Very Happy Nine-Month News…

My sweet darling readers, it’s with great excitement that I announce that Alex and I are expecting our first child! It’s our little honeymoon miracle (a very welcome surprise) and we are absolutely over the moon. I’m four months along (it’s been almost impossible to keep quiet; I have been dying to tell you!), and my belly is slowly but surely expanding. Our babe is growing fast and furiously and is now the size of an avocado! We can’t wait to welcome this little person into the world and give him or her lots of hugs, smooches and tummy rubs. xoxo

P.S. Thank you so much for putting up with my many, many baby fever posts over the past two years!

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  3. oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!! so exciting, so happy for you, so glad you could finally share the news!!

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  5. How wonderful! Big congratulations from Bergen, Norway!

  6. congratulations!!!

  7. I can’t believe you kept it quiet for so long! I could never..Congratulations dears! You have been soo clucky, and now it’s your turn Joanna! What a blessing this bundle of joy will be, I’m excited to share the rest of the journey with you. hoorah!

  8. Congrats! You guys will be such great parents!

  9. Holy cow where have I been! Congratulations to both of you. You are about to know *love* on a totally different scale to what you are used to.
    It is THE BEST.

    You are lucky lucky!!! xoxoxo

  10. Congratulations!!! Weird as it sounds, I saw you in Italy – on your flight to Naples, my husband and I spent the week in Capri……..and I am now 19 weeks along! Italy is a magical place, isn’t it? Congrats!

  11. congratulations!!! We are expecting our first in early april. and woah is my belly big.
    Crazy to plan on raising a babe in our little brooklyn apt, but oh so exciting.
    congrats again!!!

  12. Congratulations to both of you!! I am so thrilled to read all about the exciting news :)

  13. Congratulations! I’ve been following your blog since I found it earlier this year while looking for wedding ideas. We got married in late May and now we too are expecting our first child (early May), so huge congratulations from us to you!

  14. yay yay yay!


    many congrats!

    all health and happiness –

  15. Oh my goodness wat joy! Wat a nice pic! I wish u well and look forward to many blogs about ur little one! See all of the baby fever blogs has worked their charm!

  16. oh congrats!!!

  17. Anonymous says...

    AHH. Congrats!
    I am so happy for you. It was just a matter of time. :)

  18. Congrats! Congrats! Are you showing your belly? Because that’s my belly on a normal day without being pregnant. You are too, too cute.

  19. i’m so late to this exciting news, but CONGRATU-FREAKIN-LATIONS! you’re going to make an amazing mother, joanna. :)


  20. That is wonderful news Joanna! I’m so behind on your news but I cannot come by and not say
    to both you and your hubby!

    You will be great parents!

    Hope your pregnancy brings you many joys and stories to tell!


  21. I don’t know how I missed this post, but congratulations! I hope you have a wonderful wonderful pregnancy!

  22. oh my gosh! congratulations!!! :) :) :)

  23. Oh congrats, I love that photo of you, you are going to be one pretty mommy!

  24. Wheee! So excited for you guys! :)

  25. Oh my god! Congratulations. Your life is so exciting. I admit that I haven’t been following for the past month, just scanning over your updates but then I saw this picture of you with your gorgeous flowy hair and I noticed your pose… baby! Congratulations again!

  26. What glorious news! Congratulations to the two
    of you…enjoy every moment!

  27. oh congratulations! what a lovely surprise for you :) it must have been so difficult to keep in!!!

  28. Congratulations!!! thats very exciting news and you look gorgeous with your bump!! beautiful!

  29. So wonderful and happy for you two! May you have nausea-free happy days ahead :D


  30. Over the past three years I have been reading your blog and absolutely love it and with this amazing news I am super excited for you I cant wait to see your updates of this little bundle of joy congratulations to the both of you!!

  31. Veronika says...


    Greetings from Slovakia,

  32. Joanna! Congratulations to you and Alex! You will be the best parents a child could have! :)

  33. it’s so strange that I can be so happy for someone I don’t know in real life. but i feel like I know you, anyway, and i’m so excited! congratulations! i couldn’t be happier for you…
    sarah grace

  34. congrats!!! and happy x’mas to the three of you :)

  35. aw, thank you so much for these amazing comments, you are all so sweet. and sara, a “keepsake” — i love that! :)

  36. my goodness, how wonderful and exciting! this certanly put a smile on my face. you are absolutely glowing! a baby!! :)

  37. Congratulations!!! I had tears in my eyes reading this. You look so gorgeous and happy in this picture. Your baby will be beautiful and stylish and very loved, and it gets to grow up in the New York City, I already envy him/her :-) All the best for your pregnancy, enjoy it! And have a wonderful christmas!

  38. I’m so happy for you! Congratulations!

  39. Anonymous says...

    Congrats! Babies are the lovelies things on earth!
    Been following your inspiring blogging.


  40. Congrats! My son is a honeymoon baby! We call him our keepsake from a great trip!

  41. I’m seeing this a few days late but a huge congratulations! I’m sure you’ll make wonderful parents! :)

  42. OMG that is awesome!!! belated Congratulations to you and Alex Joanna!! :) So happy for you!

  43. wow! what happy news! Congrats, and best wishes for a smooth pregnancy. …so that’s who that sweet duck was for… so fun.

  44. Holy smokes! Congratulations! I can’t wait for the coming months blogs about being an expecting mommy….oh! and baby pictures :) Yaaaaaay Joanna and Alex!

  45. OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!!! YOu guys, congrats! May little miss jo or mr. alex bring WAY too much joy to you 2.

  46. I’ve been on vacation and I just read this! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :)

  47. Congrats! It’s a lovely news indeed! =)

  48. JOANNA!!! I just teared up!

    Best Wishes and many Congratulations!

  49. What awesome news! Congratulations. Babies are the best! You’re going to be such a stylie pregger.

  50. Anonymous says...

    how exciting… i too just found out I’m pregnant and look forward to all your baby-fever posts!

  51. Oh happy happy times! Congratulations to you!

  52. Congratulations from one of your readers!
    “Felicidades” from Spain!

  53. Anonymous says...

    Congratulations! Lovely news. I enjoy reading your blog every day and know you will probably get bombarded by information from well-meaning friends and bloggers ..BUT

    Have a look at Birth Skills by Juju Sundin and Sarah Murdoch.

    This book helped make the birth of my two sons an absolutely amazing (and totally non-scary) experience.

    Pleeeaaase check it out, totally fabulous, you’ll love it.

    Simone, Australia xxx

  54. aqilah says...

    congratulations!!~ :D do take a good care of yourself and the baby! happy holiday! xx

  55. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  56. congratulations dear!! that is such super news! your blog, as always, is a little ray of sunshine! xx

  57. Congratulations!!!

  58. Fiona says...

    Congrats!! can’t wait to read all of your future baby posts. Happy Holidays!

  59. AMAZING!
    seriously! i have been following your blog for over a year now and i am just in love!!!
    your growing family deserves the BEST!
    happy winter and merry holidays :)

    sending you blessings!
    so much love!

  60. well, cannot surf your blog in silent anymore :p i’m sure this is the biggest surprise to all Cup of Jo’s readers!
    A huge and warm congrats to you and Alex!!! sure there will be more baby posts than ever :p

  61. congratulations, jo! you’re going to be such a lovely mother!

  62. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so happy for you guys (all three of you that is). What a blessing. You must be so excited!

  63. how thrilling! the cute baby toys as of late should have been a giveaway, but clearly i am slow. congrats!

    wow. i’m seriously so happy for the two of you :D

    and after all this time of drooling over baby pictures, you’ll finally be able to do so over your own!<3 hehe.
    so exciting!
    i can’t wait for all your updates on the babe<3 (:


  65. How exciting! Congratulations to both you & Alex!


  66. Congratulations! You will be an incredible mother!

  67. congrats! You two will have such a blast!

    {this is your last x-mas just the two of you!!! How exciting!}

  68. Mariana C. says...

    I feel silly but I’m grinning all the way across the Atlantic, so happy that I am for you and Alex! I follow your blog for a while now, your posts inspire me every day and i kinda look up to you :-) so thank you for all the lovelyness that you bring to my days and many congratulations on your pregnancy! From my heart, I wish you all the best! Happy Holidays, here’s to a healthy and very very happy 2010! :-)

    Love from Portugal, Mariana

  69. congratulations!

  70. This is lovely news. Congratulations to the little family. What a great person to pick for his/her Mother!

  71. Anonymous says...

    Can’t wait to watch the progress and the little dream arrive!
    I too am pregnant, 8 weeks. so still keeping it mostly quiet but how cool are the scans!

  72. Proficiat!!! (= congrats in Dutch)

    all the best for the three of you!

  73. CONGRATS!!!! what a very happy christmas you two will have!!!! was the little stuffed goose a baby present?:) so happy for you!

  74. LOVE your blog!!! Congrats on your future lil one! ;) SKV6.BLOGSPOT.COM

  75. i am covered in chills. yay, you!

    {this is going to be so much fun!}


  76. Awww, congratulations!! That’s such amazing news. Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy! :)

  77. Benedicte says...

    So happy for you !

  78. Congratulations!!!!!

  79. Mary says...

    Oh that’s wonerful news! I thought it might be the case with all the baby talk recently and with the goose especially! Yay for you! Happy holidays!

  80. I don’t know why, but I am super excited for you! :) And can I just say you’re even more beautiful than before?!

    Congratulations lovely Joanna!

  81. Anonymous says...

    congrats jo!!!!!!!!
    can’t wait to see a million more baby posts and the offical baby pics!yaaay!

  82. so happy for you and your husband! and selfishly so happy for me, because you will be surely posting fabulous baby stuff! :)

    enjoy your pregnancy!

  83. This is such wonderful news! Sending along a huge Cheers to you and yours. These pictures are adorable as well. ;) Take care.

  84. Anonymous says...

    Ooooh! I can’t believe it! What a great surprise… CONGRATULATIONS! :)

  85. jk says...

    CONGRATS! such an exciting time, can’t wait to see all the cute baby goods posted on the blog :)

  86. Nerissa says...

    The happiest congratulations!!!! This is wonderful.

  87. LMT, congratulations! it will be fun to be pregnant together! :)

  88. Congratulations!!! How very very exciting for both of you!

  89. Your inbox is so flooded I almost feel bad about leaving this comment..CONGRATS! <3
    Happy holidays!

  90. Anonymous says...

    That is awesome news! Congratulations to you, your husband, and your bun in the oven (for being so lucky to be born to such a great couple)!

  91. YOu are going to be the most wonderful mother. you look beautiful!

  92. Anonymous says...

    Congratulations from portugal! Wishing u all the best :)
    Madalena França

  93. Omg Omg Omg!

    You are going to be the CUTEST pregger blogger!!!!
    Congrats to you BOTH! Health, happiness and best wishes for the new year!!

  94. Congrats! how wonderful for you guys! :) Happy holidays!

  95. OMG!!! Congratulations!!!

    Babies are such miracles and really just such a joy.

    Best wishes to you guys!

  96. Oh, how wonderful!! Congratulations :) You and Alex will be such lovely parents, and the baby will be so sweet!