mom and baby

My neighborhood friend just had a baby…

I bumped into them on the street the other day. They were on a walk, getting some fresh air, and I asked her how things were going. “It feels isolating, for sure,” my friend told me, as her daughter snuggled in the carrier. “New parenthood is hard in normal times, but now our relatives aren’t able to visit. I can’t even really make mom friends at the playground. It’s just tough.”

Today I wanted to make space for new parents who are navigating this global pandemic with a baby in their arms. How are you doing? What’s your sweet baby’s name? How are things going? Please tell us below, as a kind of open forum. Wish I could chat with you in person while bouncing your baby on my knee — or at least send you Jeni’s ice cream.

As a reader once said, “Bless you, new moms. If you’re trying, you’re doing a great job.”

mom and baby

P.S. Breastfeeding in public, and my motherhood mantra.

(Photos by Nikaela Marie.)