Affordable Art



Sometimes affordable art can look a little young or cartoonish. So I was psyched to see this online shop called Eventide Collective, which opened this week. Look how lovely these are…

Dunes, above, by Kati Dimoff, might be my favorite. We have a deer bed print above our sofa, and I love how it brings nature into our home. This dunes photo feels the same to me.

Affordable Art

Affordable Art

Pines by Rebecca Zeller…

Affordable Art

Affordable Art

Haystack by Kati Dimoff (of Cannon Beach, Oregon!)…

Affordable Art

Affordable Art

Rocks by Jamie Street…

Thoughts? Aren’t they great?

P.S. Where to find affordable art (a huge guide).

  1. I follow a blog from this girl who helps people find affordable art as her job – she finds some great stuff (I do not know her personally at all, just honestly like her!)

  2. so I am looking at Dunes and was all, WOW that looks just like Nye Beach in Newport, Oregon….(is it?!?) Scrolling to the trees…oh funny, this looks like Oregon, too. And then I see Haystack rock. I was in Oregon last week and took similar photos! Kati’s are beautiful!

  3. AV says...

    In France, there’s an online gallery for students in art schools.
    It’s called “Early Works” and it’s a pretty great way to get affordable art.
    It helps young artists to be better known, you have some great art.
    And maybe, these young artists are gonna be famous one day!
    Bref, it’s pretty cool !

  4. Hey, all! I sell affordable art, too–just sayin’.

    Jo–these choices are gorgeous. I’m crazy nuts for your deer nest print and, let’s not forget, the amazingly awesome buffalo above your bed. Supah-cool taste, sister!!!!

  5. Really fine pictures, and the frames give them the perfect note, very nice for the living or the sleeping room. Kind regards, Alex

  6. Lovely images! Etsy doesn’t really promote it, so for now it’s still a little secret that you can find fabulous original art, prints and fine art photography at incredible prices there. That’s where I sell my own photography but as a collector, I’m always discovering new artists.

  7. Charlotte says...

    These remind me of prints — they have a bunch more options and really good frames.

  8. yael steren says...

    I actually love the frames more than the art!! Did those come with the art or did you buy them separately, and if separately, would you mind sharing where you got them? Thanks so much! xx yael

    • Hi, Yael. When you buy a print from Eventide Collective, you have the option of getting it framed. We have partnered with the company, Simply Framed, and they do a beautiful job. Hope that helps.

  9. Wow, these are all so beautiful, thank you for sharing

  10. Gorgeous shots! Haystack and Rocks are my favourites. They have a really soothing effect.

    X Min,

  11. Very good indeed! Love all of them. I’ll go check them out right now.
    Thanks for the recommendation! :)


  12. Beautiful pictures! They definitely add something to a blank space for sure.

  13. ahhh LOVE all of this art. So pretty & calming – thank you for sharing – & for the guide as well! xx

  14. Beautiful prints! Joanna what size is the print & frame over your sofa? I always end up ordering my prints to small and once its framed it looked even smaller!


  15. My husband I have actually been to Cannon Beach and we have several photos from our trip, including a couple of Haystack Rock, framed in our house. I love including photos of the outdoors and I will definitely check out that site!

  16. Katy says...

    These are awesome! Thanks for sharing :-)

  17. Hey I know that on Etsy you can download prints, and that way you can resize to any size you want, so really affordable large art. From about $8

    Also on Society6 has a great selection, and these can come framed or unframed and different sizes and prices to from as low as $15

    These are some of my stuff, but there is more available!

  18. Erica H. says...

    Awesome! I even know some of the photographers! Oregon pride :)

  19. I recently stumbled upon Artfully Walls and love their site. Art prints can be purchased individually or as a part of a galley wall they’ve created (which is such a brilliant idea).

  20. A says...

    Love your affordable art posts Jo. We just moved house and I’m on the lookout for something to fill our wall space. Thank you!

  21. emily says...

    this is so perfect. these prints are exactly what I have been looking for!

  22. thank you so much, joanna! i am so flattered that you would even think to mention my Dunes in the same sentence with Katherine Wolkoff’s Deer Beds . i’ve been obsessed with her work since you first posted about it. it means so much. you’re the best. xo

    • Lena says...

      Hi Kati, I very much love your Dunes – it feels peaceful and quiet to me.

    • Hey Kati, I am just a fellow reader but I wanted to say I LOVE your dunes! I am a huge fan of the deer beds too – but I totally think your work belongs in the same sentence :)

    • lena & lorna, thank you! you’re so kind. makes my day to hear that! xo

  23. Stephanie says...

    May I suggest hunting around for local places that do calligraphy/screen printing/stamping classes? They usually are pretty affordable ($30-$100), you get a nice afternoon of entertainment, THEN you get your prints to take home afterward.

    I live in Athens, GA and my favorite place is Double Dutch Press (

    • funny you mention that because I was just going to suggest finding local artists! I completely stopped buying art online and in galleries (ok, never actually made a gallery purchase ;) once seeing how willing and appreciative local artists often are to make or sell their work.
      nice to make that connection too, makes the art fell a little more special :)

  24. Claudia says...

    Thanks for this link, Joanna! I loved “Grass” also. I’m looking for more nature photography like the kind this site has…any other good resources?

  25. They feel so peaceful—Dunes and Rocks especially. Pines makes me think of Longfellow’s “Evangeline”: “This is the forest primeval. The murmuring pines and the hemlocks, / Bearded with moss, and in garments green, indistinct in the twilight, / Stand like Druids of old…”

  26. Love these! But they more inspire me to use my own photos as prints!

  27. Love these! But they actually just inspire me to use my own photos as prints!

  28. OOooohhh…I love the one titled “Grass” (reminds me of the deer bed print, which I love) and “Foggy Waves.” These prints also remind me of Jamie’s work a lot (, which reminds me I should really put some of the stuff we shoot on the wall!

    Always love your affordable art guides! Thanks!

    mm x

  29. gorgeous! i love these pieces!

  30. These photographs are lovely! I had a different reaction to the one of the dunes, though…I just moved to Montana after living in Eugene, Oregon, for 4 years and we would camp on the coast often. One time our campground was a couple of miles from the beach and we decided to hike in…over 2 miles of sand dunes. I have very short stumpy legs and would be slipping down 2 steps for every one I took (while my light-footed athletic dude would be sympathetically peering down at me from the top). I can do mountains but this was grueling! The sand made me so angry! We finally made it to the beach but then of course we had to do the whole thing over again on the way back. We still laugh about it but to be honest I still feel a little grumpy when I look at those huge dunes! Haha!

    • Zywie says...

      LOL! Reminds me of a similar incident..
      We made a spontaneous plan to go to the beach over July 4th. After braving the traffic, we get to the beach and had to push a cranky baby in a stroller on the sand for like 20 mins, while dragging our bolt-ready son.It was so tough!
      Huffing & puffing we settle down only to be hit by cold winds and ice-cold water. After 15 mins, we gave up and pushed the stroller back on the sand and eventually made peace at the indoor swimming pool at the hotel ?

    • Hahaha basically! At least I didn’t have to push a stroller :)

  31. Lol these are beautiful, but they are not what I consider affordable. I would love to see a post that gives sources to affordable large art. Sadly, $700 for the largest size isn’t happening for me and my single lady budget. :)

    • Sara says...

      For more affordable…. take your own nature picture(s), find somewhere (online or in your town) that prints on poster size photo paper and buy an inexpensive poster frame in the same size. I can get the printing for $15, a frame for $15 if I have a 50% off coupon, already have a camera & SD card. If your Kinkos is too pricey for the printing, check online or with the Teacher Resource Center of your county Office of Education. They very often have poster printers and extremely cheap prices; may have to print on standard weight poster size paper but sometimes you get lucky and they carry photo paper too.

    • Those are all great ideas! Thanks for sharing your tips, Sara! :)

  32. Amy says...

    “Canoe” is lovely!

  33. Angela says...

    Love the Rocks one! I’m also a huge fan of Minted for affordable art.

  34. Kate says...

    I think a bigger deal is finding affordable frames – almost impossible! Frustrating to find affordable art and then framing it costs twice as much as I paid for it in the first place.

    • jaclyn says...

      I’ve had luck finding frames that were outcasts from other framing jobs at my local framer. Sometimes they cut the frame the wrong size, or the client decides to use a different molding but the framer will usually still sell the frame and at a deeply discounted price!

    • vanessa morrow says...

      I find that frustrating as an artist too. Artists should get paid more than framers!

    • Yeah framing is the worst. We have a gigantic flat file full of beautiful art we’ve bought over the years but it’s so expensive to frame, we pick one or two a year and have been chipping away at the pile that way.

    • Jenny says...

      Framebridge! Its the most amazing site ever. They have really cool affordable framing, and you can upload something to frame, or send in your art(they send you the packaging), and its free shipping both ways! Honestly, they are awesome.