A Week of Outfits: Mari Andrew

A Week of Outfits: Mari Andrew

Author, illustrator and Cup of Jo favorite Mari Andrew finds wardrobe inspiration on her morning walk around the block. “I’m inspired by a lot of the older folks who shuffle around the East Village in the morning, running errands or stretching in the park. You never see them in sweats, but in bold accessories and really elegant looks.” Here, Mari shares five outfits she wore in a week…

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Four Great Things

postcard thank you notes

Our friend Ameer does something wonderful: During dinner parties or games nights, he’ll take a couple casual snapshots with his phone. Then, the next day, he’ll print them out and send them as postcards to the hosts to say thank you. It’s such a surprise and delight to check your mail and find the cutest memories of the evening! — Joanna

madewell cropped sweatshirt

I am fond of saying that I love cropped clothes because (at 5’2″ on a tall day) I am a cropped person. Cropped jeans, cropped tees, cropped sweaters… on me, they don’t look cropped, but rather the way they’re supposed to. Sweatshirts especially can often swallow my body whole, but this one is absolutely perfect. (It looks especially great with high waisted jeans.) And the color lights up your whole face. — Caroline

sleeping giraffe

For your moment of cuteness on this Wednesday afternoon, have you ever seen sleeping giraffes? Six-year-old Anton and I happened upon photos the other day and loved how their necks wrap onto their bodies. That’s all! — Joanna

Quit Like A Woman

Last summer, at a friend’s wedding, I drank a glass of water at dinner. A rumor started that I must be pregnant. (I wasn’t.) Why else, everyone wondered, would someone not drink at a wedding? The simple truth is, I don’t drink much. Alcohol just doesn’t sing to me the same way other things (like, say, chocolate) do. So, when this book (Amazon/Indiebound/Books Are Magic) wandered into my consciousness, I was intrigued. Well researched and tell-it-like-it-is, the book is written by a founder of a woman-centric recovery program. She breaks down everything from the history and science of alcohol usage, to how alcohol is marketed to women, to tactical advice for quitting. An interesting read for people in recovery or contemplating sobriety, but also for anyone who has ever questioned the role of alcohol in our culture. — Caroline

P.S. More fun things and the hardest tongue twister.


What Do You Like About Yourself?


Cup of Jo has been running for 13 years (!) so we’ve decided that every week, we’ll be highlighting one of the most popular posts from the past. Here’s one of our favorites, originally published on October 19, 2016…

At the end of the movie Something’s Gotta Give, Diana Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Keanu Reeves (well, their characters, at least) end up sitting in a literal love triangle at a Parisian bistro. Halfway through a bottle of wine, Keaton gets extra chatty and funny.

“She’s very brilliant, but the woman cannot hold her liquor,” Reeves teases.

“I like that about me,” she says with a smile.

Thirteen years after watching the movie, I still remember that line. It was such a surprise hearing the character acknowledge out loud that she likes a personal trait. And good for her! She should! She’s an award-winning playwright and she’s awesome!

It’s strange because although people are generally amazing, it’s somehow deemed socially appropriate to deny things we like about ourselves and dismiss praise so as not to seem conceited. “No, not me,” “What? I’m such a mess,” “Oh, that was nothing.” It makes me think about this hilarious Amy Schumer skit, where friends cannot accept a compliment…

But! Let’s just say take a second to say these positive things about ourselves. I’m curious what you secretly love about yourself or what makes you proud. Are you a great parent or friend? Do you have a secret talent? Are you fast reader? Or a fast runner? Are you great at your job? Are you the one person in the world who can blow dry your hair like a stylist (and if so can you teach me)? Are you hilarious? Can you make a meal out of random things in the fridge? I would LOVE to hear: What do you like about you? Say it loud and proud!

P.S. Wise words, and wholeness vs. happiness.

(Top photo from Dôen.)


“Does My Hair Look Flat?” A Shampoo Bar Challenge

The Best Shampoo Bars

Shampoo bars. With their minimal packaging, they’re better for the environment than traditional plastic bottles. They’re convenient for travel (TSA approved, no chance of unfortunate spills or explosions). Plus, since a standard bar lasts for around 80 washes, they’re a much better value than liquid shampoo. But how well do they actually work? By popular demand, I tried five bars in search of the answer…

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Have a Lovely (Long) Weekend.


Happy Valentine’s weekend! What are you up to? I’m going on a dinner date with six-year-old Anton, who mentioned the other day that he wants some one-on-one time. I’ve been looking forward to it so much. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

The best advertisement.

Love this article about our shared workspace. (Come join us, if you’re looking for a spot!)

What? Not everyone has an internal monologue!

These fake excuses for flaking on plans made me laugh.

What a beautiful poem.

$0 trick to make any bottle of wine taste better.

Amaaaazing places to sleep around the world. (New York Times)

Who wants some no-bake lime cheesecake?

Golden retriever doing okay after Westminster loss.

A same height party seems kind of fascinating.

Cannot wait to read this book.

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Lydia on a date night top: “I work in the apparel industry and went to a conference where the speaker said something that really struck me — the U.S. is one of the few places where the social norms dictate we wear a completely different outfit every day. When you think about this, it is a bit bonkers.”

Says Jamie on the anxiety of new parenthood: “I never really had anxious thoughts until I became a mom. For the first 6 months, I woke up every night panicking that I had lost our daughter in our duvet cover…except that she has never slept in our bed.”

(Photo by @yasminemei. Friends Work Here article via Swissmiss.)