Motherhood Mondays: Family Travel

Since 2005, English photographer Tom Robinson has photographed his and his girlfriend’s feet as they’ve traveled the world. (Remember this post?) Well, in 2011, they added a third set of feet: their daughter Matilda. How adorable and adventurous are these photos?

P.S. Tom’s other genius project, I’m Going to Be a Dad.

(Via Double Takes)

  1. I love this! What a great way to track all the places that you take your little one! So personal and lovey.

  2. wonderful picture with family love.
    I love the little pink boots.

  3. Anonymous says...

    Joanna , your son is super cute and if he doesn’t feel the need for a lovey let it be it does speak of his personality and if he likes some thing now it is good too but i hope like some mothers you wont force him to keep clinging to a lovey .

    I just pray some day a psychologist will come and totally make the concept of lovey and false comfort obsolete. Coz honestly it does much damage than help many psychologist and mothers may not agree now coz it does makes their life easier.

  4. Bianca says...

    How lovely!

    I have a bit of a strange travel question: I’ve always wondered what the mothers’ opinion is on subway stroller protocol. Whenever I see a mommy prep to carry her stroller up the subway stairs, I will always ask very politely if she would like some assistance. More often than not, I’m met with some kind of aggression. It’s not that I doubt her independence and strength, I just want to be courteous. Is this a no-no for NYC or any other cities with massive public transit systems? I wonder!

  5. Anonymous says...

    I feel like i want to do the same! Love this idea! ;)

  6. this is one of my favorite series. so cute!

  7. these pictures give me the warmest fuzzies.

  8. Just so adorable and full of love!!! xoxo

  9. Lizzie says...

    That first picture is totally in a hospital bed! Truly, what an “adventure”! Perfectly sweet.

  10. I love that! What a great idea. We have a chalkboard in our house that I drew our family on before our daughter was born. When I got preggers we made my caricature have a belly. Then the baby was born and we added her to the drawing and gave my caricature a post partum belly. I’m still losing weight and so is the “me” on the chalkboard! : )

  11. That’s brilliant and sweet! I have every intention of copying that but in reality I’ll probably forget. Plus, it might take a heroic effort to accomplish getting 10 feet to sit still long enough!

  12. I like that you replicate this photo wherever you go. Such a lovely idea.

  13. this is SO cute! i’m definitely doing this from now on!

  14. fabulous!

  15. What a wonderful–and simple–idea! I wonder if we can get Baguette to sit still long enough for this on our next trip.

  16. This is such a fantastic idea! I may have to steal it for our family vacations coming up! Now… how to fit three pairs of itty bitty feet alongside mine and my husband’s…

  17. i sleep with bongo, a blue bear i won at a county fair two years ago. i’m 30 yrs old. :/ my husband is very supportive of mine and bongo’s relationship though.

    love that photo of toby!

  18. Anonymous says...

    Childhood vacations are the best! I have such fond memories of these. Lovely photographs.

  19. What a fun idea! I’ll have to do this with my 3 month old. Bummer we didn’t do this for his first two trips. Must start, stat!

  20. This is completely adorable. I am obsessed and still laughing over his “I’m Going to Be a Dad.” project. Totally amazing and fun for memories.

  21. I love these photographs! Such a fun idea. This would be great for travelers even without little kiddies. Have a great day!

    XX Hilary

  22. so precious! i remember when you posted his first project. my sister’s husband is also a photographer, and has gotten such beautiful shots of their newborn. SO LUCKY to have built-in (and endlessly interested) PAPARAZZI around a new baby. the whole family benefits.

  23. N. says...

    What a lovely idea! I like it!

  24. Okay that has to be the cutest idea ever! I am always looking for new fun with my little one Lulu (6 months). We LOVE travel but haven’t been very adventurous with her yet on that front.

  25. I think this is great! Jordan form “oh happy day” posted 10 tips on traveling with kids last week, and I am very glad to see that there are many besides us that drag their little ones with them to travel. Being a foreigner myself but married to an american, I think it is very important to expose children to different cultures, ways of living, etc. I loved it when growing up and I think my kids will too. :)


  26. @anon Hehe, I think the legs are just camouflaged in the third one. I couldn’t see them at first either!

  27. Anonymous says...

    These are gorgeous. I take it in the third photo they went away alone!

  28. An idea to steal!! I will try to make a mental note, next time I am on vacation. Why do we tend to only take pictures of faces!? Let the feet have their spotlight!

  29. that is so exciting. amazing photos

  30. Wonderful idea. I love baby feet! Always so cute :)

  31. So nice! Great idea.

    PS: I hope the Articles Club is still happening!

  32. I agree! Baby feet are the cutest!

  33. Brilliant!! Lucky little girl! Thanks for sharing.

  34. This is such a beautiful idea! What a great way to collect travel memories. Thanks for sharing this!

  35. Wow…What a nice series of pics.Great idea! Thanks J for introduce us to his work! :) Have a great monday. BTW, did u guys do anything special for to celebrate the Super Bowl? Bisous!

  36. More footprints in the sand…. what a sweet way to capture adventure/life.

  37. How funny! Aron and I do the same thing! My parents tease us endlessly (gross!), but his family has done it for years and that’s where we picked it up!

  38. I simply adore this. What a great concept. Baby feet are my fave.

  39. I love this concept! If only we traveled enough… So tempted to do something similar.

  40. Oh there is nothing CUTER than little baby feet… except maybe family feet. Love this so much. {xox}

  41. Those legs are cute!!! especially the baby!

    We’ll do this at the beach this coming summer, yay!! can’t wait!!

  42. What a lovely idea! I wonder if they’ll add a pet to their family travels, would be cute to see some paws added in the mix! Happy Monday xx

  43. Oh I love it! Nothing quite like those little feet! So many times I have loved looking at milo’s sweet little legs between ours.

  44. So sweet!

  45. Swoon! I love the name Matilda and those photographs are super adorable:) Happy Monday. xo

  46. I love it! I want to do this too, except that we usually take an “auto-photo” when on vacation(we take our own photo holding the camera with one hand) and now we have a little daughter to add to the picture!

  47. what a fun idea. and i thought i was clever to collect magnets from every place we visit.

  48. Makes me wish I had seen this sooner…how fun!