Do or Don’t: The Half-Tuck

J.Crew has such great prints and patterns right now… but the funny thing I keep noticing on the models (and girls on the street) is that they’re half-tucking their shirts. Apparently it’s a thing! Effortlessly cool and laid-back. Would you do it?

  1. I think it looks trashy and it seems to me that young girls are doing it because it gives the young boys a good view of their female area. SMH.

  2. Anonymous says...

    They do it so they can show the top of the pants. It is not so much of a style thing as a way to show the product.

  3. haha, i love this look … but when i do it myself, my husband says that i look like i had a stroke while getting dressed!

  4. Aaah! At my alma mater, UNC, we called that the frat tuck! So funny!

  5. I think about the tuck way to often however tend to think maybe I should do the full front tuck and out at the back… maybe I should give the half tuck a go?


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  7. i do it! but not like those j crew models, i think it’s really key to do a quick sloppy tuck rather than their perfect low-blousiness option. i dig it!

  8. Heck, NO! It looks too contrived to me.

  9. I ‘half-tuck’ ALL the time…

    I’ve never been a fan of tucking my shirt in… so the half tuck is a great way around it.
    Love this post!

    xoxo M

  10. Melissa B. says...

    I don’t like it at all. If I saw somebody wearing a shirt that was only half tucked in, I would have the hardest time taking them seriously.

  11. I love it on them! Why can I never pull it of? Do you do it?

  12. This is totally in here in Europe and I love it! I’m not sure I would do it with a button down shirt like the ones in the photos, but it’s a great way to add a waistline with a big, oversized shirt, which again, is super popular here (particularly in Denmark!) I also would tuck exactly HALF of the shirt, but maybe a piece tucked into the belt at the front.

  13. No I think it looks a little silly!