Bike Clothes

My beloved bike was stolen yesterday, so I’m in the market for a new one. (Curses, NYC! It will be the sixth bike I’ve had since I moved here, crazily enough.) But on a happier note, how awesome are these bike clothes by a Seattle designer? This skirt, for example, unzips in the back to reveal 12″ of additional fabric for easy pedaling. The fabric is stretchy, and the skirt has a higher waist for coverage while leaning forward. Genius.

P.S. NYC bikes and bicycle rush hour.

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  4. A bike left all alone, out on the streets, is really not safe. One of the biggest advantages of having a folding bike is the ability to easily keep it protected.

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  6. Get a folding bike! They’re great, small and you can take them anywhere!

    • Jo – I’m sorry to hear your bike got stolen. We’d love to have you come by our shop and try out a folding Brompton. We are Redbeard Bikes at 165 Front Street in DUMBO, and we’ll be at Bike NY this weekend!

  7. So sorry that your bike was stolen! I recently bought a folding bike and love it. My husband and I each have one. We opted for folding bikes because we don’t have much storage space. They are also great because often instead of locking them outside of a restaurant or friends house they are small and portable enough to bring in with us.
    check out my post about my new folding bike here:

    I love your blog and read it everyday.

  8. You can get cheap fixie bikes at bike nashbar, around $200. sorry you bike was stolen!

  9. Aww, boo. I’m always scared to ride my bike in DC since I’m afraid to leave it anywhere!!

  10. Sorry to hear about the loss of your steed! I love the skirt, my wife will be thrilled when I show her this! Its nice to see style and function so well integrated into one product.

  11. Love the bike clothes….but am also very curious to know what kind of bike you get. I got a Masi single speed not long ago that I am IN LOVE WITH.

  12. Six bikes? Wow!

    I was thinking the other day that to see some great hairstyle ideas for under bike helmets would be really helpful. I bike to work everyday in the summer, and I usually end up with my hair half up or in a bun because of the sweat and no care to do anything cool when a helmet will flatten it anyways.

    Do you see a hairstyles for biking series in the future?

  13. Boo! My husband’s bike was just stolen as well, and it was a very special birthday present from a couple of years back. It feels like such a punch in the gut when someone takes your bike. So sorry, Joanna!

  14. Oh stolen bike, bummer.
    Love this skirt idea. Thank you for finding it for us.

  15. In The Netherlands, we stick to the following rule: make sure your lock is more expensive than your bike. That will prevent your bike from being stolen :)

  16. You know you can claim it on your homeowners insurance policy, right?

  17. I’ve seen this designer several months ago and LOVED the pieces. Great stuff!!

  18. Being Dutch it’s hilarious to see specialy designed bicycle skirts. Ladiesbikes here traditionally have special oval shaped saddles, or if you didn’t have one, you turn your saddle around. Makes cycling in a skiry a whole lot easier. Good luck with the new bike. An extra lock to chain it to a post, or fence seems to make sense

  19. Oh no! it reminds me of Belgium where everyone has a bike! Well I did too when I studied there for a year. It was stolen after a month so I naively went to the police. They listened to me politely and said well, that was that, why did’nt I just steal another one? Because apparently, that’s what everyone was doing….
    Maybe you shouldn’t buy a beautiful bike, unless your insurance covers it! Ah I’m so sorry for you, you must miss it terribly.

  20. This is so exciting and totally makes my day! Ashley, the model, is one of my dearest friends. So nice to see her lovely face :)

    I’m terrified of bikes, but if I wasn’t, I would buy the whole line! It’s so chic!

    Sorry to hear about your bike :/

  21. My BF and I had both of our bikes stolen last fall! We’re in the market too now that the weather is warming up.

  22. So sorry to hear about your bike! How awful! People can be so cruel! I agree, the bike clothes are super cute!

  23. that really is horrible about your bike! mine was stolen from my apartment once when i was in the process of moving to another apartment. i went to get it out of the basement and it just wasn’t there anymore!

    good luck on finding a new one! and dude, that skirt is amazing! love it!

  24. You need bike insurance – is there such a thing? And I’ve heard of people putting ugly duck tape all over their bikes to deter thieves. I have no idea if it works though!

  25. What a bummer about your bike. Was it the Public? Blarg. Would it deter NYC thieves at all, do you think, if you pulled an Amsterdammer and rode around on a really junky bike? Not so junky that it’d actually break down on you, of course.

  26. When I was searching for a bike last spring I tried dozens of brands and models. I wanted something classic and simple, long lasting, and comfortable. I debated getting a Public and really liked the 7-speed I tried, but it felt cheap. In the end, I went with a Handsome She Devil frame that I had built up with custom parts. Expensive, but oh so worth it. Internal gears (rather than a derailleur) are AMAZING, I’d highly recommend.

    I’d also recommend this bike lock. It’s the heaviest lock I’ve ever seen but it’s absolutely uncuttable and unpickable. And it’s long enough to go through at least one wheel and the frame:

    • Every lock is cuttable with the right tools, that one especially.

  27. I’m so sorry Joanna, that is the worst feeling! (and I know how much you love your bike). I hope the thief realizes who he messed with and returns it!

  28. ooh–so smart! lookin fresh while pedalin’. love it!

  29. Side question- are you riding your bike while pregnant? I think we’re due around the same time, and I can’t imagine riding a bike! My balance would be so wonky! Plus I feel like it’s just too dangerous- what if I fell? Just curious :)

    • Yeah, i’d get the heaviest and biggest you lock you can find. I have a side clip on my frame where the lock gets clipped while i’m riding.

    • @trinaenriquez, thanks for the link! I’m just not that good on a bike- I don’t trust myself- but I love Joanna’s description of riding while pregnant. She makes it sound so freeing and invigorating!

    • Just be careful near the cars and wear a helmet but I can only recommend biking while pregnant! I am due in 7 days and still cycle to the shops and to meet my husband for lunch. My midwife just told me to sit as upright as possible (but I guess I still resemble a cycling frog because my belly forces my knees out of the usual way). It’s more comfortable than walking and you can put the groceries in the basket instead of carrying them home :-).

  30. Oh no, sorry to hear that your bike was stolen. Mine was just stolen from the San Francisco area last week. It is the most violated feeling in the world to have a piece of property stolen. I hope you have renters insurance that will cover it. Luckily ours kicked in and we are being reimbursed. I have also heard that if you use a U-lock and register the lock before using it, they will reimburse you for your bike if your bike is stolen. Good to know for the future.
    { Ellies Wonder }

  31. RG says...

    NOOOOOoooooooo!!!!! That is the WORST feeling. I’ve been through it. In this city though, bikes are almost like umbrellas. You just know that your relationship with each one is only temporary. But then again, bikes are beautiful because each one is unique, and each one has its own story. So here’s to the next one!

  32. How frustrating! I got mine stolen as well. Any ideas on cheap or used bikes? Too nervous to buy another nice bike…

  33. Babes on bikes are the best! Love these clothes. Sorry about your bike!

  34. Sixth bike? Woah, that IS crazy.

    And I could never bike in heels. I can barely walk right in them. :)

  35. Oh no, how frustrating! On the happier note, those bike clothes are fantastic. I like the daily blouse, even though I sadly don’t even own a bike. I did in college though and I loved to ride… still would…if only I had a bike. :)

  36. quite possibly the coolest piece of clothing i’ve ever seen. cute and functional!

  37. You’re clearly in good company. My husband is on his 4th (in 3 years in Houston), and I also remember that NYC icon Bill Cunningham said he was on his 29th! :)

    • .. I LOVE Bill Cunningham … and see him most mornings in my deli getting breakfast … he is the sweetest guy, you cannot imagine. If I’m sitting down, we talk for a few minutes.

    • I would LOVE that! Tell him he has fans in Texas too! :)

  38. Sorry to hear your bike got stolen! That skirt is amazing, though – really cool idea!

  39. I love that the girl in the pictures looks like a lawyer riding her bike to court. That would be amazing. If only I lived that closet to my local courthouse… opps.. nevermind. its the ghetto!

  40. Oh that sucks! I’m sorry to hear that!!! I’ve heard that there types of foldable bikes for dorms and apartments. Sorry I don’t know much info but They are supposed to be more compact so you can bring them inside I think?!?

    Ergo – Blog

  41. B* says...

    Joanna, you should look into the BikeSpike, a cool kickstarter project (I supported it, but I am not involved) that provides GPS tracking hardware for your bike, and among other things, text notifications if your bike goes for a ride without you (aka is stolen).

    • Wow! That is awesome!

  42. Ahhh. What a bummer. I love my beach cruiser :) and I’d hate to be without it.

  43. !”£”%%$£%”^£%^%$*****ers – it is so hard to buy a cool bike when you are constantly worried about it. I finally gave up and started buying clonkers and they were stolen too but I didn’t really worry about it.

    More cursing /”!£!”£%”$£^”$^!£%!”^$&”%&

  44. Sucks that it’s the SIXTH bike you’ve got stolen! Hope you find another you love. Cool stylish clothes!

  45. Argh, I feel your pain it’s the same hete in Sweden, I am in my 5th bike (ok, one might have been misplaced on an evening out…). Love the skirt!

  46. Brilliant!

    Also, so sorry about your bike!! When we lived in Manhattan, someone CUT DOWN THE TREE my husband’s bike was locked to, just to swipe his craigslist-find of a bicycle! If they wanted it that badly, they just should have asked. I still feel bad about the tree….

  47. That skirt is awesome! I have to dress “professionally” for work and I always felt like that prevented me from biking to work. My one concern would be that people may be able to see up the skirt?

  48. Oh no! If you’re in the market for a new one, Papillionaire from Australia makes some real beauties. I chose a subtle red ;)

  49. That’s awful. Where did you park it? Nervous to get a bike because I’m always worried it will get stolen. No room in my apartment to keep it!

  50. Lisa, go for it! I’m in Philly as well and bike regularly. Stick to the bike laned roads at first (as much as possible, based on your route), wear a helmet, and you’ll never look back! Have fun!

  51. If you haven’t heard of them, you should check out this line of stylish bags made for bike riders! It’s by a Chicago designer (my town!) who I met at an event once, and she’s awesome. The bags look really cool and were created to solve the problem of looking stylish yet being functional. Good luck with the bike search!

  52. That’s awful! I live in Philadelphia and have been wanting to start biking around here but and very nervous to do so. Cool clothes are a definite incentive :)

  53. Curses indeed. Karma will see the new ‘owner’ bucked off. How dare s/he. Look forward to a pic of the new version – I adore my bike – use it in the country when we are down here and fill the basket with flowers as we collect along the way!