1. Rosalie says...

    Hi Joanna! I’m not sure if you read comments on old (9 year old even, what?!) posts, but I still wanted to comment this :) I love your blog. I discovered it not too long ago and searched for The Netherlands in the searchbar to see if you had ever written something about my tiny country. I saw this video (very recognizable for me!) and it reminded me that I had to fix my bike, which partially broke down yesterday. So thank you for writing this post, because a) it was very funny for me to read all the comments and b) it reminded me of fixing my bike, which I really need tomorrow morning, to go to uni and make an important test, so imagine if I had forgotten! Thanks and love from Holland xx

  2. Edward says...

    Brilliant video. Lots of comments about helmets though. They don’t need them because it is so safe. In any event, the protective powers of polystyrene helmets are very limited. More lives would be saved if motorists wore helmets than cyclists.

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  5. Madelon says...

    I am from Amsterdam and this is so normal for us. And rush hour over here is even worse I believe…

    Every kid learns how to bike, so for us it is almost the same as walking (only quicker)! I even got married by bike (in a short dress, while being pregnant…).

    Love your blog btw. And good luck the upcoming period! Little people/boys rule ;-)!

  6. For lots of pictures of people on bikes in Amsterdam visit the blog http://www.amsterdamized.com (The picture of the girl is from that site by the way). There`s also a downside to commuting by bicycle through all kinds of weather. Here`s some security camera footage from last winter of an icy bicyclepath in the Dutch city Lelystad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lqo4hwnJt6Y

  7. Haha,
    I’m from the Netherlands and your comments are really funny,
    I can’t imagine how a day would be without a bike, and how I have to go to school that way.
    We can drive a car when we are 18, and there are no schoolbusses.
    And absolutely NO ONE wears a helmet. Those things are stupid.

  8. its super dangerous if you don’t ride bikes (that would be me haha) they honk their little bells at you all uber aggressive ha!
    i love it though. yay to saving the earth!

  9. That was wonderful, but did you notice no one is wearing helmets? I know it’s no fun, and not very continental, but my very experienced cyclist husband would be brain damaged or dead if it weren’t for his helmet. Just from an innocent tire blow-out. We have the giant crack in the back of the helmet to prove it. As it is, he broke his clavicle. Please wear helmets everyone!

  10. haha – brilliant! x

  11. Awesome. If more people left cars at home and took up biking, think of the benefits. Whenever I can, I walk or bike to different places.

  12. that video is crazy! no wonder i felt as though i were constantly about to be hit the entire time we visited amsterdam. too funny!

  13. Yep, looking at this video I suddenly realize it’s perfectly normal for a Dutch couple to have five bikes, even if they live in France. :)

  14. This is just beautiful Though I hate Dutch bicycles, I prefer riding mountain bikes, she looks so lovely on hers

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  16. Oh that’s amazing! I want to live there!

  17. Yep, yep. Now that’s what a good city looks like! We also have our fair share of cyclists but we do have a tad more hills and a load more snow in the winter so overall less people cycle. It’s a shame though, I’m loving my morning comute these days!

  18. That’s so awesome that so many people commute by bike (but wear are their helmets?!)

  19. My new commute is an hour and 15 mins…wish I could ride my one speed to work every day!! By the way, I’ve been reading your posts on google reader for too long and only just noticed the new banner with your engagement pic..I love it!!!

  20. wow! so cool.it’s like seeing into the future, i hope!

  21. I knew that they were all about bikes there, but this speeded up rush hour video looks scary! lol! I’d be afraid to ride my bike there! I’m too recreational of a rider, and they are SERIOUS! I love the style of their bikes, and how they all look stylish while riding though. It’s not fitness for them, it’s transportation! I bought my bike a couple of years ago, and it’s called the Amsterdam. Looks like the bikes you see all over Holland!

    Bren @ Chasing Beauty

  22. That is totally amazing! And the biking infrastructure is out of this world. I wonder if anything that amazing will ever happen here in Sydney.

  23. That girl is so pretty. And this seems like a much better commute than riding a skizzy subway.

    Ha! My word verification is “untense”!

  24. That is inspiring to see, and no one is wearing a helmet. I was yelled at by a lady the other day because I wasn’t wearing a helmet.

    Every country its own style….


  25. oh, to live in a city with bike lanes, my life would be complete! europe, miss you.

  26. first and foremost, i love garance dore and i love that look! i cant wait for summer and try (my oh so very hardest to pull off a look like this). secondly, what a very cool video!

  27. wow this is crazy!!! so cool that this is a preferred method of transportation though!

  28. I’m from the Netherlands so this is so normal to me, but I loved the video. And yes, rush hour is a hell for cardrivers haha!

    Did you know almost each person in Holland has at least one bike?

  29. I have witnessed the bike rush hour in the Netherlands first hand and it is quite a sight!!!

    I especially love the parking decks for bikes! HA! :)

  30. One of my favorite parts about my trip to Amsterdam was seeing the beautiful bikes everywhere. They had stacks of parking garages just filled with bike racks!

  31. Blackbird says...

    Yup! That’s how we do it in Holland, but really: helmets are for nerds (:-). We (generation 30 and up) grew up without helmets, so that’s why we think they are totally stupid.(Guess how we ALWAYS recognize tourists from a great distance, and it is not because of cameras:-))

    I personaly totally prefer sunshine and in case of rain I think twice before hitting the pedals of my beloved Kronan!

  32. SJ says...

    I’ve just left Holland on my bike and it was the best place to cycle around ever. I loved the wide cycle paths and the smooth roads, a cyclists dream!

  33. Wow – really cool. I live in Portland and while we do have a lot of people commuting by bicycle, it seems there is a better blending of respect for cars and bikes in this video. The car vs bike debate in Portland is a constant one!!!

  34. yes, as amy stated above, portland has a huge biking community but here helmets are a necessity. there are still more cars on the road and our bikers are very hard core, not just out for a stroll. i much prefer the way it looks more relaxed in the netherlands!

  35. I love the bike photo and the video! I’d love to live in a place where bicycling was the main form of transportation!

  36. This reminds me of when I’ve been in Cambridge, England. Masses of bike riders. It’s charming but a little intimidating to cross the street as a pedestrian! I love the one guy in the video who was riding his bike but then holding on to a second empty bike as he rode. And it looked so easy for him!

  37. We’ve got 15 million residents and almost 20 million bikes here in the netherlands! Can’t imagine not having one.
    Our country is so small and flat you can do everything by bike.
    And if your up to it, you can even cross the entire country by bike.
    Nobody is wearing a helmet, because we ride bikes from the age of 4. It’s just part of our lives!

  38. what can i say, its a way of life. Not having one is like missing a leg…you just need it.

    You should every big city between 7 and 9 am…

  39. It just looked so fun, and you looked so cute! And that was really cool they mentioned your blog on there. Looking forward to the post on Monday!

  40. Juliana says...

    Awesome post especially since it’s Bike-To-Work Week. I wish more US cities and towns were more bike friendly.

  41. This is so RADICAL! I bet their city has some clean air! I really like her bike handles and bell!

  42. Ha, for us Dutchies this is so normal, we all grew up on bikes. What you do by car, we’ll do by bike. Can’t imagine not to have one. Since everybody is so used to it, nobody wears helmets. Also do not forget that everything is totally flat, so no hills or mountains.

    xx Flo

  43. That video is all kinds of awesome, and a good example for the rest of the world. Love the guy pulling along an extra (empty) bicycle…

  44. loving the white t-shirt and shrts with scarf look

  45. that’s so cool! but i’d be a little scared (cause i always fumble when i stop & try to start again). great way to get daily exercise — definitely don’t have enough of that in socal haha :]

  46. This was THE most intimidating thing about studying abroad in the Netherlands. Forget language or figuring out where to live–catching on to bicycle etiquette and not looking like a fumbling idiot at those packed stop lights was tough!

    But once I caught on I LOVED it. Best moment: watching an elderly couple ride side by side with their arms around each other. How did they do it?!

    P.S. Documenting the time I did fall flat on my face.

  47. What a fresh start to the day! I need to get air in my tires and get biking =)

  48. this made my whole day!

  49. What a great thing! know only if we would follow : )

  50. bikes and a beautiful summer scarf. love it. what else could you possibly need???? :)

  51. Hooray – the velo-lution is coming!

  52. I love how the Dutch are so crazy about their bikes! I’ve seen some truly funny sights during my visits to Amsterdam, but the best one was a guy transporting a laundry machine on his bike! That was just amazing. :D

  53. That is amazing! I saw you in Living as well. Fun gathering.

  54. That’s awesome. I always thought ladies on bikes look so lovely :)

  55. thanks, carol! it was such a fun story to be in!! i’ll be posting about it on monday.

  56. My husband and I are in Amsterdam now and it’s true, everyone is on bikes! Sometimes there are two people on one bike, or one lady had a basket with two puppies in it! They have it down to an art.

  57. this is so amazing!

    but…what about helmets? I’m totally not trying to be debbie downer. but seriously?

    how come no one wears them?

  58. I only wish I lived in Holland!

    I cycle to work, its an 8 mile round trip.. on a very hilly road… luckily its down hill all the way home (except for Parkers Hill) very sleepy at the end of the day.

    Lots of respect for people who cycle!

  59. i LOVE the guy riding a bike while holding a bike…amazing! what a different lifestyle!

  60. i watched the whole video…very interesting! makes me want a bike now :)

  61. ok, why dont i look that glamorous (and sexy!) on a bike!

  62. I’m a new Seattle bike commuter and I saw this and loved it! Also, I was flipping through my Martha Stewart magazine and saw you in it!! What a great spread and fun party! It was fun to open the magazine and say “I ‘know’ her!”

  63. Oh wow, what a cool video! It’s weird to see the guy (around 0:35) towing a second bike next to him!

  64. Anonymous says...

    I’m so excited that you posted this. I just moved to the Netherlands (Utrecht – a totally underrated, charming town) from San Francisco and love love love my new commute along a tulip-lined canal! It’s so peaceful because everyone is on bike. I was scared to give up my car but getting around is so easy here with the bike paths and public transportation, like trains. We Americans have so much to learn. I highly recommend trying it out if you haven’t.

  65. I love the girl’s outfit.Maybe if I ride a bike my legs will look like hers?

  66. haha that is awesome. i remember when i visited amsterdam a few years back i was blown away by the number of bikers! you definitely have to watch out for them — they don’t seem to stop for pedestrians!

  67. That’s really how it is! Bikes rule in the Netherlands! If you don’t watch out, they WILL run you over!!! It’s sort of scary!

  68. i did a study abroad in the netherlands and it’s totally true. everyone rides their bikes!

    they have great bike parking, cars are really good about sharing the road and all the bikes have awesome little bells on them to let people know you’re coming. it’s fabulous.

  69. i just saw a bike parade this morning on my way to work!!! what a neat video!

  70. Think I’ll look like her if I ride my bike to work? Cuz I’ll do it:)

  71. wow, that is incredible and it must be very bike friendly since no one seems to need a helmet! i am loving the assortment of bikes as well!

  72. wow, that is incredible and it must be very bike friendly since no one seems to need a helmet! i am loving the assortment of bikes as well!

  73. I love seeing all of those bikes, but I also love that the actual streets are mostly occupied by buses, not individual cars. Awesome.

  74. Like Quindome, I loved watching the guy at about the 30 second mark holding a second bike. You just know there is some story there.

  75. Oh I love the dutch and their bikes! I’m always amazed how they do their groceries and pick up their kids and everything on their bikes – very awesome :) Oh yeah, in all kind of weather too!

    More countries need to be like the Netherlands in this way!

  76. It’s true! We even have more bikes than people…!
    I always go to my job by bike (when it’s in the same city).
    It’s just much easier and quicker taking a bike than going by car when you live in cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

  77. I love this video!!! I hope bike commuting becomes popular like this in north america. It feels wonderful to be outside during a commute- like a commuting vacation!

  78. I love it. Wouldn’t it be nice if that was the norm here?

  79. Oh, the bicycles! I fell in love with them when we were in The Netherlands. It’s definitely easier to get away without wearing a helmet there than in the US. Here, the bike lanes in most cities (if they even exist at all) are dangerous narrow strips that run right along cars moving at a much faster speed than the tinier streets in Europe. I loved how in Amsterdam the bike paths weren’t paths at all… they were like full-blown car-sized lanes that were well-designated and separated from the cars in a lot of places. To be able to spend time biking along the gorgeous canals is a serious simple pleasure I wish we had here. One of my favorite trips of all time.

  80. Yep, its just like there, everywhere. It all works so well with the traffic light system for bikes too. We have our own bike paths, so rarely have to fight the cars for space. Loads of bike parking. Easy and free (once you’ve bought your bike). Its one thing I really missed when I moved to the US for a few years.

  81. Ah, the great helmet debate. Joanna, first of all, this video is so cool and inspiring! Now about the helmets, and about how the Dutch don’t wear them… Treehugger.com has a really awesome discussion about this: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/04/bike-helmets-helmet-laws.php
    Basically, they point out that the cycling circumstances and infrastructure in Holland are completely different than in, say, NYC. There, cars and pedestrians are used to bikes. Here in NYC, they’re not (not yet, at least). But there’s power in numbers, people! The more riders, the better…but in places where cars drastically outnumber bikes, helmets are still the way to go.

  82. That is awesome! I wish I lived somewhere flat. Here in WV it’s nothing but hills (the mountain state).

  83. Be sure to listen out for bicycle bells if you’re walking in the streets because they have priority. It was something that I wasn’t aware of when I visited Holland – trust me, you get used to it very quickly, or else you risk getting knocked over! What’s also fascinating are the bike parks, like car parks, but for bikes; the sheer amount of bicycles that there are is impressive :)

  84. It amazes me every time when people find this funny/cool/unusual etc. I, as dutchie, am in such a bike-rush-hour twice a day! When i go to school en when i come back :) it’s totally normal here. And only little children wear helmets here, the rest of us are bike-veterans ;)

  85. Oh yes, if only I could commute by bike, that would be vunderful ;)
    Cool video!

  86. Haha, funny post and funny comments! I’m from The Netherlands so it’s funny to read that you think this is cool. This is just as normal to me as yellow cabs are to you. If it’s possible we do everything on the bike and it’s not dangerous at all. Because it’s so normal everyone knows how to act in traffic. And nobody wears helmets. You may think that’s dangerous, but I have never missed it in my whole Dutch-bike-riding life.

  87. Wow. amazing! Inspiring me to ride my bike more. Although, it’s weird that no one wears a helmet. Safety first!

  88. That’s great…also, in the winter, I believe they commute by ice-skates as well. I’d love to visit!

  89. Wow! That’s what UC Davis looks like! Everyone commutes by bike; it’s pretty cool! Jennifer:)

  90. Ah, but those bikers are nuts though, they will knock you down if you’re not paying attention! I always walked instead of biked because I felt like I was seeing more of the city.

  91. I love this so much. I’ve been reading lately how biking isn’t just a mode of transportation, but more importantly a fresh, therapeutic way of living. I love that! I’m getting super inspired to ride my bike more. Now if they only designed a cool bike that would accommodate two kids!:)

  92. Amazing. I wish more cities had that kind of biking infrastructure.

  93. I love bike, I love this picture :)

  94. That is amazing; bikes and buses! I don’t remember seeing one car OR one helmet!!

  95. I wonder what the guy was doing riding a bike and pulling one alongside him early on in the video… Very cool.

  96. Yep, that’s what we Dutchies do, we bike! Everyday I take my 2 kids on my bike and get them to school or we do grocerieshopping with the bike and a huge crate to stash everything in!
    Oh shame on us everything without a helmet… :)

    Great picture, love the jeans!

  97. Reminds me of warm summer days when I went biking in Amsterdam streets, had glorious lunches by the canals and visited the Van Gogh Museum…

  98. This is wonderful. I rode my bike to work for a year. Now that I have a car, I’m very grateful and can’t say I would go back but maybe one day.

  99. Being from Holland, this is a perfectly normal situation for me. We do – within reason – everything by bike; transport our kids, groceries and mainly ourselves to school, work, station or shops. Ofcourse our country is ideal for biking, flat and tiny!

  100. Oh my goodness that is such a sight to see! Can you imagine living in a place like that? I’ve been wanting a bike for a while- um, I live next to a levee so I really have no excuse. There are bike people and non bike people and I want to be a bike person.

  101. Sigh, and America wonders why its fat. haha. Granted, as much as I love riding my bike, I don’t want to ride it up and down the massive hills in Pittsburgh to get to work.


  102. Fantastic! Downtown Portland is starting to look something like this. Did I spy a side car on one of those two wheelers? I want one. Much more chic than those funky trailers for the kiddos, plus I could really keep my eye on them. Also of note, I did not see a single helmet. Of course, a helmet would put a kink in a perfect long wavy locks and bangs style, but still……….

  103. C. says...

    Wow, good for them!! I would never be brave enough to ride my bike in downtown Chicago. The other day by my office I saw a man riding his bike, smoking, talking on his cell phone and carrying a bag!

  104. That is so neat…it makes me happy to watch all those not-cars :)

  105. I bet that rush hour is hell for cars.

  106. That’s absolutely amazing.

  107. OMG…Look at that! That’s busy…..Imagine riding a bike in that city…Huh?
    Kisses and that girl look great! I want her shorts :)