cat chen

Are you going to any holiday dinners or gatherings? I’ve historically stayed in on New Year’s (which I discussed in my very first CoJ post!), but this year, I’m tempted to go out just to see everyone’s looks. For example, how cool does Cat Chen look, above, in silver pants? Here are four styles to consider…

1. Black jumpsuits. All you have to do is pull on a jumpsuit and *poof*, you’re glam and ready to go. (The only catch is the bathroom situation, but maybe worth it?) A silky one gives off 70s vibes, and if you’re in the mood to turn heads, show up in this halter number.

2. Red dresses. I’ve spotted a punchy dress at every event I’ve attended this fall, and now I’m dying to wear one, too. (Red also looks great in photos!) Crossed straps feel so graceful, and how romantic are ruffled tiers? I also have my eye on a velvet cutie – and this one looks like a present!

3. Sequins and sparkles. 2023 feels like the year people are finally getting out and celebrating. Should we all up the ante and wear sparkles?! I love a metallic mini, and this sparkly top has the prettiest sleeves. If you’d rather wear pants, here’s your answer. Also, PLEATS!!!!!!!!

4. Black dresses. For classic elegance, you can’t go wrong with black. Make a statement with a velvet wrap or ethereal maxi. Also, a slip dress would look pretty on its own or under a super soft cardigan, and how absolutely stunning is this neckline?

Thoughts? Which style would you wear? Meanwhile, for staying home but making it cute, I might pull on this sweater with these pants.

P.S. Everyday nail polish, and a fun host gift.

(Top photo of Cat Chen via Instagram.)

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