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  2. Really great photos!!!I love it!

  3. The flowers on the shoulder shot…and, the other 3 from DFB are the just the best!

  4. First day of spring, snows is my city: Madrid, Spain. Not so good…

  5. Lucky you! Here in the southern hemisphere, it’s the start of autumn. It has been pouring with rain all week! Oh how I miss the summer sun!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  6. YAY YAY YAY!!! Ah! The weather has been amazing the last two days! I’ve been riding my bike around town, and absolutely loving every minute of it! Welcome welcome spring!!


  7. Sigh. In my hemisphere, it’s the start of Autumn. Doesn’t feel like we had a summer at all; it was rainy and chilly the whole time.

  8. Beautiful! The flowers over the shoulder – divine shot!

    Wish It was spring here – autumn is bitter at the moment in oz!



  9. AND it feels like it in the northeast!!! yay!!

  10. Here in Germany it still feels like winter but, oh, well, let’s hope for the best!

  11. Happy first day of spring, Joanna:) Those photos are totally perfect for today:) xo

  12. Thanks for the link to Down town from Behind. It’s awesome to see the real new york, I’ve never been but always been fascinated by what I have heard and seen.

    Love seeing it at street level.

  13. oh, happy spring to all my stateside friends!
    i can feel the heat turning up in the caribbean the last couple of days (put a lighter blanket on the bed)

    love the photo with those pretty flowers, wish that was my honey coming home to me ;)

  14. oh i love these bicycle photos! especially the one with the man carrying the flowers!

    happy spring to you :)

    alissa b

  15. Happy first day of Spring Joanna.. I look at these pictures and laugh at myself for just turning thirty and still not knowing how to ride a bike. I try to chalk it up to being a city kid but it’s really no excuse. Your family snaps on the bike and these images give me hope.. Lol.
    Dont forget to celebrate Macaron NYC day (first taste for me & my boys).. We plan to stroll through Bryant park

  16. Jessie H says...

    Great post! I went to Downtown From Behind – lo & behold there you are! I enjoyed reading the blurb about you & your hub. Happy first day of spring!

  17. Happy first day of spring to you! Love the photo with the giant bouquet of flowers – so lovely! -Katherine

  18. I’m so glad you just reminded me of this! Now I feel like going outside and frolicking around on this sunny day!


  19. Love the flower delivery! It’s been cold here in San Francisco, but I can’t wait to hop on my bike!

  20. Love that vintage bikes are such the fad! Love seeing everyone gettin out and about. Such a shame that in Australia we have to ruin the look with ugly helmets…but then again, protected noggin is a win!

  21. Can’t wait to ring in Spring with the first bike ride of the year tonight! Love the photo with the flowers:)

  22. Anonymous says...

    These bike pictures are really fun!

  23. Anonymous says...

    These pictures lifted my spirits no end! Happy first day of spring. Love the shoes, too.

  24. Baaah, love the pic with the man with those gigantic flowers! This is adorable.

  25. definitely a day to celebrate! even though our winter in SD was pretty mild, i’m welcoming this new season with open arms! a beautiful time of year.

  26. I am loving the pictures of people on bikes from behind. It makes me want to go buy a beach cruiser and, well, cruise to the beach!

    mon amy

  27. HURRAY!!! I’ll leave winter behind for spring and summer any day.

  28. Instant happiness, this day. Bonus: Downtown From Behind images (thanks for turning me on to this site!)

  29. I hope the sun is shining on you and making each step you take refreshing!

  30. This is absolutely my favorite day in year:)
    But in Warsaw is raining now…

  31. whew!! apologies to everyone who tried to comment earlier — blogger was down but now seems to be working! xoxo

  32. haha, meredith, good point! thanks for the tip! :)

  33. Hooray for the first day of spring and for shorts and sandals and bike rides and blooming flowers and trees. I SO love this time of year.

    But no hooray for our baby who seems content to keep chillin’ in my belly at almost 41 weeks pregnant. Doesn’t she know just how glorious it is this time of year?

    Be BORN already, spring chicken! :-)

  34. Anna, those are TOMS wedges in the Sartorialist photo. They are ridiculously comfy–I have three pairs now! Jo, they would be a great option for chasing Toby around NYC. And I don’t think that Oscar or Owen are likely to be wearing them ;)

  35. love that spring is here! especially because that means summer is next. my favorite is the one with the huge delivery of flowers!
    xx jes


  36. Anna says...

    I love the shoes the lady is wearing in the first pic – just what I need for London spring/summer as someone who is short but has no tolerance for ‘proper’ heels!