Honeymoon Photos: Italy

My dear readers, Alex and I just got home from our two-week honeymoon to Italy and Greece, and I’d love to share a few photos, if you’d like to see…
Our first stop was Positano, a teeny seaside town on the Amalfi Coast, the most magnificent and charming place in the world. Even though it’s a popular destination, it still feels like a authentic small town.
We were lucky enough to stay for four days at the Villa Fiorentino, a 6th-century home owned by a warm and wonderful Italian family. Our honeymoon suite had an outdoor shower and a little pool overlooking the town!
The bedroom was fancy, too. We secretly pretended that we lived there.
I’m more of a doggy-paddler than a swimmer, but the water in Positano is so salty that it keeps you afloat. We spent each afternoon floating on our backs in the clear blue water, gazing up at the town and pinching ourselves. One day, we also rented a giant pool float, and it felt like we were drifting in the sea on a double bed, which was funny and awesome.
At night, we’d head up to Montepertuso, the little town above Positano, for dinner; the restaurants would send a driver to pick you up (that’s typical but feels so swanky!). We ate an especially incredible meal one night of pasta with shrimp and lobster, and a starter of grilled mozzarella on lemon leaves, a local specialty. Seinfeld says the secret ingredient to anything delicious is cinnamon, but I’d say it’s lemon!
One afternoon, we took a boat trip to Capri and met cute couples from Australia, Africa, Russia and Hong Kong. It felt great to be out on the water.
During our boat trip, Alex took another little boat into the Blue Grotto, where the reflected sunlight makes the water glow blue. Gorgeous, right?
But the catch? To get inside the cave, you have to wait for the waves to subside, and then everyone in the boat has to lie down, so the boat can squeeze through a tiny hole in the rock (can you see it?). Freaky!
Being a tried-and-true claustrophobe, I was happy to watch my brave husband from a safe distance.
On our final night, on my dad’s recommendation, we dressed up and went for cocktails at the fanciest hotel in town, Le Sireneuse. The waitress brought us chewy homemade potato chips, and Alex got a Negroni (his new favorite drink; now he orders it everywhere we go) and I got a crisp white wine. The sun was setting, and we felt sunkissed and wonderful–it was one of those perfect life moments.
Then we said goodbye to our beloved Positano and traveled north to Rome–a surprisingly easy jump up on the fast train–and spent three days exploring the city. Alex, of course, was obsessed with the history and spent hours at the Colosseum and in the Forum.
We wandered down twisty streets and dipped our hands in cool fountains. My favorite afternoon was spent visiting the Villa Borghese with its stunning art collection of a (now long dead) jovial cardinal and his family. We took the audio tour, which was hilariously irreverent and described the scandals behind each painting (the myths! the murders! socially inappropriate nudes of famous people!).
At night, we’d walk to to local restaurants for gut-busting pastas. One evening, Alex took a Sartorialist-inspired photo of me on the cobblestone streets outside our hotel. (I know, my flip flops would never cut it on his real blog!) We were staying at Maria Rosa Guesthouse with airy bedrooms rented out by a lovely French woman.
For dinner, Alex quickly become obsessed with carbonara and couldn’t resist ordering it wherever we went. I loved cacio e pepe, a simple but rich pasta with Pecorino Romana cheese and tons of pepper. On our last night, we finally splurged and got dessert, too, and it was fabulous–a housemade tiramisu, which came in a glass with espresso at the bottom and thick hot chocolate on top.
Overall, our Italy trip was absolutely a dream come true, and we felt so grateful and lucky. Thank you so much for sharing our excitement! (Greece is up next!) xoxo

  1. I stumbled across your blog and I am so glad I did. After seeing the gorgeous Villa Fiorentino and the honeymoon suite you have made it so easy for my fiance and I to decide on where we will be staying in Positano. It looks like a dream!

  2. Congratulations :):) ,, i want my honeymoon to be in italy :) ..I hope!

  3. So sweet I could cry! :)

    Greece is so amazing and looks like you guys did it perfectly! ;)

  4. I was in Italy last year, and not one day has gone by where I do not think of Cacio e Pepe.

  5. In the middle of October, my husband and I just got back from our honeymoon in Rome, Italy!! Some of your pictures are very similar to ours. It was wonderful and we miss it already!

  6. Oh my, you had dinner just opposite my old flat! Testaccio’s a really Roman part of Rome (if that makes any sense). It looks as if you had a brilliant, brilliant time.

  7. positano =heaven. i think you just had my dream honeymoon. congrats!

  8. I know this post is a little old, but these photos are great. You two exude the honeymooners glow in these photos. Italy and Greece would be my dream come true for a honeymoon. But for now we are staying state side and honeymooning in your neck of the woods, NYC, next month! Can’t wait! I’d love some romantic recommendations if you have a minute or two. :)

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  10. that looks incredible. i am leaving for italy on wednesday and will be staying in positano for 3 days– i wrote down that hotel where you got drinks… might make a visit!

  11. I think Italy is very romantic place. Your snaps are very beautiful. You both are looking made of each other couple…. Thanks for sharing this snaps !!!

  12. Oh after seeing this, I neeeeed to visit Positano! I’m glad to hear it is an easy train ride to and from Rome!

  13. Hi. I am a new reader to your blog and this post made me cry. It is so beautiful and lovely and it reminds me of a trip to Europe my husband and I took 6 years ago. It was a 5 week, dream come true trip and right after we got home I got pregnant with our 1st child. We have 3 now and that time seems so far away now. I guess that is why this post made me cry–happy tears for happy memories. Happy for you and that wonderful time when there is no one else in the world but you and the one you love.
    I don’t even know you but I am totally gushing here. And going on and on. Isn’t blogging weird?
    Anyway, best wishes to you both. It is wonderful to be married to your best friend.

  14. The pictures look amazing!
    You both look so happy and carefree! Take care of each other! And in the meantime keep on blogging, I’m a steady follower :)

  15. It all looks so lovely :) The furniture in the bedroom is particularly amazing, I love that style furnishing.

    Florrie x

  16. honeymoon perfection : )



  17. You honeymoon looks like it was absolutely perfect. So romantic and wonderful. I hope you had an amazing time.

  18. Your honeymoon trip has inspired me to plan a fall-in-love-all-over-again anniversary trip for our
    40th next year Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. we are currently honeymoon planning and i’m sending this post to my fiance right now so he’ll see just how fabulous italy can be! I’m so happy to see you had such a glorious time. Congrats again!

  20. Joanna, congratulations! you look absolutely gorgeous and rested and peaceful and I am so happy for you–lucky gal!

  21. Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous photos and experiences! I’ve never been anywhere outside of the US, besides Mexico, but of all the places in the world to go, Greece and Italy are at the top of list! I so enjoyed imagining myself going there and swimming in that gorgeous water! I think I’d stay out of that cave too! Thank you!

  22. Looks like you had an amazing time!! All of your photos are fantastic.
    I went into the Blue Grotto about 6 years ago now, it is one of THE most amazing experiences – and Capri is so beautiful. You should read The story of San Michele by Axel Munthe, which is an amazing true story centred around Capri.

    Ahh, I need to go back to Italy soon…

  23. oh my goodness, love! i will have to become an avid reader of this blog. i love it. beautiful pictures and words!

  24. Jo, I’m a little late catching up with your blog, but the Italian stretch of your honeymoon was absolutely breathtaking! I’ve heard so many good things about the Amalfi Coast, but your pictures tell a thousand words.

    And the food! I am now craving a heavy dose of pasta carbonara and fresh mozzarella! And of course some wine.

    I cannot wait to go, and I’m sure revisiting your pictures is making you long to return!

    Looking forward to the pictures from Greece!

    ~ Jen

  25. TOTALLY SPEECHLESS! This has to have been amazing. Gorgeous photos, you both look so so happy! Congratulations :o)

  26. These are totally dreamy and wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing! Congrats to you and your new hubs! I saw you guys in the Style Section and you looked fab!!

  27. AMAZING honeymooon! So glad you two had such a wonderful time. Your photos prove that honeymoons are a vital part of a wedding.

  28. cindy says...

    All the places you guys went to look amazing! and Joanna you are glowing with bliss. I’m very happy for you guys.

    I want to go to the cave!

  29. Congrats! What a dream honeymoon. So gorgeous and fabulous. I m so happy for both of you and to share with you your excitement was such an honour. Hey Joanna you are looking very cute in these pics, how special and intimate.

  30. Congrats! What a dream honeymoon. So gorgeous and fabulous. I m so happy for both of you and to share with you your excitement was such an honour. Hey Joanna you are looking very cute in these pics, how special and intimate.

  31. How beautiful! Gorgeous photos, and most of all, how wonderfully happy you both look. Congratulations and all the best wishes for your new life together.

  32. All I can say is WOW! The memories.

  33. what a beautiful honeymoon!!! I love the view you had in Positano.

  34. your pics are absolutely faaabulous. I’ve heard Capri is great. And I LOVE the little pool you had on your patio that overlooked one of the towns. Perfection.

  35. .v says...

    beautiful :)

  36. Acccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!

  37. Fofa says...

    So beautiful!…and yes the trick for cooking is lemon (I learned that from the barefoot contessa), and cinnamon is the trick for baking :-)

  38. Beautiful! I got married near Florence and honeymooned in Rome all the way down to Sicily last year so these photos bring back so many memories — one of which was drinking wine in the rain in Villa Borghese out of little silver cups… what a beautiful place to celebrate your marriage. Congrats!

  39. I basically read this entire post with my jaw on the floor.

    Absolutely, positively…GORGEOUS!

    I am so happy you two had a great time but then again, how could you not?! :)

  40. I think I can speak for most of your followers (at least for the 250 who already left comments!) that we were all awaiting these pictures and a recap of your wedding and honeymoon! These pictures are gorgeous and breezy and natural and light – like most things from you. :)

  41. looks lovely and romantic :)

  42. I hope the bliss never goes away! Congratulations to a new life together!

  43. Wow Joanna, these pictures and descriptions are amazing! Congratulations xxx

  44. so lovely! My husband and I also just got back from Italy – Positano was one of our favorite spots!

  45. ok, so I’m seriously so bad with uploading personal photos as your post reminds me, as I’m off to celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary this weekend, that I still haven’t organized our honeymoon photos! Bad Jen. So fun seeing your photos — makes me want to run back to Italy. And so happy for you and Alex. It just gets stronger and more amazing as time goes on. happy weekend to the newlyweds!

  46. These photos are absolutely breathtaking. Congrats to the both of you!

  47. I must have just missed you and your husband. We were in Amalfi also! Amazing, no?

  48. what a sweet honeymoon. it was great lokking through your photos and hearing about your experiences.. it makes me miss italy so much. my husband and i got married there and then spent 3 weeks there… havent been back since but could go in a second!

  49. Joanna-
    This is my first time on your blog and I am loving you! Congrats on your marriage, your fabulous honeymoom and your wonderful blog. I absolutely love all the pics you post and the “secrets to a happy marriage” series is wonderful. I’ll be visiting often!

  50. I made my boyfriend sit + look through your gorgeous honeymoon photos with me {by the end of the post we were both drooling!}. I hope you both had the most magical, marvelous time. It looked divine {plus your Sartorialist-esque shot is dead on!}

    Glad you’re back. And {again} Congratulations.


  51. Welcome back! I’ve been so inspired by your honeymoon registry…especially now that the photo results are in.

  52. Looks beautiful, and I love your dress in the picture about halfway down!

  53. Positano and Capri are two of my favourite places in Italy. Hope that you two always have Positano like sunny skies as you begin married life together.

  54. What a wonderfully beautiful, romantic honeymoon. Congratulations!

  55. awwww, these comments are so sweet, i am smiling so much as i’m reading them. thank you so, so, so much for all your sweet words. xoxo joanna ps. and sadly, we have no tans at all — we used SPF 90!

  56. How romantic!! You have everyone’s dream honeymoon!! Great pictures :)

  57. All looks so so lovely… that water is so blue! What a great start to married life :D

  58. Everything looks beautiful Jo, looks like you had a fabulous time, and I love the dress in your sartorialist inspired picture!

  59. I am so glad you enjoyed Italy! I am Italian but I live in London and altough I love being here, I miss my Country sometimes. Positano is my happy place in the world, one of the firts posts on my blog was about Positano…hopefully, I will be able to buy a little house there one day, to escape from the rest of the world! And of course Rome is always Rome! Don’t you think it’s special? I am an archaeologist and simply love walking around the fora, it’s magical!
    Congratulations again and happy marriage!

  60. It looks simply dreamy! What a beautiful place!! Italy is really my dream country…
    Im new to your blog but am already checking it daily :)
    A belated Congrats to you!
    The honeymoon looks fantastic!

  61. Jo you don’t know me but I read and love your blog. Your honeymoon pics are wonderful. I have been to the Amalfi coast and Rome and I honestly believe Italy has a little bit of magic dust floating around in the air.

  62. oh, I love all these photos! looks like you two had a wonderful and romantic time. thanks for sharing a glimpse into your honeymoon and letting us live vicariously through your travels! I was smiling the whole time I was scrolling :) can’t wait to see Greece!

  63. I spent my honeymoon in Italy too….and i return and return and I could do it again and again….. Both of you look great!!!

  64. Amazing! So beautiful.

  65. Lovely, lovely post! What a beautiful honeymoon and a true inspiration for a trip to Italy. I read your blog all the time, but it’s my first time commenting. Congrats on tying the knot and many good wishes to you and Alex!

  66. Beautiful pictures! I LOVE Capri!

  67. Green. With. Envy.

    But, gosh, your love story makes me smile :)

  68. oh my!! what a dream honeymoon! italy is wonderful, isn’t it?

  69. What a lovely post–thank you for sharing such a fun and intimate experience with the rest of us through these gorgeous photos!

    Gosh, I can’t wait to go there someday for my honeymoon =)

  70. Beautiful pictures, Joana. I’m daydreaming of having my honeymoon in Italy one day :D

  71. that one picture of you in the gray dress looks like all the fashion pics you always post, so very cute! Im really jealous, you guys seemed to have so much fun, can’t wait to see greece pictures!

  72. Wow that cave is really pretty. I was totally fine thinking about it (actually I think there is a cave in Hawaii that I went in that has the same thing with the tide) but as soon as I read that you had to lie down to get in, I felt sick. ha

  73. Love the pictures! When I was in Capri we took a private boat out and the boat driver actually let us jump off and swim into the blue grotto..very illegal and unsafe but a lot of fun!

  74. you kids look so incredibly happy… it’s infectious.

    married life looks good on you!

  75. Rachel says...

    Wowsers Joanna!

    These pics are amazing. And the two of you look radiant. All loved up and blissed out. Marriage clearly suits. Thank you for sharing. Wish i could say the same for our holdiay snaps. Mum and i both look sooo tired. I haven’t caught up yet either as i seem to be stuck on New York time! Still, aren’t photos just wonderful?! The best way to instantly relive those magic moments! Hope you’re settling back in, lots of love,

    English Rach

  76. How beautiful Joanna!

  77. Ahhh! I was lucky enough to holiday to Italy in 2006, including a week in Positano. It’s it an incredible place? It just seemed so beautiful it couldn’t be real. But it was and it was probably one of the highlights of our trip. Great reading about your time there too!

  78. it looks so gorgeous and perfect!!!! i’ve never been to positano but i’ve been to greece so i cant wait to see the next batch!!! :)

  79. What a goreous honeymoon! You are so lucky to be young and in love!

  80. Lovely!! So quaint and just full of love.

    (Also, in a recent post of mine I had a friend take a Sartorialist-ish photo too!)

  81. nothing says honeymoon like a romantic trip to Italy. My best of wishes to the both of you!!

    In the words of my aunt,
    “I hope he’s the right one. you know, the ones that make you say “guboudigou” every time you’re asked to describe him.”
    Now THAT is true wedding wisdom C:

  82. pure magic. so glad it was a week, or two ;) to remember.

  83. I had a feeling this blog post would inspire at least 200 comments and it did :)
    Have you watched the film ‘Only You’ with Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr? So romantic, and the culmination of the romance is of course in Positano, there is a dinner at Le Sireneuse… it was like watching the film over again – only knowing it is actually real, and possible, makes me believe I could go there someday. Happy honeymooning!

  84. Wow, wow, wow. Positano looks stunning and that hotel! I’ve been to Rome but Positano looks like somewhere I have to visit! xx

  85. I’m convinced Italy was made for honeymooners! Lovely photos, you look every bit the blushing bride in them. Congratulations again to you both.

    Also, the postings on, Secrets to a Happy Marriage was a brilliant concept. The stories were inspiring and personally I think would make a wonderful wedding book!

  86. aww joanna your trip looks like it was wonderful!

    so, so happy for you two!

    happy married life :-)

  87. WoW! Just wow! I will dream of a vacation like this someday….

  88. Anonymous says...

    wow, i was welling up reading that, how dreamy.

  89. I so love your honeymoon photos! And your story telling…..very engaging. Congrats to you and your hubby. I’ll have to check for your Greece adventure!

    Best wishes and lovely cheers!

  90. Oh that’s funny! This looks like the exact honeymoon I have planned… I just have to find my man!

  91. BEAUUUUTIFUL!! You both better have some nice tans to brag! Teehee! :)

    Congratulations again!! ♥

  92. Congrates! It looks like you two had a marvelous time! I’ve always wanted to go to Italy…can’t wait to see your photos of Greece!

  93. Joanna…YOu’re giving me goose bumps. I mentioned before that my husband and I spent a magical 3 days in Positano and you’ve brought all of those happy, happy memories back. Your recap is exactly as I remember it. I always tell people that it’s indescribable. You have to experience Positano to truly appreciate the wonder of it all. So happy for you both!

  94. Sophie says...

    I am absolutely besotted with your photo’s and stories, your honeymoon sounds completely magical! Congratulations Jo, you deserve it!

  95. HOW AMAZING! You both look so happy and in love. PS: I love your glasses, so cute! :)

  96. What a beautiful honeymoon… perfect. You two look so happy. Congratulations!!!

  97. Absolutely dreamy!! Thanks so much for sharing. Many years of happiness to both of you.

  98. gorgeous! what a wonderful honeymoon- and how romantic!!!
    so glad to have you back and thank you for sharing with us!!!

  99. oh wow it looks amazing…you look gorgeous and that water is an INSANE blue.

    so fun!

  100. beautiful pictures! my sister is there now.. xoox

  101. Amazing! Gorgeous photos. Glad you had such a great great honeymoon.

  102. Oh Joanna, these pictures are gorgeous, and you look stunning!! I can’t wait to see wedding pics. :) Merci for sharing!


  103. you can see the happiness, love, and FUN shining right through these photos! the across-the-table, one-of-you, one-of-him photos are classic; we’ve got a few from our honeymoon too.

  104. oh man, I meant flashing, I get so excited I forget how to spell sometimes!

  105. Joanna your honeymoon looks amazing! Thanks to your report Italy is now on my honeymoon shortlist. And Alex’s photo of you is definitely worthy of the Sartoriaist!

  106. Oh, the photo of you at the dinner table slashing your ring is so sweet! Welcome back!!

  107. holy geez!!!! your pics are am-ha-zing!!! sounds like you two had a fabulous time. congrats!

  108. ps. Can’t wait to make Cacio e Pepe!!!

  109. These pictures are so beautiful and you both look so happy! The bedroom looks like a palace! I love the picture of you looking from the boat as Alex dares to take the boat into the cave… It all looks gorgeous. Wonderful times!

  110. What wonderful memories for you and your husband to cherish!!

  111. Fantastically beautiful photos! I wish I was there right now. Rome is one of my favorite cities in the world. The last time I went, I was there for New Years. It was awesome! And, the weather was delightfully amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  112. After reading that entry twice, because it was just so wonderful and I wanted to make the experience last, even though it was yours and not mine, I have decided to add Greece and Italy to my list of places to go… along with the rest of the world.

    I am happy for you. Looks like you definitely had a mindblowingly lovely time. (Yes, I know those two words do not go well together.. mindblowingly lovely. I’m not even sure if mindblowingly exists, but, it does not!)

  113. Glenda says...

    Beautiful… Romantic… love the pictures… Happy… Love… Wow! Love the Sartorialist-inspired photo! XX

  114. Joanna, your photos make me positively greeeen with envy! Having said that, you and Alex look so blissfully happy and lovely, and Italy looks like a dream. Can’t wait for the Greece photos!

  115. Looks and sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing with us! Ps. I love your Sartorialist inspired photo. I’d be in flip-flops, too :)

  116. Joanna it looks like a beautiful first half to the trip, although I must admit I’m hanging out for the Greece shots the most! I’m loving the views from that pool, absolute heaven! Thanks for sharing :)

  117. one word: Jealous ;)
    what a honeymoon! beautiful!Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

  118. What a beautiful place, Thank you so much for sharing your sweet moments. I will have to make a note of these places if I ever to get to visit OMG fabulousness!!
    I also am with you about the cave, it is beyond beautiful, but I am sooooo claustrophobic, would have to watch from afar..
    I wish you both many more memories as these..

  119. Positano is truly one of my favorite places on the planet! I was there for the first time as a teenager with MY PARENTS, so not quite the romantic getaway you experienced, but amazing nonetheless. I’m hoping to get my husband there in the next year or so, and now thanks to you, I know exactly where we’ll stay! Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous photos, and seriously? I loved your flip flops :)

  120. Isn’t being with the one you love an awesome feeling? Makes it even better being somewhere so romantic and beautiful! Glad you guys had a great time in Italy. Can’t wait to see the pics from Greece!!

    Geez Louise

  121. Isn’t Italy just the greatest? I’m glad you guys had a magical honeymoon.

  122. beyond. incredible. and so very romantic, thank you for sharing, i feel like I just had a mini-vacation!

  123. Oh, wow! It looks like you two had a beautiful time! I like the room, so romantic! And the grotto…I want to go there so bad!!! Anyway, thanks for sharing and again, CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS! xo

  124. Wow, this looks like a fantastic honeymoon!

  125. it looks so beautiful! i can’t wait for more pictures!

  126. We were in Positano and Rome on our honeymoon too! (3 years ago) Gorgeous photos. You are both glowing. Congratulations!

  127. squeeeee! that looks like the most wonderful getaway ever!!

    I am just dying to see the wedding photos. Tell that Max Wanger to hurry it up ;)

  128. the trip looks so romantic and your pictures are gorgeous! I just want to step inside them! Congratulations :)

  129. OMG. I am squealing over these photos. Your honeymoon looks and sounds like absolute BLISS. You both look so relaxed and gorgeously incandescent. I’m so happy for you both!