madewell dress

Last month, I went to a bunch of holiday parties and, as I promised myself I would, flirted with lots of handsome gentlemen. I love a good party — the mysterious punchbowl, chips and dip, people clustering in the kitchen, gossipy debriefs, even the sore feet at the end.

shoprat by Emilia Petrarca

I mean, how fun is Emilia’s strawberry tray with fruit scattered among candles? Love that element of danger.

Sezane tights polka dot

But the one thing I kept spotting at every party? Sheer black tights. They were everywhere and looked sexy with a black dress (or, really, any dress). Some were plain, some had polka dots, some were floral, and how sexy are these?

My friend Gemma also wore Wolford tights with short black Zara shorts to our friend’s birthday. She texted me this morning: “I also wore a black sweater and knee-high boots with a chunky heel, because they make me two inches taller but are easy to walk in (we took the subway). And underneath, for when it got hot, I wore a Nakatomi Tower Christmas Party T-shirt, because: Die Hard!!”

Thoughts? Are you into sheer tights right now? Any styles you’d recommend? I’d love to wear them with skirts and dresses to parties, dinners, dates, meetings, trips, basically everywhere this winter. xo

P.S. Everyday clothes I’ve worn eight million times, and women share their weeks of outfits.

(Top photo of Madewell’s floral dress and metallic slingbacks.)

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