We are hoping to have…

…two! Now and again, we’ll get carried away (especially after an especially successful day of parenting:) and talk about how fun it would be to have four. But then we think about the logistics of our day-to-day lives, and realize that two is the magic number for us. Fingers crossed; knock on wood. And I would LOVE to see Toby as a big brother.

We’re thinking of “trying” for a second baby this fall or winter. We were very lucky and didn’t try with Toby; he was a welcome honeymoon surprise. But now we’ll be trying and then waiting each month to see what happens (I’ve heard a lot about the infamous “two week wait”). The whole process makes me excited and nervous. (And I can’t imagine how hard/disheartening it must be to keep on waiting…)

What about you? How many children do you hope to have? None? One, two, three? The more, the merrier? Not sure?

(Top photo by Mihaja Photography; bottom photo by Louis Fleckenstein)