We’ve talked about everything from turn-ons to tongue twisters, and now I’m curious: what’s your nickname? Mine is…

Fox. Alex calls me this exclusively, to the point that Toby, when he was little, actually thought it was my name. (“What’s Daddy’s name?” Alex. “What’s Mommy’s name?” Fox.)

A few years ago, Alex even gave me a necklace that said “Bunny” (him) on one side and “Fox” (me) on the other.

Seven-year-old Anton is “Tony” and “Bony” and “Emperor Bombonicus.” Eleven-year-old Toby is “Tubby” and “Tubalicious” and “Tubby Wubby Was a Bear,” although he recently requested we call him “Trax.”

Isn’t it amazing how much nicknames can stick? My male cousins, who are in their thirties, are STILL known as “Bear” and “Squirmy” by the entire family.

And want to hear a funny story? My aunt’s real name is Rachel Penelope Goddard, but for almost her entire life she has been known as “Lulu” because as a child, she always needed to go to the bathroom (or “loo”) at inopportune times, like when they had just boarded on a ferry or were in the middle of a grocery store. Loo-loo = LULU!

What are your nicknames? What do you call your loved ones? I want to hear…

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(Photo by J Danielle Wehunt/Stocksy.)