A few months ago, I went to dinner at my friend Clare’s house (home of the perfect cauliflower soup, by the way), and she and her husband served mussels and fries. Everything was delicious, but you know what actually stole the show? The tangy mayonnaise they served with the fries. So, here’s how to serve delicious European-style fries for an instantly special dinner…

The secret trick to making fries is…not to make them. They’re a hassle, and you need a deep fryer. And they often come out soggy or bready. So instead, buy a bag of Trader Joe’s Fries. Seriously! They are delicious! Then to make the Belgian-style mayonnaise, just mix regular mayo with a splash of red-wine vinegar, and stir together until you have the tangy taste you like best. Voila! You have an instant fun dinner. You can pair them with mussels, burgers, roast chicken, fish sandwiches…even just a frothy pint of beer.

Who’s in? :)

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(Photos by Laura Ratliff for Cup of Jo. And thanks to Shoko for help with this series)