LaTonya Yvette Week of outfits

Photos by Yumi Matsuo.

It’s been five years since LaTonya Yvette first shared her week of outfits. Since then, the Brooklyn-based author and mother of two has entered her 30s, bought a farmhouse with a mission, and written a second book, out next year. “When it comes to style, I’m still the same, but totally different, you know?” she says. Here, LaTonya shares five looks that reflect where she’s been and where she’s going…

Above: “I’m a layer queen, both for style and function. I have this conversation with my kids every day in the winter: Layers are the secret to staying warm! We end up wearing a lot of Uniqlo HEATTECH. I like oversized jackets, like this vintage men’s trench, and I stay freaking warm in my layers, without needing a super heavy coat. ”

LaTonya Yvette Week of Outfits

Trench: vintage, similar. Denim jacket: vintage, similar. Turtleneck: Uniqlo. Skirt: La Réunion. Sneakers: Saucony.

“My daughter, River, is nearly 13 and always takes my socks. So, when I can’t find my socks, I just take hers, like these pink ones. I swear by colorful Uniqlo socks and trusty Saucony sneakers. Instead of going for the no-show look, I wear regular socks in the summer. Embrace socks as a styling tool!”

LaTonya Yvette Week of Outfits

Jacket: vintage, similar. Dress: from a trip to Paris, similar. Necklace: a market in Berlin, similar. Earrings: Mejuri. Boots: Loeffler Randall, similar.

“I used to hide my shape, but then I spent a year taking self-portraits on film and it shifted how I see my body and my own humanity. When the world feels super loud, using my camera invites me into a quiet space. It has allowed me to be more present and trust myself and trust that the world is abundant and that, in general, people are good and things will be okay. I feel more sensual and in my body than ever before.”

LaTonya Yvette Week of Outfits

Basket: similar. Ring: Pamela Love x Sophia Roe.

“I’ve known jewelry designer Pamela Love forever, and she designed this ring with chef Sophia Roe. It emulates the gills of a mushroom, which is Sophia’s favorite ingredient. To me, it signifies a grounded connection to the earth and the way we circle around but keep coming back to the same thing.”

LaTonya Yvette Week of Outfits

Dress: Studio 189. Turtleneck: Uniqlo. Jeans: Madewell. Clogs: Veronica Beard.

“I think there’s power in knowing how something was made and where it comes from, and I admire brands that weave resistance and joy into a piece. This past summer, I took a work trip to Senegal and Ghana to meet with designers and creatives. In Accra, I had a dress custom-tailored at the Studio 189 factory. They took my measurements and, over the course of two days, fit it exactly to my body. It was a defining experience.”

LaTonya Yvette Week of Outfits

Pants: vintage, similar. Sneakers: Nike Air Max 97.

“Lately, I’ve worn more dress slacks than ever before. These are from a vintage suit, and I took them to the cleaners to have them tailored for my body. They’re perfect for meetings. As an artist and a Black woman and someone who didn’t finish college but has written books, I’ve enjoyed shifting to own my accomplishments and feeling like, I deserve to wear pants in this room.”

Shirt: One Love Community Fridge, similar.

“My friend and neighbor co-founded One Love Community Fridge, an organization whose core belief is that healthy food is a human right and should be provided with dignity and respect. My kids and I contribute food to our local community fridge, and it’s been wonderful to volunteer with them. Wearing this shirt reminds me that we are in charge of how our communities survive and thrive.”

latonya Yvette week of outfits

Jeans: vintage, Levi’s. Denim shirt: similar. Cardigan: babaà, similar. Basket: similar.

“I realized that these are the same jeans I wore in my last week of outfits post! I was younger then and still figuring it out. Now, I’m like, this is who I am. I’ve always been drawn to monochrome outfits, but in bright colors, like pink or orange. Until recently, I wouldn’t have worn an all-black or all-denim outfit. But even when I do, I still find ways to weave in color, like a gold pair of sneakers or an orange sweater. I’m still speaking to myself through what I wear, but in a different way.”

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(Photos by Yumi Matsuo for Cup of Jo.)

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