Jollifiers for the Home

16 Jollifiers for Your Home

Jollifiers are those things around your home that make you smile whenever you see them. They can be anything from a puppy pillow to a framed receipt. Here are a few we really like (including these lady vases, above)…

Thoughts? Do you have jollifiers around your house?

P.S. The cutest vases that always make me laugh.

(Graphic layout by Miss Moss. Thanks to Stella Blackmon for her scouting help.)

  1. How cute is that word? I’ve never heard the term “jollifier” before, but I love placing them around our house. My favorite places to look for jollifiers are at thrift stores when we’re traveling.

  2. lauren says...

    I am dying to know what type of plant that is in the first photo! Well, I’m hoping it’s a plant and not cut flowers so I can grow one :)

    • These are Serruria Florida (also known as Blushing Bride). I have a flower subscription service, and this is one of the flowers in the bouquets that we’ll be sending out this week! They’re used as cut flowers, but are grown as a shrub too. Native to South Africa. Perhaps can be grown elsewhere…?

  3. Those beeswax candles and linen throws – love them! The featured items are all smaller, but my jollifier is an antique piano that the girls play on.

  4. I love every one of these pieces! So fun.

  5. Ana Simoes says...

    I love ALL of them.
    Now on to the internet chasing/ordering/waiting/getting

  6. Tara says...

    Thanks for the great post! I couldn’t help myself and immediately purchased the “I Can’t Even” mug since that phrase is very commonly used in our home as a joke between my teenager and I.

    • Laura C says...

      Lindsay, that whale is gorgeous!! I’d use ir every day just for water!!
      Oh and the ambigram door mat- simply fantastic. I always wonder how some people can do that.

  7. Katie says...

    Hi, I commented this morning about not having a “read more” link to your blog, as I enjoy your blog every day and I know you always have an opening paragraph and then a link “read more” so that the blog expands. This morning when I saw your post, I noticed there is not a “read more” (only an opening) so I posted a comment about it not being there. A couple minutes later my comment was gone. Why would you delete my comment? I didn’t mean harm to anyone and I just wanted to help. I have been reading your blog for 4 years and it is a hurtful thing to do to a long-term reader.

  8. Abby says...

    My bright pink kitchenaid mixer is a jollifier for me!! My momma got it for me for Christmas and I was totally surprised! It makes me think of her every time I see it!

  9. Love the cat mugs and elephant stool

  10. That vase is solo freakin’ cute! The favorite one I have is a little hanging sign with the cutest mug of a Boston Terrier that reads, “Boston Terriers make a house a home”. I hang it on the door knob to my stackable washer/dryer and makes doing laundry half as bad when I see it!! (I have a Boston “whom” I cherish to the moon and back!) xo


    adorn la femme

  11. The doormat is what I would call a genius doormat hahah!

  12. Roxana says...

    These are all so cute. I really love that rainbow!

    The rainbow and the neon heart remind me of Rainbow Brite and the Care Bears. I guess I’m still 5 years old in the early ’80s :).

    I have two favorite “jollifiers.” One is a very exquisite (I never use that word but it’s appropriate here) white, porcelain horse that my dad gave me. I love it. It’s so elegant. Like a ballet dancer – crazy strong, but still graceful and delicate. The second is a big painting of sunflowers. It’s makes me happy. It’s half realist, half abstract. . . the flowers are clumsy and friendly.

    Thanks for these!

  13. My favorite jolly is a framed photo of my sister and I as children (like 3 and 6) with our family dog while he was a puppy. It sits on my desk and is actually the only framed photo I have in my entire apartment. A few others are my little succulent window garden in the kitchen, a wooden Buddha statue on my dresser (looking at him makes me feel peaceful – silly I know), and a pair a hand whittled hands that my old roommate thought were creepy but I think are beautiful.

  14. Jess. says...

    “Jollifier” is the best term ever! Rainbows make me extremely happy, so I’m eying this jollifier right here:

    As for ones I already have, I collect Christmas tree decorations, so the month of December tends to jollify my whole year (also calendars from Paper Source at home AND at work). Thanks for this smile-inducing post. xox

  15. Kim says...

    I very much believe in these – in fact, I have a pillow in my living room of a llama wearing an ugly Christmas sweater (because I have an inside joke about llamas with a friend). I have art in my bathroom of a picture of soap saying “Rub me on your butt” because I find it hilarious. I bought this print for our half bath because, again, I find it hilarious:

    Possibly the best “jollified” house I remember seeing is Aunt Peaches. She has SO MUCH FUN stuff in her home – definitely recommend checking out her house tour:

  16. My house is full of things that make me smile. Nothing is formal or stuffy. When I ready Marie Kondo’s book on tidying up I realized I only bought things I LOvE and make me smile for my home, but not for my clothing! I am changing that!!

  17. Alissa Moghtaderi says...

    We have that rainbow stacker, and we love it. It even made a cameo in the real estate photos when we sold our apartment and that gave me a big smile.

    As an added bonus, it’s useful as 1) A cradle for rocking baby dolls 2) bridges for cars and trains 3) literally anything else in the entire world. Those are all things my boys have used it for. ;-)

  18. Julia says...

    I have several pieces scattered around my home but my favorite is an old vacuum body from the 1950s. It’s grey and a faded baby blue and says “Compact” in a retro font on the sides and has a suit-case style handle on top. The top holds the waste bin but was lost long ago, so I just use it as a planter. Makes me smile for some reason.

  19. Liz says...

    I have a vase that I picked up at an art festival. It’s shaped like a bird,
    I named him Benny. I have him sitting on my shelf in the living room. I always smile when I see him.

  20. Amy says...

    I have this poster from Hammerpress (
    -I love it (most especially because I’m a cr1er and it reminds me -chin up! I also made a big canvas of rainbow colored polka dots that hands in our entry and is a very cheerful entrance to our home.

    • I JUST saw an orange version of that in a store a couple weeks ago in a different color and thought it was super cute…do it!

  21. Elisha says...

    What a delightful post! Would love to see more of these in the future :)

  22. The owl wine stopper looked like a vanilla soft-serve ice cream cone at first glance. Then I realized what it actually was. Double smiles!

  23. I love the look of linen in a home- it’s casual yet grounded and looks luxe. Plus, if you want to cuddle with it, you’re not going to start sweating like crazy!


  24. Elizabeth says...

    Yes! I read something once that you should have at least one whimsical item in each room of your house. I have things like a ceramic turtle holding my Q-tips in the bathroom and framed squiggles drawn by my preschooler in the living room and clay figurines, created by my husband, of hamburgers and animals and people we know on a shelf in the dining room. I love being surrounded by fun things. They make great for conversation pieces and keep the house from feeling too polished or stuffy.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      so sweet that you frame your preschooler’s art!

  25. Ivy says...

    Love the cat mugs!

  26. Aga says...

    Love the idea behind this – it’s the little things! For me, my blue-printed mugs, plants in metallic pots, a hanging blue glass mosaic candle holder from Turkey, and my books – there’s a lot of them and they’re kinda everywhere and they make me happy. :)

  27. Kate says...

    I have the same fox from Anthropologie as Toby. I saw him in the store, and after I Ieft I turned around and went back to get him! He lives on my bedside table. Love that sweet guy

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      Mr. Fox!!! Love him :)

  28. Anne says...

    I have been hesitant to pull the trigger on this peace sign from Jayson Home: but it would make a great jollifier for my bookshelves. I think there should be a trigger for online purchases. Revisit and drool over an item for the 36th time? Auto-buy.

    • Madie says...

      Ooooh I had to click and link and Dang that is cool. Ugh. Love it.

  29. Kate says...

    I hung up this jollifier last night — a press for champagne button!

  30. I love the beeswax candles and leather moon coasters! I am such a sucker for coasters. I have more sets than I do items of glassware. The term “jollifier” is so perfect. My jollifiers tend to be old pictures, train tickets, or postcards that remind me of my travels. And *anything* shaped like a skull. Maybe not conventionally jolly, but they put a smile on my face :)

  31. Anitra says...

    Love all of these! We’re building a home right now and I can’t wait to add funny little things around the house that bring character and originality!

  32. The door mat!!

  33. Jess says...

    I love the first image. So cute! Can you post a link for it?

    • Caroline Donofrio says...

      Hi Jess! The first image is from this Etsy shop: