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  3. O-o I liked you way to show your pics! It’s very unusual. I’m traveling a lot around the world via LMT, but on my photos everything looks regular. I’m impressed!

  4. Awesome, I totally do this too! I have a whole collage of them framed on my wall with my feet in different shoes and places from handmade sandals in Argentina, Chacos looking down the Colorado River, to rockclimbing shoes hanging over a cliff. I love it.

  5. Anonymous says...

    I’m glad you like my photos! Keep an eye on the website as they are updated every so often.

  6. I have a great pic of my feet covered in the sand of my favorite beach. Love it!

  7. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I have dedicated (literally) $1000’s of dollars to taking polaroids of my feet as they travel the world! Happy to see im not the only one :)

  9. Great pictures! remind me to take more pictures of my feet during travel.

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  11. I have the tendency to take pictures of my feet too. And also in front of hotel mirrors.

  12. Love it! I used to do this in college, but somehow lost the tradition. Better start back up!

  13. That’s so clever! Your right, it makes me want to travel but then again I always want to travel! :)

  14. My husband and I thought we were the only ones who did this…until I read your post and all the comments :)

  15. thank you, jena! and so many people take feet photos, i think it’s human nature! we took one in mexico last year.

  16. What a cute idea. Thanks for sharing!


  17. That is an awesome idea! I’ve started writing the name of our destinations in the sand on the beach with the year and taking a picture with my flip-flops, but I think I want to start doing this too!

    Thanks for sharing Joanna!

    ~ Jen

  18. aaahhhh!!! definitely!!


  19. my fiance and i totally do this! i didn’t even notice it until i saw your post…haHaha

  20. Even as a feet-hater (they sort of gross me out) I have to say that this is a cute idea.


  21. This is so fun! I started my blog doing the same thing about a year ago when I was in Asia. Since then, I’ve seen so many people with the same / similar idea. I love that they are always together!

    check out my feets at: http://www.wheremyfeetshavebeen.blogspot.com

    ps. I have to say, reading your blog everyday has been a real joy. I’ve been a lurker on here for a while, and I just wanted to let you know!

  22. Such a cool idea!

  23. I love these! we often take photos like this on our trips. so fun:)

  24. What a nice idea!Reminds me of that guy who shoots a brief video of himself dancing in each place he visits :)

  25. these photos are funny and they do make me want to take my feet somewhere fabulous! I have done my own “feet first” shots before, I think that last time was in Maui on the beach, but I have come to the conclusion that my feet only make for a pretty picture if they have a pedicure! haha

  26. Love the concept. I hope they’re keeping an album or scrapbook to show any future children they might have!

  27. Heehee I love feet pictures! I’ve always taken pictures of my feet, and then of my husband’s and mine together.

  28. Who would have thought feet could be so glam? I love these photographs.

  29. This just further proves to me that other’s people feet are having way more fun than myself! Love this concept! :)

  30. that’s what we girls do!
    (at least that what scarlet johansson sais in lost in traslation… and i agree) :D

  31. my friend fee has a weird thing about feet, and always jumps and shrieks when someones foot accidentally touches hers, and i love to tease her about it… as soon as i send this comment, i will be forwarding your post to her to add a little excitement to her monday!
    xo meg

  32. I love this!!! My boyfriend has a “special pose” like this that he has a photo of everywhere he’s been. But his is an awkward, symmetrical, stoical pose (and alone, except he does have one at Disneyland with Mickey)… so I like this one much better!

  33. love the photos! the first one makes me want to go stick my feet in the sand- too bad it is pouring rain here!!

  34. awe…I want to travel the world!!!

  35. What a fun way to document your travels

  36. what a brilliant idea! and a fun way to document their travels. love it!

  37. I always do this! It’s proof to myself that I’ve been lucky enough to visit some of the most amazing places. I do it pretty much everywhere I go.

  38. i have some friends that do the same thing. it makes such a huge difference when the people actually have nice feet. i HATE when people post pictures of their ugly feet, or toenail fungus or something. some people are lacking a certain mental filter :)

  39. like like like:)) Liked them very much, how a nice pics & what an original idea, I’ll start to take my feet pic:)

  40. Aw what a cute idea!

  41. such a fun idea and something that’s so accessible, even for those of us who aren’t professionals!

  42. Makes me want to go traveling somewhere fabulous!


  43. I did this on my honeymoon against the rocks and beach in Cabo….I always go back to that photo for relaxing inspiration! Like a Corona ad…{I’m sure that’s not what the photographer was going for…..lol}

  44. Ugh! I’m SO going to start doing that. What a great collection.

  45. what the hell? I want him to be my bf just so I could travel like thta! lucky girl, cute pics!

  46. Funny, Joanna. I have pix like this from everywhere I’ve ever gone. I really ought to capitalize on my whimsy rather than merely amuse myself (as my mother has nagged me about forever). Perhaps the taxi trip & cat’s vet appt. would not be stinging my bank account so very much today.

    Have a great day.


  47. Love it :) Whenever I travel alone I use this “strategy”…can only take so many close-up shots of my own face!

  48. What a great idea!

    Your feet can’t really take a bad picture..or have a bad hair day.

    It’s an interesting concept, that makes a great shot!

  49. My husband and I do that too! Love it.