Gift Guide Part #3: Your Sweet Husband Who Makes a Killer Zucchini Soup and Gives Your Whole Family Funny Nicknames.

Three Jerks beef jerky

The fanciest beef jerky, made with filet mignon. As Alex says, “good jerky is the kind of thing you really want but can’t justify buying yourself. Anyone who gets a bag is going to be psyched.” $30 for three. (Also available here.)

Sports car rental for a day

A sports car rental from the Airbnb of cars, Turo, which lets you rent directly from the owners. (This Porsche Boxster is only $36/day!)

L.A. baseball cap

L.A. chambray hat, $44, cut like a 1950’s baseball cap. Because he will always and forever be a California guy at heart.

D.S. & Durga Bowmakers cologne

Bowmakers cologne, $145, a scent inspired by old violin shops (think: mahogany, maple shavings and pine rosin). Alex wears this, and it’s amazing — a little musky, a little sweet, a little warm. Somehow very sexy.

The Golden Age of American Football photography book

A truly beautiful football book, $37, to live on your coffee table.

Fictional hotel notepads

Six notepads for fictional hotels, including The Overlook Hotel (The Shining), Royal Imperial Windsor Arms Hotel (National Lampoon’s European Vacation) and The Taft Hotel (The Graduate). $18. P.S. Remember this?

Donna Wilson beard tea towel

Beard tea towel to make him laugh, $17.

Retro Twister game

Twister 1966 Edition, $16, for a cheeky at-home date night.

The best wine opener

The sickest gadget that opens a bottle of wine in literally three seconds. $35.

Askinosie chocolate-covered malt balls

Dark chocolate-covered malt balls, his favorite treat. $15.

A romantic card

A card saying how much you love him. ‘Cause that’s really all he wants anyway.

P.S. Last year’s gift guide for husbands and the 2015 gift guide so far.

  1. Natalie says...

    Hey Joanna,

    I ordered some of the beef jerky from Three Jerks but after nearly 3.5 weeks it still hasn’t arrive and their phone number doesn’t work, nor does their contact us form, although they’ve charged me in full. FYI to other readers, the Three Jerks site doesn’t seem legit.

  2. I was super disappointed to see that when you order directly from Three Jerks, holiday orders must be placed by 12/1… unfortunately, I am nowhere near that organized. Then I saw you posted the Mouth link, too, and they are still accepting orders. Saved! So thanks for looking out for us slow pokes, too.

  3. Kevin M says...

    Nope. Not a “porsche” tho he owned many. Jag XKSS (d-type)

  4. L says...

    I don’t usually like scented things but that cologne scent sounds amazing!

  5. Those fictional hotel notepads! I’d want one for The Grand Budapest Hotel.

  6. Emma says...

    Love, love, love your yearly gift guides! This year I have a new guy in my life (it will only have been 1.5 months by Christmas!!). Would you consider pulling together a gift guide for someone in a new relationship? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  7. Love everything in this blog.

  8. Those notepads are amazing! I always carry around hotel notepads with me after I’ve stayed at a hotel, but these take the cake!!! So cool! What a fabulous find!

  9. Erin says...

    Thank you so much for all of your gift guides! I rarely find gift guides to be helpful, but I have bought two items from yours (the husband and kids’ guides).

  10. What a surprise to find D.S. & Durga in your list! I’m from San Sebastian, in the north of Spain and we sell D.S. & Durga in our own perfumery, I think is the unique point of sell in Spain. They are amazing! My favorite is Coriander ;)


  11. I cannot wait to check out that cologne! My boyfriend wants me to select some for him, which sounds like a tall order — but this is a great place to start! Old violin shops? SWOON.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      everything at DS & Durga is amazing. those guys are geniuses!

  12. I got my boyfriend, who’s a huge Monty Python fan (as are many a men), “Gilliamesque”, Terry Gilliam’s autobiography. The book is BEAUTIFUL and seems super fun to read, and is also going on our coffee table once he’s done with it!

  13. These are awesome! I wish they made an SF version of the hat!

  14. Sharon says...

    What a charming, thoughtful and quirky guide. Love it. I am sure he will too.

  15. Love seeing Three Jerks from Shark Tank on here. Great gift ideas!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      how cool! i want to look up the episode. i remember seeing the woman behind Freshly Picked once, and she was amazing — a super hard worker and really inspiring.

  16. Jerky for the win! Just ordered some–my husband will love it : )

  17. omg Turo sounds amazing! i love the concept of being able to “borrow” something so significant like someone’s home or car- definitely makes it more exciting!

    please let us know if you or alex try it! i would love to hear your experience with it.

  18. Killer zucchini soup? Please share the recipe for that, I love zucchini.

  19. Corrie says...

    I’m so jealous, so many of these amazing products – the beef jerky, the cologne – only ship within the US. How about us international folks! *waves

  20. A few years ago I traveled all over NYC on Christmas Eve to find the High West Manhattan that you suggested. It was such a hit with my husband and worth every second. I know that he would love the first four gifts listed here. Such a great list that I just can’t decide. Thank you!!

  21. You find the BEST stuff! I have three new windows open to look at a few of these. Thanks!

  22. Charlotte K says...

    I’m a little sad that the notepads don’t include the Grand Budapest Hotel but it’s still the perfect gift for a film lover!

  23. amanda june says...

    Sorry, you lost me at “your husband who always smells good.” hahaha…

    • Joanna Goddard says...


  24. Okay this is the best dude’s gift guide I’ve come across this year. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Found something for every guy on my list!

  25. That tea towel looks hilarious! My fiancé always jokes he is going to grow his hair into a man bun or a long beard, this may be perfect for him!!
    If anyone is interested in shopping small and local specialty stores this holiday season, I just worked hard on a wonderful post showcasing some awesome small businesses in MN! Would love to share if anyone is interested!

    • Kelcey says...

      Oh man, wish I had seen this a few days ago! Just landed back in CA after a week in the Twin Cities. Definitely checking it out!

  26. el says...

    Love that cologne recommendation, thanks!

  27. Oh I am so excited to learn about Turo! My husband loves cars and would really enjoy this. A few years ago I got him a groupon to drive a Ferrari at a race track in NJ and he loved it. Thanks!

    • Linda says...

      I’m thinking about getting this groupon for a family member. Tell me more about it. How long do they actually get to drive the Ferrari? Is it on a racetrack or just a parking lot with cones set out?

      Thanks for any information you can give me.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      wow, varsha, that’s awesome!

  28. I read that too fast and was 99% sure you just recommended chocolate-covered meatballs. Which, I might add, my husband would ADORE.

    • Landon says...

      This comment just made my night :-)

    • Lindsay says...

      Thanks for the great gift guides Joanna!! I bought 2 items from the “sister” guide and 2 from the “husband” list. Turo is genius and will be a gift for myself.

      Jenn, I also quickly read that as “chocolate-covered meatballs”, which would be my BFF’s dream combo.