enjoyed following along. Have a lovely holiday and happy new year! xx

  27. Thank you, Joanna (and Caroline!) for another lovely year of chit chat about all things wonderful, funny, and beautiful (and sometimes even sad). Enjoy your vacation, rest & rejuvenate. Catch you next year!

  28. Have a great holiday, Jo! :)