Gift Guide Part #2: Your Bearded Husband Who Cooks Amazing Spaghetti Bolognese and Never Complains When You Want to Watch House Hunters.

Sway, $12, a novel about the Rolling Stones and the Manson family at a time the ’60s were going from peace and flowers to revolution and dread. Truly next-level writing, the book was named one of the Best Books of 2008 by the Los Angeles Times and Rolling Stone. A slam-dunk gift (if he hasn’t read it yet).

Flannel pants, because there’s nothing cuter than guys in pjs. $49.50. (These are cute, too.)

AMAZING Brooklyn-made candles, including a “portable fireplace” and a diesel candle that smells like “saffron leather, suede, earth and smoke.” $65.

Salami-of-the-month club (for a year), $145. Like a calendar, but better.

Dopp kit, $68, to make him smile each morning.

shinola-magnetic-leather-money-clipMagnetic money clip from cool Detroit-based design firm Shinola. $75.

ucb-chelsea-upright-citizens-brigadeTickets to Upright Citizens Brigade’s ASSSSCAT, the funniest improv show in NYC (and Amy Poehler hosts!). $10/ticket.

Find Momo, a funny hide-and-seek photo coffee-table book starring an elusive border collie. $12.

Chocolate whiskey from Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn. $25. No explanation necessary.

tray-whale-jcrew-derianWhale tray, $24, a great place to stash his glasses, loose change and that bike key he’s always losing.

Being Mortal, $15.60. With eye-opening research and riveting storytelling, this book by surgeon Atul Gawande talks about how we—and the medical field—can better help people live their last weeks or months. Moving and important.

Remote-control helicopter to fly around the living room to thrill your children (and himself), $19.

P.S. More gifts for husbands, and the complete gift guide.

(Top photo from Sonic Editions. Photo of Anton and Toby by Winnie Au)

  1. i know Momo! (And Andrew, haha.) So exciting to see them on my favourite blog! Thanks for suggesting the book, it’s really beautiful.

  2. my mom got my dad a remote controlled helicopter for Christmas a few years ago – and it was a blast! we still talk about it :-)

  3. Can you make a gift guide for toddlers? I would love to get my 2 year old something unique. Something that will entertain and educate:)

  4. My brother-in-law gave my husband a remote-control helicopter last Christmas, and they had the most fun trying not to wreck it in the living room.

  5. This is an absolutely fantastic gift guide. Some great ideas for men, often think gift guides for men are quite lazy and uninspired – not this one!

  6. We have that helicopter! It’s amazing and the kids get a big kick our of it.

  7. Great guide, love the dopp kit! And anything from Shinola is amazing – their watches top my husbands’s list this year. I do want to point out that Amy Poehler is almost never in Asssscat 3000 anymore, unfortunately. I love UCB and go at least once a month. In my 7 years of living in nyc I’ve only seen her in the show once. The show is still hilarious and you won’t be disappointed but I’d hate for someone to go thinking they will see her…
    Thanks for the great suggestions, as always!

  8. Thanks for the inspiration! Your helicopter idea just gave me the idea to get a drone with a camera for my nephews… They’re cheaper than I expected!

  9. how about a gift guide for the boyfriends parents?! I’m always stumped what to bring when i visit at christmas. I appreciate your gift guides, inevitably someone on my shopping list gets a cup of jo recommendation :)

  10. Haha, one of my best friend’s dad is an engineer and got a lot of people remote-control helicopters. He was super into it! He tried to buy a few extra for himself, but apparently his wife cut him off :)

  11. Love your guide ! got a few things from that list! ;)

  12. I see chocolate whiskey in my husbands future. Thank you!

  13. Ummm….Salami of the month club. Yes, please!

  14. Love your guide. Just wanted to point out that the novel “Sway” is also available from Barnes & Noble or better yet the independent e-tailer Powells immediately, rather than waiting those 2-3 weeks for it to ship. Amazon had been in a dispute with the publisher and was penalizing the publisher by doing things like delaying shipments of their titles. Though the dispute is supposed to be over, it appears Amazon is still pulling this stunt with regards to a lot of the (less profitable) backlist.

    Anyway, I love my Amazon Prime membership as much as anyone, but it would be nice to link to book retailers other than Amazon occasionally. If we want bookstores to stay in business, we need to actually shop at bookstores! Ok, rant over. :)

  15. I love the idea and scents of those candles! Pure brilliance. Would also like to get my hands on the border collie book — though I’m not a man. Great selection!

  16. jm says...

    This is a really amazing gift list. Love your guides!

  17. I am totally getting my husband the salami a month subscription! He loves his cured meats, and he never has much on his want lists, so this is perfect! Plus I get to eat some too.

  18. Joanna, I absolutely LOVE your gift lists. You have impeccable taste! Also, hey, if you give Cup of Jo readers a discount I would be super happy. That chocolate whiskey is calling my brother’s name.

  19. I used to go to Asssscat every Sunday when I was a student at NYU, back in the early 2000s. Definitely the best $10 you’ll spend in NYC.

  20. I want to warn you against buying your husband a remote-control helicopter — I bought one for mine last year, and now will NEVER be able to top it ;) How do you top a remote-control helicopter?! Love your gift guides always, Joanna!

  21. Oh I love the salami-of-the-month idea! My beau would love this (and the dop kit too–how sweet!) If we lived in Brooklyn, I would get tickets to the Upright Citizens Brigade immediately–that looks like so much fun. Thanks, Joanna!

  22. Just bought three copies of Where’s Momo! Tempted by the whale tray too. Thanks for a great gift guide.

  23. I never comment! But I had to — this is a great guide, with great suggestions. Perfect timing. Thanks!

  24. I got my husband a remote control helicopter a few years ago. One morning he was leaving for work and he had his skateboard, a surfboard tucked under one arm, a basketball, and his helicopter. He’s a data analyst for anyone who’s wondering, he was bringing his toys to play with his friends on their lunch break!

  25. Such great ideas with awesome titles, as always! (And a spelling correction: “starring” not “staring” when referring to the border collie in the photography book:)

  26. How funny, I just ordered my Dad a candle that smells of “mechanics workshop” because he loves the smell of tyres and motor oil…weird! My fiancé would LOVE the salami of the month club! xxx

  27. How do you make your gift guides so personal yet totally relatable? You have a gift, Jo! And I’m so happy you share it with us!

  28. The dopp kit is awesome! Fill it up with little goodies, he’ll open it and think that that’s the only gift, and when he gets to the bottom, he’ll have a smile :) Also the salami-of-the-month is pretty cool -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  29. Wow, that’s a long title! Love this gift guide x Happy happy Thanksgiving to you and yours xx

  30. Ummm the title of this post is my husband exactly.

    Although, I prefer Love It or List It to House Hunters. ;-)

  31. Such a fun list! I read Atul Gawande’s book after seeing him on The Daily Show a couple months back and it was seriously awesome. Definitely gave me a new perspective. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  32. If you liked SWAY, check out the documentary on PBS’ Independent Lens called Muscle Shoals. Mick makes several appearances and it’s a super-cool look at a slice of the music industry during the same period.

  33. Hang on a minute. Are you reading my mind? Minus the kids part, this is exactly who I’m struggling to find a gift for right now. Thank you for this *spot on* gift guide, you magic Christmas elf!

  34. I love the way you describe your family! xoxo

  35. I just ordered my husband the whale tray yesterday! He’s obsessed with the Museum of Natural History whale (still at 36 yrs old) and this reminded me of it.

  36. Salami-of-the-month club?! So. Awesome.