Help! What Podcasts Do You Like?

This month, now that the weather’s warmer, a few friends and I challenged ourselves to walk 12,000 steps per day. To be honest, I was sort of dreading it, but walking has actually felt so good; now when I wake up in the morning, my legs are ready to go. “It’s like I have a walk inside me,” said my friend Gisela, when I told her about that feeling.

During my walks, however, I’ve been craving something to listen to. Right now, I’m devouring anything and everything by Elna Baker (she’s amazing!), but other than that, I don’t know what to queue up.

So, I’m hoping to ask: what podcasts are you enjoying these days? I’d love to hear! Please share recommendations below…

P.S. More podcasts, and the 7 best podcast episodes.

(Photo by Joanna Goddard/Instagram.)

  1. Lo says...

    I always go back to Goop – I really enjoy the conversations. The most recent one with Gabrielle Union was so good. Literally with Rob Lowe is fun. Brene Brown-of course. Dolly Parton’s America was excellent. Conan O’Brien always makes me pee my pants.

  2. Kathryn says...

    Call Your Grandmother! Hosted by two Jewish grandmothers with New York accents, they interview grandparents and their grandchildren about their relationships, which is wholesome and sweet…but most importantly they are HILARIOUS and I find myself cracking up and smiling the whole time I’m listening :)

  3. Hanna says...

    I’d like to recommend ‘Two’s company’ with Sophie Hellyer and Grace Kingswell! It’s brand new and lovely to listen to. These two (having been friends for some time) are comfortable with one another, even on topics they tend to disagree on. It’s educative, warm-hearted and hails from Cornwall/or Devon (sorry, not quite sure). They cover subjects like politics, nutrition, the merits of cold-water-swimming, feminism and so much more :) I learn a ton during each episode!

  4. Leigh says...

    My go tos:

    Mysterypedia: For all things mysteries! They cover history mysteries like the fountain or youth, cryptids, myths, and some true crime.
    Call your girlfriend: great commentary from two girl friends
    Oologies: they dig into the passions of different scientists!

  5. Alexandra says...

    I have been WFH since March of last year and desperately miss listening to podcasts during my commute. Here are a few of my favorites:

    *Ear Hustle (for a humanizing look at the life of incarcerated people)
    *Where Should We Begin? (for a fascinating peek into the inner workings of couples’ relationships)
    *Unlocking Us (for Brene’s warmth and the wisdom of the impressive people she interviews)
    *Modern Love (for stories that tug at my heartstrings without fail)
    *On Being (for inspiration and a feeling of connection with the world)
    *Tara Brach (for meditations and wisdom to guide me through tough times)
    *Moonface (for a fascinating story full of heart)
    *Table Manners (for laughs and yearnings to attend a really good dinner party post-covid)

    (Joanna, you MUST listen to “Where Should We Begin?” if you haven’t already–I see a post about it in our futures!)

  6. sarah says...

    Dolly Parton’s America!
    An old one but I’ve listened to it twice already and I absolutely adore it.

  7. Emma says...

    A Thing or Two! It’s like the podcast version of this blog.

    Two best friends, talking about shopping, motherhood, cooking – everything. It’s warm and funny and wonderful.

  8. Delilah says...

    You’re Wrong About and Maintenance Phase are my go-to pods, plus Keep It!

  9. Katie says...

    I have been loving “Sentimental Garbage” ‘s mini-series on Sex and the City with special guest Dolly Alderton. I love Dolly Alderton from her previous podcast, “The High-Low” as well her books and essays, and was excited she was teaming up with Caroline O’Donoghue on this SATC series (they are very close friends).

    They are both hilarious and very thoughtful on their comments and personal takes on the show. It’s not an episode-by-episode recount but more of a wholistic take on what each season meant.

    Since they are both writers, they point out themes and character analyses that are very in-depth and thought provoking. Plus, since they’re both British (Dolly, English and Caroline, Irish) their thoughts on America and NYC are both funny and enlightening.

    Each week is a new season so if you start now, you have 6 delectable episodes to listen to…they are releasing the second half of season 6 this week!

    Disclaimer: I think to really enjoy this podcast you have to be a pretty die-hard SATC fan. They go DEEP into episodes and characters. I think if you’ve only watched a few episodes here and there you wouldn’t get a lot of the references.

    • R says...

      Hey! quick point – if you are Irish you’re not British! You’re Irish. Not part of the UK.

  10. Verona says...

    My favourite is The Bittersweet Life! Two friends, one in Seattle, one in Rome. It’s for everyone who has ever thought about living abroad, likes to travel, loves Rome, art, or interesting stories. I started at the beginning and it basically helped me through last year’s lockdown. 🙌

  11. Beth says...

    For something that isn’t just talking, I love the Lost & Found Podcast. It’s billed as “The best music you’ve never heard.” The host picks several songs each week that he feels are worth listening to but were mostly overlooked. He spans genres and his picks are always so enjoyable to listen to.

  12. Emily Henderson says...

    You’re Wrong About!!! The hosts return to big stories in history like the Tuskegee Experiment or the news like the O.J. Simpson trial and show what was miss understood. They go deep with a lot of 90’s topics like moral panic, afterschool specials, they did a two-part series on Vanessa Williams. Very good Info-tainment. Lost Hills is also good. It’s true crime set in the Malibu hills.

    • Claire says...

      obsessed with you’re wrong about.

  13. Mina says...

    I really like Armchair Expert with Dax Shepherd! So many great interviews!

    • Elizabeth says...

      Same!! Love all the episodes but the Experts are my favorite!

  14. Sara says...

    Would be interested to hear of any good podcast series offering pep talks/mental health/happiness tips/free therapy!

    • Mandy says...

      Try Happier with Gretchen Rubin! I think it covers all of these bases!

    • Annie says...

      I’m a therapist and I love to listen to Hidden Brain, the Happiness Lab, Unlocking Us, and IndoctriNation (which is about cults and protecting yourself from manipulative groups or people, and systems of control – it is deep and dark at times but fascinating!)

    • KimS says...

      The One You Feed…my favorite of all.

  15. Annie says...

    Kelly Corrigan Wonders is my new favorite.

  16. Helene says...

    So many great ones has been mentioned, but I would also recommend Sibling Revelry with Kate and Oliver Hudson and Literally with Rob Lowe.
    I’m a sucker for celebrity podcasts, but the one podcast that has really made me love podcasts is Armchair Expert. And not just for their amazing guests and unrelenting honesty from the hosts, but they have so many experts on that teach me so much about myself!

  17. jamie says...

    Maintenance Phase, which breaks down the science/pseudo science and histories of different health fads (BMI, President’s Fitness Challenge, and Dr. Oz, to name a few).

    Busy Phillips is Doing Her Best. LONG but worth the listen. In one episode you will laugh your behind off, probably cry, and learn something new. It mostly focuses on pivots in people’s lives and is a good reminder that we ALL go through the same things as humans.

  18. Laura says...

    I can’t remember how I came upon it but the Dear Joan and Jericha podcast is this really dirty satire of people asking “agony aunts” for advice, which I find very funny if I’m in the right mood. And if I’m not, one of the hosts is also on the Fortunately podcast with Fi and Jane, which is two 50-something women discussing all sorts of things and interviewing people, and which never fails to make me laugh out loud. Basically I (not a British person) love all the BBC podcasts–including the classic Desert Island Discs–mustn’t forget that one!

  19. Kelsey says...

    I know I’m commenting belatedly, but just in case you will still see this, Joanna…It looks like only one commenter recommended You Must Remember This, the podcast from Karina Longworth that chronicles forgotten Hollywood history. I would absolutely recommend the most recent season Longworth did on Polly Platt, an often-unsung producing talent in Hollywood who was married to Peter Bogdanovich and helped make his films great, then went on to do the same for many other movies all the way up to Wes Anderson’s Bottle Rocket. Polly’s story is incredible and very moving. I cried during the last episode and am still so sad the season is over. (Oh, and the fact that Longworth is herself married to Rian Johnson, director of Knives Out, The Last Jedi, etc., adds a certain gloss to the whole thing.) I hope you check it out!

  20. Kelley says...

    I tried a page search for Scam and came up empty. Did no one mention Scam Goddess???? It is HILARIOUS. It’s honestly one of the only things I’ve been able to listen to this last year. I also love Unladylike, Family Ghosts, Heavyweight, and Code Switch

  21. Fiona says...

    Three absolute favourites are the already mentioned Code Switch, and the not-yet-mentioned All My Relations and the Toasted Sister Podcast. The second two are presented by Native American writers, artists, photographers, thinkers who talk about everything imaginable (black food! monogamy!) from the perspective of their and their guests’ respective Indigenous world views. Every episode (and frankly the IGs of everyone involved) are an absolute delight, and so funny and frank and challenging. So well worth it!

    I was just diagnosed a few weeks ago with ADHD and am now trying out LadyHD to learn more about myself and how I have come to this moment in my life without this deeper understanding of myself. I’m looking forward to learning more!

  22. Whitney says...

    Podcasts are my absolute favorite way to consume media. I am excited to look into ones mentioned here in the comments!
    My favorites:

    Deep Questions (Cal Newport has changed my life with his books and his podcast motivates me so much!)
    Armchair Expert
    How Did This Get Made?
    Code Switch
    Sustainable Minimalists
    Simple Families
    Minimalist Moms
    Your Undivided Attention (thank you Tristan Harris for all of your work to share truth about AI, algorithms, and what social media is doing to us)

    Rabbit Hole and Nice White Parents were excellent series done by NYT and I learned so much through them.

  23. Anna Kowalak says...

    Add to Cart & Foxy Browns!

  24. I’m writer and educator, but the pandemic has turned me into the sole childcare provider for my 16 month-old daughter. We listen to a LOT of podcasts…like all day long!

    The best new(er) podcast that we have listened to is Uncivil, which turns lesser known Civil War stories into gripping narratives. (Think Civil War as spy thriller, with a healthy dose of cultural analysis.)

    I’m also loving the unedited versions of the always wonderful On Being. These longer recordings are just as moving and beautiful as the produced versions, and they are also full of glittering, hidden moments that for whatever reason don’t make it into the final, polished version.

    Finally, a friend of a friend (and superstar Hollywood dialect coach) has a fun and inspiring podcast on how to use your voice to influence others. It’s called Permission to Speak, and it features amazing guests like Sarah Hurwitz, who was Michelle Obama’s speechwriter.

  25. Annie says...

    I have been loving the new Revie Jane podcast! She just started doing it (it’s called ‘Empowered with Revie’) and they’re so honest and raw and she is amazing (check out her instagram, too).
    Also something a little more off the beaten track is a podcast called Battle Ready with Aaron and Erwin Raphael McManus. They’re very forward thinking and encouraging on all things future oriented, it’s always an interesting listen/different approach.

  26. Isabelle B Gallant says...

    I’ve been binging the Period Power podcast! Hopefully someone on this long thread has already mentioned it :) It’s totally changing the way I think about my cycle in an AMAZING way and the host, Maisie Hill, has a really natural, conversational delivery that makes her feel like your best friend as she’s educating and empowering you.

  27. Aura Parks-Wise says...

    My podcast listening is all about escapism and laughter:
    How Did This Get Made– this one has me dying every week… you don’t even need to watch the movies!
    Bitch Sesh– casey wilson, danielle schneider and fab guests breakdown all the housewives. essential.
    Attitudes! Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi on pop culture. absurd and hilarious.
    Ask Ronna– Bryan again with Jessica Chaffin as Ronna Glickman. ++++!

  28. “POOG”! It’s two friends chatting and it’s funny and comforting.

  29. Melanie says...

    It’s an incredible podcast that follows the story of Molly Hawkey and her journey to become a mother through sperm donation. She starts out interviewing friends to see if they would donate, eventually moves onto donor sperm and IVF, experiences pregnancy and loss. The show is so well done and thoughtful and helpful to people struggling with infertility. She’s also a comedian so it’s funny too!

  30. Rachel McShane says...

    Sentimental Garbage- Sex and the City. For serious fans of the show it follows one podcast per season of sex and the city. The hosts Dolly Alderton and Caroline O’Donahugh are hilarious! makes you feel like youre hanging out with old friends. This has inspired a complete re-watch of the series for me – highly recommend!!

  31. Kiki says...

    Lore is excellent, and Creative Happy Hour is really inspirational- an episode for everyone!

  32. Mags says...

    I love Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place.! The interviews are wonderful.

  33. Amanda says...

    “Dolly Parton’s America” is an outstanding work of journalism. I have gotten all kinds of different people (both Dolly fans and not) in my life to listen to it and they have all loved it. It takes on politics, identity, music, history, feminism and SO much more.

    I also really love “The Longest Shortest Time” about parenthood and families, and “Where Shall We Begin?” a relationship therapy podcast from Esther Perel.

    • Lori says...

      Amanda, my husband and I just started “Dolly Parton’s America” over the weekend AND CANNOT STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. So good!

    • Sarah says...

      The longest shortest time was such an excellent podcast!

  34. Hawley says...

    Where Should We Begin by Esther Perel! She is a renowned relationship therapist and each episode features a different couple going through a real therapy session. It’s empathetic and honest and there is SO MUCH you can learn listening to her guide couples through their issues. Plus, it’s fascinating to get a glimpse at what other people go through!

  35. Janecia says...

    I’m know I’m late to the party but S Town!! Soooo goood

  36. Amanda Bittorf says...

    Free Time with Jenny Blake! Great for a small business owner or entrepreneur.<3

  37. Katherine says...

    Be There In Five podcast. It’s very conversational and flowy and I love it. The community that the host (Kate Kennedy) has built is incredible, and it’s so funny, thoughtful, light, and serious all at the same time. She tackles pop culture issues, societal issues, and a lot of influencer culture/nostalgia stuff. I look forward to it and savor it every week.

  38. j says...

    Lockdown parenting hell podcast- if you’re into British comedy. Very very funny!

  39. Lauren says...

    Throughline and This American Life are both fantastic and a big part of my motivation to go walk.

    • crystal says...

      Those are pretty much the only 2 podcasts I listen to on my daily walks but occasionally I will sprinkle in an episode of Planet Money to learn more on a certain topic…HUGE public radio nerd here!

  40. Jo Mackintosh says...

    Recommendations from the UK:

    Fortunately with Fi and Jane – engaging, funny, heartfelt banter
    Out to Lunch – Guardian Restaurant Critic Jay Rayner takes a guest out/in for lunch – good range of guests, really great interviews.
    Love stories – Dolly Alderton interviews guests about love.
    Dear Joan and Jericha – not for the faint hearted, very rude – but very funny.
    Adam Buxton Podcast – comedian Adam Buxton interviews a range of guests. Silly, funny, brilliant
    Grounded with Louis Theroux – fantastic range of guests FKA Twigs one is awesome :)

  41. Kimberly S Locke says...

    1- 10 Things To Tell You with Laura Tremaine.
    Laura is a masterclass in connection and a DELIGHT find her at:

    2-The Popcast with Knox and Jamie
    Try the Episode 388 The No’s of Dating :)

    3-Mamamia Out Loud
    Mia, Holly, and Jessie live in Australia and talk 3 times a week about what women are talking about. I adore them

    4- Reply All #158 The Case of the Missing Hit

    5- Office Ladies

    6- Evolving Faith

    7-Track Your Life with Boyd Varty
    (Read his book The Cathedral of the Wild) He lives in South Africa out in the bush and it’s a bit woo woo and a bit AMAZING

    8-Armchair Expert

    9-Fresh Air:

    10- Slow Burn on Clinton

  42. Michelle t says...

    Hi. My podcast choices are a little odd, but I’m crazy about Tudor history, and British mystery shows. Some picks…
    Talking Tudors with Natalie Grueninger
    The Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes podcast (goes through every episode of the PBS masterpiece and ITV Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett from the 80’s and 90’s)
    Midsomer Maniacs (this goes through every episode of Midsomer Murders. The show is on season 22, and the podcast is on season 13)
    Tudors Dynasty
    History Extra
    Tudor History with Claire Ridgeway
    The Medieval Podcast
    Scrapbook Your Way
    Life Handmade by Scrapbook dot com
    Elise Gets Crafty
    Thanks for some great suggestions!
    Michelle t

  43. Nigerian Girl says...

    Although I’m not really into podcasts, I do listen to Fresh Air with Terry Gross from time to time. Last year in the thick of the lockdown, I enjoyed Sugar Calling hosted by Cheryl Strayed. The episodes with Margaret Atwood and George Saunders were incisive and comforting. And then thanks to the many comments on this post, I just started listening to Renegades: Born in the USA and I love it.

  44. Kristina says...

    Another vote for Death, Sex & Money – Anna Sale is one of the greatest interviewers out there. Her voice, thoughtful questions, and genuine empathy for her guests has kept me a fan for many years. I cannot recommend it enough!

  45. Julia says...

    You’re Wrong About is sososo good, especially the series they did on Princess Diana!
    I’m in the middle of Welcome to Your Fantasy, which is about the history of the Chippendale’s – highly recommend! I think it might only be available on Spotify.

  46. Tess says...

    Smartness, Armchair Expert

    • Tess says...


  47. Tamsin says...

    Mob queens is great! I love well-researched podcasts. Also loved Rabbit Hole if you like investigative journalism and The Canary as well. Just recently listened to S-town which was amazing. For something funny I love Smartless as many people have mentioned. Thanks for all the recommendations!

  48. Ahoova says...

    Also, I love Ratchet and Respectable.

    • lynn m. says...

      just discovered and I am obsessed!!!!!

  49. Right now I’m devouring 60 songs that explain the 90’s.

    Hysterical and insightful explanations into the songs that influenced me the most during my teen years.

    I have cackled at loud, sung the long forgotten but familiar lyrics.

    It is a walk down (emo) memory lane- one that I really needed during this depressing time.

    • Natalie T. says...

      This looks SO interesting!

  50. Elisabeth says...

    The Great Indoors – with Kate Watson-Smyth and Sophie Robinson

    It’s hilarious and informative!

  51. Giovanna says...

    1. Hidden Brain
    2. Freakconomics
    3. Philosophize this
    4. In the dark
    5. Terrible, thanks for asking
    6. Ear hustle

  52. SK says...

    “Keen On” with Andrew Keen. A daily podcast with very interesting guests and discussions.

    For books – if it hasn’t yet been mentioned – “What Should I Read Next” with Anne Bogel.

  53. Suneeti Kaushal says...

    “Keen On” with Andrew Keen. A daily podcast with very interesting guests and discussions.

    For books – if it hasn’t yet been mentioned – “What Should I Read Next” with Anne Bogel.

  54. Marta says...

    Unlocking Us w/ Brene Brown is so insightful & interesting. She has guests on every week from a wide range of disciplines like relationship researchers
    The Gottmans, neuroscientist David Eaglemen, & even Barack Obama. Highly recommend!

  55. Laly says...

    I’ve reas through so many of these and am so grateful for the suggestions! CanNOT believe that O haven’t read about Armchair Expert yet, though! My absolute fave!!!

  56. Jean says...

    Not all first mentions, but I always find it helpful to see if multiple people like something. My favs:
    The Daily (duh)
    You’re Wrong About
    Maintenance Phase
    The minimalists
    The Lazy Genius
    Happier with Gretchen Rubin
    Happier in Hollywood
    How I built This
    Simple Families

  57. The MomForce Podcast by Vanessa Quigley! I love how she interviews influential women about the nitty gritty aspects of life and parenting 💛

  58. Dhila says...

    I listen to a soccer (football…) one religiously called Set Piece Menu. It’s a nice distraction because I care about the sport but at the end of the day it’s just a sport :)

  59. Emily Kulkarni says...

    I’ve been really enjoying audiobooks. For some reason during the pandemic, I need something more substantial and sustained than podcasts – probably because my nightly walks are the backbone of my days now. Also, it becomes a mindfulness exercise because you really can’t let your thoughts wander or you’ll miss plot.

  60. Jenna says...

    Forever35! They feel like friends. I love it! I first learned about them on COJ a few years ago.

  61. Gigi says...

    So Many!

    1. I love CBC’s Podcast Playlist. It helps me discover new shows.

    2. Welcome to your Fantasy – about Chippendales! It’s so fascinating so far.

    3. Lost Notes from KCRW. Amazing stories about musicians and artists. Well produced and artsy.

    4. Land of Desire – it’s about France and French culture. It’s really relaxing & lovely.

    5. Why Won’t You Date Me – It’s Nicole Byer’s podcast. She’s so funny and raw. If you’re single in your 30s you can probably get into this one.

    There’s just so many good ones!

  62. Fiona says...

    For me, my top 3 are :
    Space Time with Stuart Gary -half an hour, twice a week listening to an amazing Australian guy telling me all about what’s going on in the world of astronomy.
    Soul Music from BBC RADIO 4, where each episode, they choose a famous song or piece of music and talk to people for whom it holds a special importance in their lives.
    The Infinite Monkey Cage also from BBC radio 4, which is a clever and irreverent look at science.

    My kids enjoy Tumble (a science based podcast) and The Past and the Curious (a podcast about history).

  63. Dominika says...

    I love Feel Better, Live More and The Emma Guns Show. Both UK based podcasters. Very interesting and often thought provoking.

  64. Nikki says...

    I absolutely LOVE podcasts and this year I listened to hours worth thanks to two-week hotel quarantines/social distancing/cross world moving. So I made a list, although absolutely no one asked me to do so. :) ps I like story type podcasts rather than interview style: you won’t see any “celebrity” interview podcasts on here.

    Best Podcasts EPISODES of 2020:These are some of my favorite long running shows. My favorite show is Heavyweight.
    Radio Lab- Sight Unseen (technically Jan 2021. Trigger warning, discusses death of US Marine), The Great Vaccinator
    Reply All- Case of Missing Hit, 30-50 Feral Hogs (technically 2019)
    Criminal- The Clearwater Monster
    Heavyweight- Vivian (I love all the episodes really)
    The Anthropocene Reviewed- Mortification and Civilization
    This is Love- The Wolves
    Modern Love- How Bibliophiles Flirt
    Resistance- Shake the Room
    The MOTH- Facing The Dark
    Post Reports- The Life of George Floyd
    The Daily- Delilah, The Sunday Read: Lost in the Deep, The Killing of Breonna Taylor Part 1 & Part 2, The Criminal Underworld of Child Abuse Part 1 & 2
    Invisibilia- An Unlikely Superpower
    This American Life- The Out Crowd, Too Close to Home specifically act 3 (these are technically end 2019)
    Code Switch- The White Elephants In The Room

    Best Mini-series Podcasts of 2020:
    The Other Latif- Imbedded inside RadioLab- About a prisoner in Guantanamo bay
    Nice White Parents- About a school reform and white families’ role in it.
    Canary- Sexual Assault in DC/Alabama and the connections between two women (trigger warning- discusses sexual assault cases. More about the aftermath of the crimes)
    No Compromise- A really informative podcast about gun control and those who believe in No Compromise gun laws.
    Murder in House Two- About the Hadith Massacre in Iraq (trigger warning for this as it discusses Haditha Massacre in Iraq and the USMC’s role)
    Floodlines- The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

    Other shows I like, sometimes. Other times I find them to be long/boring/annoying: Where Should We Begin, You’re Wrong About, My Favorite Murder, The Dream

    Great mini-series podcasts that are not 2020: Dolly Parton’s America, The Teacher’s Pet, The Habitat, Serial, Crimetown, Detective Trapp, Caliphate (this podcast came under fire recently), More Perfect, 1619, Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez.

    • Katie says...

      Thank you for this awesome list! I listened to four years of RadioLab during lockdown (everything that’s available on Spotify) and it’s been so interesting to hear these incredible stories and really puts things into perspective. Sight-Unseen was such a captivating story.

      My favorite episode has been Elements. With the Sylvan Esso song? Ah! So good. I will definitely check out Heavyweight!

    • Nikki says...

      Katie I’m so glad you appreciate the list. I posted it to Facebook in January which is why I included the trigger warnings about USMC. My husband is an active duty Marine and so are many of our friends. The Unseen episode definitely broke me. I LOVED the Elements episode and Jamie’s song has been on repeat in my household too.

      Definitely check out Heavyweight. It will make you laugh, cry and think.


  65. Maggie says...

    Be There in Five by Kate Kennedy and Friendly Atheist Podcast have been my favorites recently. Big podcast gal here. Other good ones good for my brain are planet money, chooseFI, Left, Right and Center.

  66. Rebecca says...

    Julie: The Unwinding of the Miracle was beautiful and heartbreaking and haunting. I was laughing and sobbing. It is a short episodic podcast of a mother facing the end of her life. More inspiring than sad and wonderfully created.

    • Jen says...

      Loved it too!

  67. Sarah says...

    Forever35 and POOG are my faves, also the whole pod save family, and Still Processing.

  68. Julie Day says...

    Brene Brown, Unlocking Us…and Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

  69. Kaitlin says...

    Some of my favourites:
    Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo
    Planet Money
    This American Life
    You’re Wrong About

  70. Natalie T. says...

    1. Bad on Paper – like listening to a conversation between 2 girlfriends + great book recs. Try the Elizabeth Gilbert episode.

    2. Show Your Work by Lainey Gossip. Great celebrity analysis and the actual work that goes into being a celebrity. Listen to: the Taylor Jenkins Reid episodes (parts 1 and 2). Great for Daisy Jones and the Six fans. Also listen to the Meghan Markle, Harry, and Oprah interview breakdown.

    3. Create the Love. All about relationships and psychology. Sooo good. Mark Groves is my go-to for all things relationships.

  71. Liz says...

    So many great recommendations! I really enjoy Fresh Air with Terry Gross. It’s the same NPR show that she’s always had, but you can listen as a podcast. She had amazing guests and asks really good questions. Also, I enjoyed Dear Therapists. Folks call in with a problem and get a therapy session with two counselors. So interesting!

  72. Krystel says...

    I’ve loved Dying for Sex – about female friendships, exploring your sexuality, dying of breast cancer, and what discovering what truly matters in life.

  73. The Minimalist Moms Podcast!!

  74. Megan says...

    I love this! How Did This Get Made?, Pod Save America, Smartless

  75. Emma says...

    No Such Thing as a Fish! It’s British and kind of a spin off of some quiz show they have but it’s amazing. There are four people who talk about the most random facts that they have come across in their research. Whenever I can’t sleep I put it on, (although it’s nice to listen to on walks or while doing chores too!) but it’s perfect to fall asleep to, the accents, the facts, the way you can dip in and out and listen in any order. I love it.

    • Alice says...

      The quiz show is QI, and I think some of the podcasters are researchers. I think you can find episodes on YouTube if you can’t get bbc iplayer.

  76. Mary says...

    I find No Such Thing As a Fish perfect for walks! Silly, funny and very entertaining.

  77. Nell says...

    I’ve seen all my favorites already listed, except for….

    The Dream – season 1 is about MLMs, season 2 is about the Wellness industry. Sure makes ya think!!

    • Maggie says...

      I love love love this one!! I want more episodes!

  78. Ashley says...

    You’re Wrong About – Michael and Sarah are chef’s kiss!

    • Ash says...

      This is one of the best podcasts ever. It’s really smartly done, you learn a lot about something that happened as you were growing up so a lot of our viewpoints were largely informed by how the media presented the info. It’s amazing to relearn so many things in a very thoughtful, funny, and engaging way. 10/10 would recommend You’re Wrong About.

    • Jen C. says...

      YES! YWA lives rent-free in my ears!

  79. Morgan says...

    I’d like to add in:
    “Pantsuit politics” for amazingly nuanced political conversations.
    “Kelly Corrigan wonders” for amazing stories on change, grief and the human experience.
    “Terrible, thanks for asking” because come on Nora Mcinerny is a true delight.
    “Gee thanks just bought it” for all the product recommendations and even has two episodes with our beloved Kate Baer.

    • Jody Winter says...

      I second Pantsuit Politics. I live in New Zealand but I have learned so much from Beth and Sarah over the years, both about U.S. politics and life in general.

  80. Eve says...

    I can’t believe no one is listening to…

    “Everything is Fine” – a series for women on life over 40

    It is the one podcast I seriously look forward to every week.

    Everything is Fine is a series for women on life over 40. Hosted by former Lucky magazine founding editor Kim France and author and editor Jennifer Romolini, each episode digs deep into the identity shift that comes with navigating this alternately weird and liberating stage of life. A chat-show with themed episodes and interview guests from the media and entertainment worlds, we tackle our fears, our health, our careers, self-care, and how to negotiate being called “middle-aged” when you feel anything but.

    • Katie says...

      Hard agree!!

    • Kim says...

      I like that one too!

    • Katie says...

      Madness Madness is a really funny take on cults and so interesting!

  81. SDNY says...

    I’m not into true crime and need a break from news and politics some times. My go to during the past year for engaging and upbeat have been
    Home Cooking (short series with Samin Nosrat and it’s just delightful and kid safe)
    By The Book
    Movie Therapy with Kristin and Rafer

    Michelle Obama did a podcast for one season and the conversations were great