Babies in Paris

My mom also sent us some photos of our family in Paris, right after my sister and I were born. I totally adore this breastfeeding photo, it looks so tender and made me a little teary. Here are more photos from Paris…

And I’m also amazed that her clothes look so current!

You can see Versailles in the background…

My mom delivered us by C-section at the American Hospital of Paris and stayed for a whopping ten days afterwards to rest. My mom also said the hospital food was amazing, including slices of Camembert.

The view from the Eiffel Tower…

I really loved looking through these; thank you so much, Mama! It was the best birthday present.

  1. Hello Jo,
    I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now, but I have never left a comment – well I think you just have too many to read allready.
    But today I really had to because, you see, I also had twins recently. I can’t help but to feel close to all the twin mothers, even if they are in the other side of the world (I’m from Portugal). The one thing I notice in those amazing photos and that really stands out is the happiness look of your mom and that just assures me that no matter what, our babies are the most precious gift in our lifes.
    And I just wish that my girls (along with my 3 year old) think of me the way you think of your mother when I’m 60.
    I wish you all the best Jo, for you and your family.

  2. beautiful photos! I was also born in Paris so recognise most of the photo locations :) have you even been? x

  3. The photos are wonderful!I think you look like your dad, am I right?

  4. my sister was born in that hospital in paris

  5. Very nice post. I not only discovered your blog, I feel like I ‘got to know you’. Good luck in the challenge.


  6. wonderful, darling photographs! :)

  7. Teresa Mezzina says...

    These pictures are soooo Amazing!! your mom was so stylish and beautiful!

  8. Gorgeous! The second-to-last photo with the baguette made me laugh out loud. :)

  9. i absolutely love this Jo! What a great gift. Also, makes me realize how my own kids will enjoy all the photos of them traveling as babies… and being breastfed on european streets! :)

  10. I Loved Paris…
    and I loved Babys ! I loved the pictures !

  11. AG says...

    nice pictures!

  12. you must LOVE THESE PHOTOS. how wonderful for you to have these! love vintage photographs. so cool to look back. esp love the breastfeeding photos.

  13. emma says...

    I love these pictures! Amazing! Do you have a picture of your mom what she looks like now? She’s beautiful. And I love to see how people changed over the years.

  14. Luv these pictures. Treasure them! You both were some lucky babies!!!

  15. Eva says...

    These are amazing, sooo sweet! Thank you so much for sharing them with us, it is so personal and i feel really privillieged!

  16. Beautiful photographs. I didn’t know you were a twin.
    Wow, your mom is chic. What a beautiful place to be brought into this world.

  17. these photos are so beautiful and inspiring! your mother seems like she had a lovely life raising you all in paris. i would love to do that myself. i wonder if it was difficult for her without having family there to lean on? thank you for sharing.

  18. Kelsey says...

    Wow, what a treasure. Isn’t is crazy to see pics of your parents and realize how YOUNG they look? Just a couple of crazy kids starting a family.

  19. Lovely photos. Your mom is beautiful.

  20. Your mom is so beautiful. :)

  21. i loooove these! what treasures. i just recently went through old photos at my mom’s house too. so fun!

  22. so sweet the first one!

  23. The one with you (or your sister) eating the baguette just kills me!

  24. Gorgeous! Do you still have the mouse toy?

  25. these are SO precious, thank you for sharing them with us! i love the big sandwich bite!

  26. I am in awe…your mom is so chic! I am enamored by twins!! I cross my fingers that I have them one day, double dosage of squeezing!
    Sooo darn sweet, thanks for sharing

  27. These posts are so sweet. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Marie says...

    I have been a long time reader, but first time commenter :) I am a twin myself, and these photos made me smile! My sister and I celebrated our birthday the day before you and your sister! I hope yours was glorious :)

  29. pretty rockstar parents!
    how great to have those stories shared.

  30. this blogpost is just amazing. I can’t stop looking at those cute pictures. so lovely.

  31. What a lovely little couple of posts. My sister has just had twins. One of hers is Freddie. I love the reverse psycology of the triplet thing though.He may have been not sure but if they did that on purpose that would be genius! Thanks xx

  32. Great photos. I love seeing the city appear in photos with my kids. That way if we ever leave they will always have Paris.

  33. those made me warm and fuzzy inside. you get 100 extra cool points for being born in paris fyi…

    did you ever do anything uncool?

  34. this post, and the last post, are SO sweet and endearing! I loved seeing how your mother gracefully carried you and your sister, and how beautiful she is!

    I think it’s so romantic that you were born in Paris!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


  35. your mom is beautiful! what a dreamy story-having twins in paris. thanks so much for sharing these meaningful pics. i have twin girls too, so they meant a lot to look at!

  36. Your mama was very beautiful!

  37. ahhh i squeeled at the cuteness of those mushy butts!!! such fantastic photos & did not know you were born in paris, too cool. you must feel a great connection there.


  38. Awww! Your Mom was so stylish; love the brown boots she’s wearing. And you wee babies were adorable! :)

  39. priceless! Thanks for sharing. They put a smile on my face.

  40. Wow, these pictures are absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing! xx.

  41. Is it weird that my eye zeroed in on your mom’s boots?

    Lovely images.

  42. adorable

  43. Looks like scenes from a dreamy French movie. Your mom is so beautiful!

  44. First steps in Paris !!! It might was worst … ( hope it means something in english !! because I am french , and my language not too good …).
    Lovely pictures , lots of love in your mum’s eyes !!!

    luv your blog so much …

    Kisses from Corsica .

  45. so sweet and cool! Your mother is so calm and comfort with you two! It is so optimistic! Loving the photos!

  46. These last two posts are just so sweet :)
    I’ll have a happier day I think!


  47. Oh! These are just so LOVELY! How great to have been sent these by your Mum. I can seriously understand why you shed a tear, I think all the rest of us has just gazing at them.

    Belated Happy Birthday from England!

    (ps. That wallpaper is great!)

  48. Wonderful memories!

  49. Anonymous says...

    HI,Joanna did you realised that your Dad and Alex are quite similar when you look on pics? It is said, that girl is always looking for some daddy alike husband:))) is it so?:))))have a nice Wednesday:) it is freezing on my part:) monika hes

  50. I see Toby in the blue snowsuit! :)

    also, those cute little butts kill me.

  51. I LOVE THESE! you are so lucky to have them, they are precious. in that first picture, I love the wallpaper! dont you wish they had stayed in paris?!

  52. its wonderful ! the best post i’ve ever seen !

  53. Joanna,
    darling, does this mean you were born in paris? you were a parisian before you were a new yorker!

  54. Such SUCH great photos! I’m in love with the toddler shots, not to mention the wallpaper (!!!) and the baby buggy. I’ve so enjoyed these past couple of posts (well, you know, in addition to your other pitch perfect ones). Thanks, as always, for sharing with us!

  55. Old photos never stop making me smile! I’ve recently also started going through some of our family’s old ones, the memories they hold!

  56. I love them! Thanks for sharing. What a sweet gift of life your mom gave you and a sweet present to remind you how much you mean to her. :)

    You both were so adorable, by the way.

  57. Anonymous says...

    Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures, your mom is SO beautiful and stylish. I also love how she is carrying you and your sister in a carrier! nothing like being close to mom and dad.

  58. GOSH, to the stylish life born, lady!
    Jet-setting hipster parents, sexy wallpaper, Paris in your blood…it explains a lot about you!

  59. These photos are fantastic!

  60. those photos are treasures! happy belated birthday joanna!

  61. Lovely pics! Your dad looks like Dennis Quaid!

  62. oohh i LOVE these. how wonderful, thank you so much with sharing with us!! :)

  63. Lovely photos! Your mom is so beautiful! What a wonderful gift!

  64. Such wonderful pictures!!! We’ve been looking through old family pictures too, and can’t help but tear up every now and again :)

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  66. How lovely to have these memories!

  67. I couldn’t wait to finish my homework and read today’s post! :) THanks again for sharing–what great pictures!

  68. Well Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing the lovely photos and the story below.

  69. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos! They brought such a smile to my face, which it needed during this terribly cold blizzard.

  70. I’m not sure if this has been said, but I love that the aforementioed mouse with the two little mice is in the top photo. So cute!

  71. those are the sweetest photos I’ve ever seen!! thanks somuch for sharing…such a beautiful family!

  72. I love these photos!! such sweet moments :) happy belated birthday!

  73. your mom has great style in these photos! i love the shirt she’s wearing in the shot at versailles! and that one of you eating the baguette is so hilarious!

  74. Wow…. these photos are so beautiful, warm, and joyful. <3 it.

  75. Gosh, I DID think it was YOU in the first photo. Just so sweet!

  76. I always think that things looked so much simpler back then…were they I wonder??

  77. How sweet! I love your mom’s clothes, too. I have a photo of my mom on my fridge, with me in a baby carriage, and she is wearing the most gorgeous pair of brown boots and hip sunglasses. I wish I had them now!

  78. So sweet and beautiful! thank you for sharing that moment.
    kisses from Paris!

  79. adorable!

  80. so beautiful! you look just like her! these are wonderful photos! I love looking at all the pics from my childhood. I would post some but my mom was a hippie and most are of her walking around nude!

  81. I love these photos! I’m due with twins myself in June and it makes me so excited to have two little ones to enjoy. Happy birthday!

  82. Oh wow. Love these! Too cute. Makes me wanna go call my mom. : )

  83. this is so beautiful and touching…thanks for sharing such a personal story!

  84. I always think twins would be so daunting but here both of your parents look totally happy and relaxed. Maybe twins aren’t so terrifying after all!

  85. These are so precious. You two look a lot like you’re mom. You’re all so pretty! I like the photo of the two of you and you’re bare baby bums :)

  86. What a fun story and photos to match!

  87. these are beautiful. you’re so lucky to have these treasures. i would spend hours looking through old family photos.

  88. These photos are amazing and such a treat to look at! Your mother is so beautiful!

  89. so adorable!you have a very beautiful family.your mom is so pretty,:)happy birthday!

  90. baby eating baguette…tres chic!

  91. Thanks for sharing these personal photos with us. The love the contrast between the one of you and your sis lying on the bed with no clothes on and the following photo where you are all wrapped up in a snow suit! Adorable. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have twins. Double special, I guess! xx

  92. How refreshing! Sweet memories of new parenthood…in Paris, no less!

  93. Your mom is such a stylish lady!
    I love it!

    On another note:
    Can you post a cutesy Valentines Day gift guide like you do for the holidays?
    I’m looking for something sweet and creative for my boyfriend (who lives in NYC) and I think you’re just the person to ask!


  94. beautiful photos!! and your mom *does* look very current!!
    my aunt gave birth in France and she too had a long hospital stay- 8 days! and she told me how each afternoon she would get tea and biscuts :)
    makes me want to have all my future babies in france!!

  95. First thing I thought after looking at this was how current the clothes look. Your mom is so beautiful by the way.

    The Cheeky Cafe

  96. Love these pictures Joanna–thanks for sharing! I was in Europe in 1980-1981–not too long after your parents were. These images are so sweet. <3

  97. What great photos! AND what a beautiful mama! I love posting vintage mom pics :) Love the blog, Jo! So happy to follow!
    Erika (Radiant Republic)

  98. What beautiful photos! Wouldn’t it be nice to have every major life moment in Paris?

    I just referenced you & your wonderful attitude on a blogpost about handling criticism (and salty blog comments!) — I’m so grateful for your optimism & outlook!

  99. These photos are amazing! What an amazing start to life you had. Oh, and your mom would have been a great blogger!

  100. Ahhh, what lovely photos.. real treasures.. xxxx xx

  101. These photos are amazing. I can’t believe how much you look like your Mom in the first photo. Thanks for sharing.

  102. These are absolutely fantastic!

  103. What a treasure! I’m really into family history and I think this is great! :) And I didn’t realize you were a twin! That’s awesome!

  104. what a treasure these are! your mom looks so young and chic, thanks for sharing :D

  105. Your mother looks gorgeous in every photo, I think you look just like her “on the first photo.”

  106. Aaahh so sweet! I especially love the one of the 4 of you, your mom is gorgeous!!

  107. So beautiful & heart warming.

  108. these photos are so sweet! it’s so beautifully clear that your parents enjoyed raising you & your sister :)

  109. jo, these photos are amazing.
    what a way to come into the world, in paris. makes me really think about the upbringing i’d want to give my kids…and how cool yours was.
    i love the matching blue jackets!!

  110. oh my goodness, how adorable! i still can’t believe your mom was over in PARIS pregnant with TWINS! that’s so magical!

  111. these are great to see! we lived abroad for a year in the Middle East a couple years ago when my daughter was 1.5 – 2.5 years old. I hope she loves to see her little self all the way across the world when she sees them as an adult.

  112. Not only is the subject of the first image heart-warming, the room is so chic!

    Love it.