“I’m Going To Be a Dad!”

When English photographer Tom Robinson found out he and his wife were expecting their first child, he decided to capture the candid reactions of friends and family as he told them the good news. “Hand on heart, absolutely none of the reactions are staged,” Robinson told My Modern Met. “My friends and family are used to me having a camera hanging on my shoulder, so it wasn’t out of character when I said, ‘Hey, can I take a photo of you?’ I’d snap a few frames, then I’d move my head to one side and say, ‘Guess what [pause], I’m going to be a dad.’ Snap, snap, snap.”

His parents in their new camper.

His sister (who lives in Australia).

Friends at their wedding.

His friend Max.

An old school buddy.

Aimee, who responded with a loud “F@$#!”

Their friends at “the curry.”

His wife’s brothers (who soon went back to their computer game).

How adorable is that?

P.S. He also did Feet First. :)

(Via My Modern Met)

  1. Ha, that’s such a cool idea!

  2. This is just the sweetest thing I have seen all week – what an adorable project! Thank you so much for sharing Jo, it made me smile out loud!

    Briony xx

  3. This is adorable. I think I’ll do this when and if we have a baby.

  4. We love this idea! It would be amazing to see an entire exhibition just on the reactions when various tidbits of information are received. I’m sure it’s also an eye opener for Tom’s friends and family as to exactly what their expressions look like!

  5. haha! I couldn’t help but laugh out loud as I looked at these reactions! so great. Made me so happy.

  6. This is a such good idea!
    His parents and sister are so excited!
    How cute!

  7. This is the cutest idea ever! I love his website too.

  8. Diane says...

    I am sure he is very chuffed but the only people who’s expressions look real are the bride and groom…
    I am a mum of 2 kids but not once did I feel that by being pregnant or having kids I re-invented the wheel. Now people want to ‘announce’ their ‘special’ status (being pregnant) and act like they are the first ever pregnant human’s, OMG!
    Jo, the response those guys gave you was the best- it’s all very nice but ultimately not new, not earth shattering and please can they get on with their lives. You had your ‘moment’ but maybe wanted more. Emm…their response was totally fine.
    Also I know you’re English (or born there) but please, please stick to minimal mentions of the English if you can- I live with them you see and cannot quite whip up the joyful sentiments you express; a more unpleasant, insular bunch I am yet to encounter.
    Nothing against you though Jo, you do seem like a genuinely sweet soul..lucky you to have got out of England though or it might be another story..
    Ok, done with the rant. Ta!

  9. LOVE this idea!! It gave me a good chuckle.

  10. this is so great! :)

  11. Thanks for all the love Jo. I’m happy you like my photography. Tom

  12. That it pretty cool :)

  13. i am sorry this is a random comment but where can i get a necklace like the girl with the shades? is that a name necklace?? :)

  14. Bahahahahahaha. Cracks me up. Love this!

  15. This is such a wonderful idea. The shock and sincerity in all of their faces is priceless – you can’t fake that!

    Thank you for sharing this.

  16. This is priceless! Thanks for sharing, Jo.

  17. this made my week. love love love it.

    what a lucky kid to one day actually get to SEE how his family reacted to his or her arrival!

    i never even THOUGHT about what that might have entailed– what people thought, said, etc. I need to ask my mom now. : )


  18. What a classic idea! Each persons reaction is priceless!

  19. This is so awesome, it totally makes me want to do the same. Looks like people didn’t expect him to become a dad!

  20. adorable!!

  21. This makes me giggle! Sooo cute!

  22. So so so so cute!

    And this is completely off subject, but I must have skipped over the “English photographer” part at the beginning and afterward, thought – those people MUST be British because they look just so quintessentially English! I wonder why that is? What makes someone look “English”? It’s particularly obvious among the guys and I have no idea why…

  23. LB says...

    This is a wonderful idea. I love the brothers who could seem to care less about the baby than their video game. Awesome post! Made me smile :)

  24. Oh my gosh! What a fantastic idea! I totally want to steal it when I am announcing my own future pregnancies!

  25. This is the cutest idea ever… I need to pass this along to my sister as she and her husband may have a need for this sometime soon. Im shocked it took me this long to jump on your blog’s bandwagon- it’s gorgeous and an amazing inspiration for newer bloggers! I can’t wait to keep stopping by for more mojo.

  26. Bahaha those bridal party friends’ reactions crack me up! So stunned! :D

  27. love this, particularly Aimee’s reaction. I am sure mine would have been similar!

  28. Love this. We did something similar. We were at a restaurant and we asked the waitress to take a picture of our family. She snapped one. And we said “Everyone say ‘Cheese'” then we asked her to take one more just to be sure and we said, “Everyone say Cheree is pregnant!” The reactions were priceless and the waitress had the frame of mind to keep taking pictures of the ENTIRE thing. It was a great way to document this special occasion.

  29. This is too cute for words!

  30. Wow, they’re such cute reactions!

  31. I love this idea!!!! What a fun way to announce such special news!

  32. that is very cute and a cool thing to add to babies baby book down the road! reminds me of the gender reveal parties..except I like it when the couple also doesnt know what the verdict is and they bite into their cupcakes before everybody else. I think it’s adorable!

  33. That is one amazing idea – and what a fun and cute photo album that would make for the little one! It’s such a cool way to break the news as well, it must have been so unexpected.

    I don’t have children yet, but I’ve still thought about how I would announce the pregnancy to friends and family. It’s a bit tricky – everytime one of my close girlfriends says “Guess what?” the rest automatically responds “Are you pregnant?!!” thereby kind of spoiling the surprise… I could see this working, though!

  34. So cute! I have a question though: When do you tell people? I have a lot of friends who don’t say anything until they’re a couple of months along in case they miscarry or something. It would be so terrible to tell everyone and then you lose it. What’s the protocol here?

  35. hahaha this is great! and think the brothers are my favorite, just turn around and go right back to their game. hahah…

  36. haha! this is an amazing idea! love the photos!

  37. I love this guy. Congrats to him!

  38. This is such a cute idea! I love how genuine everyone’s expression is x

  39. This is too sweet. What a great idea.

  40. LOL I might have to steal this idea because when I finally announce to my family I’m pregnant they’re gonna kill over. Being from the Midwest I’m a tad bit “old maid” in their eyes.

  41. Aww that is adorable. I hope that when I plan to start a family, I can capture the reaction of all my family members :)

  42. Haha that is so clever and adorable. I think the one with the brother playing the video game is my favorite. He went right back to the game lol.

    – Sarah

  43. Beautiful, laughable idea

  44. Bianca says...

    so cute!

  45. Ava says...

    What happened to Monday’s post? Motherhood Mondays are the best! Oh..and when my sister told me she was pregnant last year, in the middle of Gramercy Park, I was so happy that I announced it to everyone within earshot, and everyone cheered and clapped. And honest to goodness, a man in his 60s (?) who was carrying a bouquet of flowers intended for his wife, gave them to my sis. It was the sweetest, most spontaneous NY moment I have ever experienced. Which of course made me tear up, as I did every 20 minutes or so for the rest of the day.

  46. Hilarious! And really sweet at the same time!

  47. ahh, so fun! Is he from the Bradford area? I lived there for a bit, and curry’s a big thing there. :)

  48. That is a brilliant idea and so cute. Those photos will go great in the baby’s first album. Except maybe the last one haha. :)

  49. Cute idea, but I wish it didn’t look so fake. But thenm I doubt it’s very easy for people to have natural reactions to anything with a camera pointed at them…

  50. That’s awesome – the expressions are priceless and will make a wonderful photo album in years to come. I can ::almost:: hear the reactions in these photos :)

  51. Those boys on the bottom are exactly what I would expect from my brothers!!! haha, hilarious. Love this!!

  52. What a cute idea! Love it. How nice to have those reactions caught on camera :)

  53. This is such a wonderful idea – each of those pics make me smile :)

  54. these are so cute! it would have been awesome to see his reaction first. ha. i especially love his friend max.

  55. I love this!! It’s so great to see how excited people get.

  56. How funny! I especially love the reactions of the bride and other people at the wedding!

  57. This is so adorable! His parents reaction is so sweet! :)

  58. Love this! The photos are so funny and happy!

  59. AH! I love love love this! And it totally makes me want to do this too someday! (Since I always have a camera on me as well…)

  60. ohh I love this series of photos!! I would love to do it someday with my friends and family!

  61. that’s adorable! love it!

  62. Funny!! Amazing how we open our mouth when we get news….:)

  63. when i told my best male friends, their reaction was just like the guys in the bottom photo. we were out to dinner, and they had ordered ceviche for the table, and i wasn’t allowed to have raw fish since i was pregnant. so i had to tell them. and they were like, “oh. well, who wants more?” i was like….wait, did you hear what i just said? haha, guys are so funny. :)

  64. oh my goodness! what a great idea! i totally want to try and do this when my husband & i one day become pregnant… how awesome would these photos be in an album to show your child how excited everyone was when they first heard the news?! wow…. my heart is melting!!!

    xx, kara

  65. What a gorgeous idea and such a great keepsake!

    Imagine the fun they’ll have when they get to show these photo’s to thier child when they’re grown up.

    Thanks for sharing Jo.

    Niki @ LQM&M

  66. what a wonderful and brilliant idea!

  67. What a sweet idea and fun memory to have. The parents photo is so heartfelt and wonderful. Happy Tuesday, Joanna.

  68. This is such a lovely idea… I wish my husband and I would have done something like this when we first told our friends and family of our pregnancy news :)
    We too are expecting our first child.

    Best Wishes!

    Mod Human Vintage