The Most Popular Baby Names of 2015

Do you want to see the top baby names from 2015?

The Most Popular Baby Names of 2015

BabyCenter just came out with their annual list — see the top 100 names here. Sophia and Emma (for girls) and Jackson and Aiden (for boys) have been the top four names for the past FIVE years!

When I was pregnant six years ago, Alex and I had an easy time choosing a name for our baby boy: Toby. It seemed friendly, it was easy to spell, it paired well with his mouthful of a last name (Goddard-Williams).

But when I was pregnant a second time, we were stumped. It’s funny how much harder it was to choose a name. All nine months we pondered and debated and read books and made lists. Finally, we had to decide. Our last night in the hospital with a sleepy newborn in our arms — the nurses continually asking what his name was and our stalling every which way — we decided: Anton, a serious, lovely name for a serious, lovely baby. And it totally fits. (His laundry list of nicknames also fits: Antoni, Antonioni, Tones, Tony Tones, Bunny, Little Man, Funny Man, Blondie… :)

The Most Popular Baby Names of 2015

What are your favorite baby names? Do you care if your child’s name is popular? I’d love to hear…

P.S. The blind date test for choosing a baby name.

(Top of Toby as a baby; bottom photo of Anton as a newborn.)