Joanna Goddard Alex Williams wedding

Joanna Goddard Alex Williams wedding

Alex and I have been married for just over 12 years. We’re celebrating our anniversary this weekend (slightly belated!). We don’t always exchange gifts, but I was thinking about things Alex likes…

negroni Alex Williams

…including Negronis. Alex fell in love with the Italian cocktail on our honeymoon — and he’s had them a million times since.

So, when I came across this Negroni sweatshirt, I did a little dance. I hope it will make him smile and remember our breezy honeymoon and newlywed days (before our little minis roared onto the scene:).

Thoughts? What gifts do you get for anniversaries? Do you follow the annual themes? Also, the brand has a bunch of other food and drink merch — check them out, they’re fun!

P.S. The very first emails we sent to each other, and would you do a wedding first look?