Three Jerks beef jerky

Three Jerks beef jerky

The fanciest beef jerky, made with filet mignon. As Alex says, “good jerky is the kind of thing you really want but can’t justify buying yourself. Anyone who gets a bag is going to be psyched.” $30 for three. (Also available here.)

Sports car rental for a day

A sports car rental from the Airbnb of cars, Turo, which lets you rent directly from the owners. (This Porsche Boxster is only $36/day!)

L.A. baseball cap

L.A. chambray hat, $44, cut like a 1950’s baseball cap. Because he will always and forever be a California guy at heart.

D.S. & Durga Bowmakers cologne

Bowmakers cologne, $145, a scent inspired by old violin shops (think: mahogany, maple shavings and pine rosin). Alex wears this, and it’s amazing — a little musky, a little sweet, a little warm. Somehow very sexy.

The Golden Age of American Football photography book

A truly beautiful football book, $37, to live on your coffee table.

Fictional hotel notepads

Six notepads for fictional hotels, including The Overlook Hotel (The Shining), Royal Imperial Windsor Arms Hotel (National Lampoon’s European Vacation) and The Taft Hotel (The Graduate). $18. Also, remember this?

Donna Wilson beard tea towel

Beard tea towel to make him laugh, $17.

Retro Twister game

Twister 1966 Edition, $16, for a cheeky at-home date night.

The best wine opener

The sickest gadget that opens a bottle of wine in literally three seconds. $35.

Askinosie chocolate-covered malt balls

Dark chocolate-covered malt balls, his favorite treat. $15.

A romantic card

A card saying how much you love him. ‘Cause that’s really all he wants anyway.

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